Collections are Gold spheres scattered throughout the game. They are items found randomly scattered around the cities that relate to DC Universe lore. They differ from Player Briefs and Investigations because they don not always spawn in the same location. There is a number of fixed locations in which they spawn, but not always the same item from a collection spawns in the same place. This way you can collect the same item from several places, depending on what spawned where. Finding all items within a single collection will yield a reward that you will receive in the in-game email. Bellow is a list of all the collections we have encountered in the game so far with in-game screenshots for each collection item and its location. Collections we have completed will also have their reward listed (and screenshot provided). You can sort the collection table by clicking on the headers for that column and you can visit the detailed screenshot walkthrough page for the collection by clicking on its name.

Accoutrements of EvilGotham WastelandsGotham Wastelands12/12
Accoutrements of GoodGotham WastelandsGotham Wastelands12/12
Ace Chemicals Employee Training FAQAlertsAce Chemicals10/10
Ace Chemicals Safety Inspection InfractionsAlertsAce Chemicals10/10
Aftermath of RageBattlezone MetropolisBattlezone Metropolis6/6
Alien TechnologyMetropolisTomorrow District8/8
All The NewsMetacollectionMetacollection4/4
All The NewsMetacollectionMetacollection4/4
Alma AlumniMetacollectionMetacollection2/2
Ancient Khandaqian RelicsRaidKhandaq6/6
Arkham's personal collectionArkham IslandArkham Island10/10
Atlantean ArtifactsMetropolisLittle Bohemia5/5
Bibbo'S Burgers Signature PlatesMetropolisSuicide Slums6/6
Big Belly BurgerTimeGothamOtisburg5/5
Blinded with ScienceMetacollectionMetacollection6/6
Blue Lantern Core InscriptionsBattlezone MetropolisBattlezone Metropolis8/8
Brainiac WarMetropolisChinatown10/10
Central City AttractionsCentral CityCentral City4/4
Chemo CompoundsAlertsAce Chemicals10/10
Chemo's LegacyAlertsBludhaven6/6
Classic Wedding VowEvent CollectionsEvent Collections4/4
ContrabandArkham IslandArkham Island10/10
Court OrdersGothamSouth Gotham9/9
Daily Planet GuidesMetropolisTomorrow District4/4
Day in the ParkMetacollectionMetacollection3/3
Depths of ArkhamGothamArkham Asylum5/5
Emotional Wedding VowEvent CollectionsEvent Collections4/4
Fanning the FlamesMetacollectionMetacollection2/2
Flatfoot FilesMetacollectionMetacollection2/2
Four-Leaf CloverEvent CollectionsSt. Patrick's Day4/4
Genetically Modified MaizeAlertsSmallVille5/5
Gold Quality BoostercommsMetropolisMidtown5/5
Gotham CentralGothamEast End, Burnley9/9
Gotham FansGothamGotham8/8
Gotham Gazette GuidesGothamGotham4/4
Gotham MeetupsGothamGotham8/8
Gotham Street SignsGothamEast End8/8
Gotham UniversityGothamGotham4/4
Gotham's UnderbellyGothamGotham3/3
Hall of DoomHall of DoomHall of Doom8/8
Holiday Naughty ListMetropolisMetropolis6/6
Holiday Nice ListMetropolisMetropolis6/6
If OnlyGotham WastelandsGotham Wastelands7/7
Intergalactic TechnologyBattlezone MetropolisBattlezone Metropolis8/8
Kryptonite IsotopesMetropolisHistoric District8/8
LexCorp Rapid Assualt GearMetropolisDowntown7/7
Lois Lane BylinesMetropolisMidtown5/5
Lois Lane BylinesMetropolisMidtown5/5
Lunar Soil CompoundsAlertsHive Moon Base6/6
Mana Twisted PlantsMetropolisMetropolis5/5
Marine Life FossilsMetropolisLittle Bohemia7/7
MDP Science CorpsMetropolisMetropolis6/6
Me Versus YouGotham WastelandsGotham Wastelands7/7
Medical RecordsStryker's IslandStryker's Island10/10
Metahumanity's VanguardMetropolisLittle Bohemia7/7
Metropolis Battlezone ScrapsBattlezone MetropolisBattlezone Metropolis6/6
Metropolis FansMetropolisMetropolis6/6
Metropolis MatchupsMetropolisMetropolis8/8
Metropolis Street SignsMetropolisMetropolis6/6
Metropolis UniversityMetropolisLittle Bohemia4/4
News from Around the PlanetMetropolisDowntown10/10
No man's landGothamEast End8/8
Penguin UmbrellasGothamEast End and Burnley8/8
PhobiasArkham IslandArkham Island10/10
Prison LibraryStryker's IslandStryker's Island10/10
Rarest of MaterialsAlertsOolong Island8/8
Remnants of RageBattlezone MetropolisBattlezone Metropolis8/8
Renewal Wedding VowEvent CollectionsEvent Collections4/4
Robinson RemembranceGothamRobinson Park5/5
Science Squad ExperimentsOolong IslandOolong Island6/6
Seeds of SpringGothamGotham6/6
Shivs and ShanksStryker's IslandStryker's Island10/10
Signs of the Great TenMetropolisChinatown10/10
Social EngineeringMetacollectionMetacollection5/5
Sorcerous VanguardMetropolisChinatown7/7
South Gotham ScrapsGothamSouth Gotham9/9
Spiritual Wedding VowEvent CollectionsEvent Collections4/4
Stagg Stop MapsGothamBurnley/Otisburg9/9
STAR Prototype GearMetropolisTomorrow District7/7
Steelworks Research DataMetropolisSteelworks10/10
Steelworks Robotics for BeginnersMetropolisSteelworks10/10
Steelworks ScrapsMetropolisSuicide Slums6/6
Steelworks Tour GuideMetropolisSteelworks10/10
Street SavvyMetacollectionMetacollection2/2
Technology is the FutureMetacollectionMetacollection6/6
Technology's VanguardGothamEast End7/7
Technology's VanguardGothamGlobal7/7
The Flow of CommerceMetacollectionMetacollection4/4
The Joker's Trick CardsGothamEast End5/5
Treasured ArtifactsMetacollectionMetacollection3/3
Treasures of the VanguardMetacollectionMetacollection3/3
Treasures of the Vanguard3/3
Vicki Vale BylinesGothamOtisburg6/6
Volcanic UpheavalAlertsGorilla Island6/6
WayneTech WathesGothamGotham5/5
Wedding VowsEvent Collections - MetaEvent Collections - Meta4/4
Welcome to Groom LakeAlertsArea 515/5
What's Lust Got to Do with ItEnvy territoryGotham Wastelands7/7
what's yours is mineGlobalGlobal8/8
You Are Wrong! FanserviceMetropolisMetropolis4/4