Briefings (or Player Briefs) are Blue spheres scattered throughout the game. They represent newscasts and audio recordings from important characters in the DC Universe. Finding all items within a single Briefing will yield a reward that you will receive in the in-game email. All Briefings belong to a group and when you complete all Briefings in a group you alos get a reward for completing the whole group. Bellow is a list of all the briefings we have encountered in the game so far with in-game screenshots for each collection item and its location. Brifings we have completed will also have their reward listed (and screenshot provided). You can sort the Briefing table by clicking on the headers for that column and you can visit the detailed screenshot walkthrough page for a Briefing by clicking on its name.

'Til Death Do Us Part: Episode 2GothamBurnley6/6
A Man of SteelGlobalGlobal8/8
ACE ChemicalAlertsAce Chemical6/6
Ancient AccordsBattlezone Gotham areaBattlezone Gotham area6/6
Area 51AlertsArea 516/6
Arkham AsylumAlertsArkham Asylum4/4
Arkham Unleashed: Episode 1GothamEast End6/6
Arkham Unleashed: Episode 2GothamOtisburg/Burnley6/6
Arkham Unleashed: Episode 3GothamBurnley6/6
Beginning of The End Episode 1MetropolisLittle Bohemia6/6
Beginning of the End: Episode 2GothamOtisburg8/8
Big BellyGlobalGlobal4/4
Brainiac IncursionMetropolisLittle Bohemia4/4
Brainiac Incursion (Gotham/Burnley)GothamBurnley4/4
Daily Planet Live!MetropolisDowntown4/4
Deathstroke's ContractGlobalGlobal9/9
Dexter Myles' Audio TourGlobalGlobal9/9
Dire WarningsGlobalGlobal8/8
Dying of the Light Episode 1MetropolisHistoric District6/6
Dying of the Light Episode 2MetropolisDowntown6/6
Family MattersGotham WastelandsGotham Wastelands9/9
Fastest Man AliveGlobalGlobal7/7
Gorilla IslandAlertsGorilla Island4/4
Gotham Now!GothamGotham4/4
Gotham's Gang War: Episode 1GothamBurnley6/6
Gotham's Gang War: Episode 2GothamEast End6/6
Gotham's Gang War: Episode 3GothamBurnley/Diamond District5/5
Gotham's Gang War: Episode 4GothamBurnley6/6
Hall of Doom ArmoryAlertsHall of Doom Armory4/4
Hearts of DarknessMetropolisTomorrow District6/6
Hearts of Darkness: Episode 2MetropolisChinatown6/6
Hearts of Darkness: Episode 3MetropolisMidtown6/6
Hearts of Darkness: Episode 4MetropolisSuicide Slums6/6
Hearts of Darkness: Episode 5MetropolisDowntown6/6
Hearts of Darkness: Episode 6MetropolisHistoric District6/6
HIVE Moon BaseAlertsHIVE Moon Base6/6
Legacy of Krypton Episode 1MetropolisLittle Bohemia6/6
Legacy of Krypton Episode 2MetropolisLittle Bohemia6/6
Legacy of Krypton Episode 3MetropolisLittle Bohemia6/6
Legacy of Krypton Episode IVHall of DoomHall of Doom6/6
Legacy of Krypton Episode IV (Hero)Hall of DoomHall of Doom6/6
Levitz CamerasGlobalGlobal4/4
Metro TransitMetropolisMetropolis4/4
OmertaCassamento WarehouseCassamento Warehouse4/4
Oolong IslandAlertsOolong Island10/10
Prime BattlefieldRaidThe Prime Battleground5/5
Punchline: Episode 1GothamOtisburg6/6
Punchline: Episode 2GothamEast End6/6
Punchline: Episode 3GothamOtisburg6/6
Punchline: Episode 4GothamOtisburg10/7
Sins of the Father: Episode 1MetropolisChinatown6/6
Sins of the Father: Episode 2MetropolisTomorrow District6/6
Sins of the Father: Episode 3MetropolisMidtown6/6
Sins of the Father: Episode 4GothamRobinson Park7/7
Soder ColaGothamGotham4/4
Spectrum AnalysisAlertsAlerts9/9
STAR LabsGlobalGlobal4/4
Stryker's IslandAlertsStryker's Island6/6
Sun DollerGlobalGlobal4/4
Survival of the Fittest Episode 1MetropolisLittle Bohemia6/6
Survival of the Fittest: Episode 2MetropolisDowntown6/6
The Amazon QueenAlertsAlerts6/6
The Batcave III: The Secret LairRaidBatcave4/4
The Batcave: Inner SanctumRaidThe Batcave4/4
The Batcave: Outer CavernsRaidThe Batcave4/4
The Batcave: Outer Caverns (alert)AlertsAlerts4/4
The Path to PerditionGlobalGlobal12/12
The World of T.O. MorrowGlobalGlobal8/8
Themyscira OathboundRaidGates of Tartarus4/4
Til Death Do Us Part: Episode 1MetropolisChinatown6/6
University of GothamGothamBurnley4/4
University of MetropolisMetropolisLittle Bohemia4/4
Watch Tower Containment FacilityAlertsWatchtower Containment Facility4/4
Wayne EnterprisesGothamGotham4/4
Wishful Thinking: Episode 1GothamGotham University Warehouse4/4