Metahumanity’s Vanguard

There are 7 collections items in this Collection.

  1. LexCorp Trooper Blood Sample
  2. STAR Labs Blood Sample
  3. Icer Blood Sample
  4. Mandrake Blood Sample
  5. MSCU Officer Blood Sample
  6. HIVE Stinger Blood Sample
  7. Gorilla Soldier Blood Sample
Type: Collection
City: Metropolis
Zone: Little Bohemia


Thanagarian helm

Collection: Metahumanity's Vanguard, rewards image 2255 thumbnail
  • Genius comments: Thanks willthetiger!
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27 Responses to Metahumanity’s Vanguard

  1. Mensa says:

    So far I’ve had to buy all the tokens for this collection, to be fair I haven’t searched LB very often since I have all the other collections/briefings from the area already.. all I need is the Gorilla Solidier Sample.. does anyone know any confirmed spawn locations for this collection? Has anyone had any more luck searching rooftops rather than the ground or vice versa?

    I know the Gorilla sample is a rare spawn based on what I’ve read in message boards and the fact that it’s never in AH.. any tips would be appreciated 🙂

    • Redemption_Server says:

      IF you could tell me where you found most if your collection pieces in little Bohemia I’d be grateful I just recently started on them

  2. I haven’t found a single blood sample east of the hospital. All of the blood samples I have found have been in the western part of LB. Hope that helps you guys out.
    Also, found the Gorilla Blood Sample in the far west end of LB next to a restaurant on the ground. Good luck!

    • KnoX says:

      I agree, if you just keep searching west of the stadium in LB, you should eventually find it. I found my gorilla sample on the north most building from the stadium

  3. Android666 says:

    i have searched everywhere in LB but only got blood samples i already have. gorilla blood is the last. i have been searching for a wk. does it really spawn in LB?

  4. Sentri says:

    found SCU blood sample in building tagged gallery behing the Little bohemia police station.

  5. Sentri says:

    Hive stinger sample is as follows. Exit little bohemia police station. go left. Its the third building that has posters tagged stacey’a with the girl picture. It spawned on the lower ledges.

  6. Jaanos says:

    Some of this collection also drops in the Historic District, as I have received many of these samples instead of my intended acquisition target (kryptonite isotopes). Also, one spot doesn’t necessarily drop with a greater frequency than most others. This happens sometimes, but it could just be a rounding error in whatever ‘random’ number generating algorithm they’re using for collections.

  7. mr3geo says:

    I cant find Gorilla Blood Sample any I’d searched for it every were in LB I got the feat explore LB.

  8. Reload says:

    Cant find STAR Labs Blood Sample, that’s all I need. please let me know where I could find it. I really want that helmet…looks so COOL!

  9. Chris says:

    hate metro -.-

  10. Blazing Marauder says:

    right any of you guys still trying for these collecctions i would strongly advise searching historic district as for the past few weeks ive been scouring lil bo for the “gorilla soldier blood sample” with no luck then while looking in historic district for kryponite isotopes i got it and quite a few others, unbelievably common in this district. Hope this helps

  11. Ivan says:

    If anyone finds a gorrila soldier blood sample can u remember plz mail it to me? Been searching for weeks..and no luck..if u could mail to “Ultimate Protecter” that would be awesome! !!

  12. erick says:

    easiest way to do this is clear your inventory and keep getting the blood samples without getting the same ones each time.did this with signs of the great ten and was done fast.collect them after u see everything u need in that collection.

  13. Mr. Mystery says:

    Well like any program its math… each area has a high or lower pecentage of giving u each piece.. western side of little bohemia seems to be the best spot for this… if u can manage to figure out a patern to the pop of each node i notice they usualy pop in particular areas.. if u learn where all the areas are u can probably figure out a few paterns, and just pop one by one till u have them all… working out a cipher myself, but only losely… work a lot and have mouths to feed… but if any of u have the time for it that would be what i would suggest.

  14. David says:

    Can anyone help me find some? I need 3 more and i don’t know where to look. Add me in-game EliteBlue Ranger

  15. Lucas Oliveira says:


    • Trevor K says:

      Every blood sample I’ve gotten are located in and around the mostly demolished building right in front of the Queensland Boardwalk. Check the little deserted beach immediately south of the Boardwalk sign, one spawns there. Don’t forget to look under the little ledge by the street to the east, almost always a blood sample. The one I’m having a heck of a time getting is the MSCU Officer Blood Sample. Got tons of the others. Hope this helps.

  16. Trevor K says:

    Just found Gorilla Soldier Blood Sample. It was in the rubble by the Queensland Boardwalk entrance, where Lt. Harlin is standing.

  17. oXoGREEN LANTERN0X0 says:

    @ Trevor K: I have the sample you’re looking for. I’ve already collected it, so I don’t need the piece. I would be willing to trade it for the Icer, STAR Labs, or Mandrake Blood Samples. Also, if anyone needs the LexCorp Blood Sample I have that too. I’ll be willing to trade it for one of the 3 samples listed above.

  18. Jeff Hough says:

    I found some on a beach where some of the gorillas were attacking citizens. I think there were collections and investigations there. For some reason I can’t remember the location, but I believe it may be near the University of where you stop the gorillas from transporting in near the Ferris wheel.

  19. erik says:

    i cant find any

  20. ChrisEm says:

    Can someone send me Icer and Mandrake I will pay If you do Please send to Username “HawkmanIIv” Thank you.

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