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DCUO Spring Event Guide

In order to start the Spring Event speak to Swamp Thing in the Watchtower’s Aquacultural Area (as a Hero) or with Poison Ivy in the Hall of Doom’s Pit (as Villains). Also don’t forget to speak to Veronica Cale (Villains) or Doctor Sarah Charles (Heroes) to find out more about taking on Swamp Thing.
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Lair Theme Locations and Henchmen

Lairs and Hideouts can be located throughout the Gotham and Metropolis. Your Base begins as a blank slate. There’s no furniture or equipment inside except for the Mainframe, your Base’s computer.
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Prime Battleground Tips

The biggest tip is that EVERYONE needs to learn the fight mechanics of all bosses. Everyone is responsible for their own survivability. Learn what will one-shot you and proactively communicate about how to avoid that. If you don’t have a mic, you better at least be listening.
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T4 Prime Battleground Raid

The raid is one big continuous fight featuring 3 Avatars (Meta / Magic / Tech) and an end confrontation with Brainiac. The Prime Avatars switch between them, with one of them active at any one time. There is one spawner behind each avatar that continuously spawns adds of that affiliation(meta/magic/tech). When killed, these adds drop an element that can be used to lower the spawner shield. After 3 elements were gathered, the spawner can be destroyed and no more adds will spawn.
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Earth Tanking Discussion

This is a compilation of tests and information from the earth tanking community. This power set gives a good mix of everything. Introduces new forms of tanking via pets and aftershocks, has good mitigation on par with other tank powers. Has some nice pulls, crowd control and utility powers.
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Earth DPS guide

A “Crushing” loadout typically focuses on low cooldown, medium damage powers that can be used rapidly in succession of each other.
A “Dazing” loadout usually has some higher damaging powers with longer cooldowns which, when staggered, can also deal formidable damage to your enemies.
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DPS for Dummies

All characters in DCUO are capable of the damager roll. Seeing as everyone can play this roll everyone will play it differently. The following is what works for me. So do get mad at someone that is playing differently then you. The damage has only one responsibility in the group, and that is to kill everything. And to kill them as quickly efficiently and as brutally as superhumanly possible. When in boss a fight where the boss calls in adds you will need to split you fire between the boss and his ads.
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Seismic Earth DPS guide

After experimenting with various loadouts, I’ve worked out what I believe are the tools for the best Daze based loadout. Rather than give all the tricks of the trade away, I’ll point out the Power Interactions and tools needed to tear it up as DPS.
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Exobits & You

EXOBITS; these are broken/damaged pieces of exobytes that did not activate when Future Luthor detonated them in the earth’s atmosphere some time ago (see the intro video). Some landed on the Moon (the Hive moon Base instance), other were spread far & wide across the world. They are represented by a little glowing rainbow-star with a high-toned hum. NOT to be confused with the briefing, Investigation or Collection icons’ sound, which is a slightly different sound.
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Controller 101

See allot of people think that Controllers with Power are like Healers with Health, all you have to do as a controller is hit 1-2 powers and the blue bars will just keep up with the team, I only WISH it was that easy, a Controller’s powers cannot regen their own power, contrast this with a Healers Spell everybody gets healed…including the healer if they are low enough in Health. Yes Controllers can add buffs that can give power over time but when we hit the button that pumps up the team’s blue bars they don’t get anything in return.
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Electric Healz

This guide is for electric healers only. The other types of healing, sorcery and nature will not be covered. Some of the basics of healing are universal for being a healer, but the actual nuts and bolts of the healz powers are much different in the DC Universe.
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Oolong Island Collection Locations

This map is made from collections found in the Normal version. You will find collection pieces for the RAREST OF MATERIALS and the SCIENCE SQUAD EXPERIMENTS collections.
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Watchtower map

No matter if you are a new or a veteran DCUO player, you have probably got lost many times and end up in one of Watchtower’s multilevel wings. In this map are incorporated a lot of information you may often need, like where to find teleport locations, missions, gear vendors and much much more.
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Lightning Strikes DLC Bounty Locations for Heroes

You have probably came across some of DCUO Wanted Bosses known as Bounties, and with the latest Lightning Strikes DLC Heroes have a chance to test their skills on the new Open World Bounties.
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How to collect Plant set

Here’s a little guide to collect the Plant set. It’s a special set since all of it’s part are obtained via briefings and collections.
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DUO Tips

The following tip-tricks and hints are made by Iceman2537 and his friends over at The Society “USPC server league”. The main purpose of this guide is to help all the green 30’s to get the marks needed for better gear so they can get in to the harder alerts raids and missions.
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How to collect Archer set

Unlike some other sets, Archer set consists only of six parts: Chest, Back, Hands, Waist, Legs and Feet. There is also a Archer style mask (it’s not a part of the set) but it’s sometimes bugged and cannot be seen on some characters. Once completed, you will obtain the 25 point for the “Man in Tights” feat.
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Basic Guide to DPS

With the FOS raids out, it has become very clear as to who knows how to play as DPS and who doesn’t. FOS raids require good, competent and skilled DPSers to be able to complete them within a reasonable amount of time and heartache. Thus I thought I would write a BASIC DPS guide (for raiding) for existing and new folks. So if you are doing half the dmg of experienced players in Raids, read below and learn the basics around DPS.
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Hard Light Guide to DPS and Controlling

If you look at the description of each power, you will see it gives you options to combo into other powers. The way you do this, is simply by using the commands the Power’s description tells you. For example, Light Claws says it can Combo into Mini-Gun, by using your “Ranged Hold” attack. So, once you cast Light Claws and the animation finishes, just hold your Ranged Attack button down. Looking at the description of Mini-gun, we can see it can combo into Whip Thrash (x2), meaning you can combo into it twice, one after the other. To do this, once the Mini-gun animation finishes, tap your Melee attack button once to go into Whip Thrash. Tap it again to do it once more once the first animation finishes. However, please note, that to COMBO into other powers, YOU MUST HAVE THOSE POWERS PURCHASED.
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Fortress of Solitude Power Core Guide

The Fortress of Solitude is an eight-man raid which requires the Tier 3 level armor. One of the main rewards for successful players is Marks of Krypton, which players can use for purchasing powerful new gear in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom.
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How to collect Medieval set

Here’s a little guide to collect the beautiful “Medieval” set. It’s a special set since all of it’s part are obtained in duos and required role – Tank.
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Being a Fire Tank

Kristyana’s extremely TL;DR guide to being a Fire Tank consists of three parts -the first two provides theorycraft behind tanking and fundamental differences between Fire and Ice, and the last is for everyone who wants to skip to “I don’t care WHY, just show me HOW.”
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How to get Lantern colors on your character

Here’s a little visual guide on how to use the “official ingame NPC” Lantern colors for the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps on your own character! The ingame DLC light powerset archetypes don’t have the same colors the NPCs do, unfortunately, so I figured I’d do this little guide for those who are having problems getting the colors right in relation to the NPC “official” colors.
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Maps of Race Locations

Whether you’ve decided to Run, Fly or do Acrobatics some DCUO Races will be a challenge for you. The below maps show every Race Locations (the Introductory and Rookie are left out as they are right outside the starting nightclubs/police stations).
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Metropolis Exploration Feat

The below maps shows the ‘triggers’ for the various exploration feats.
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Gotham Exploration Feat

The below maps shows the ‘triggers’ for the various exploration feats.
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Daily Toyman Race Tutorial

Daily Toyman Race Tutorial is designed to help new players and people who struggle with the daily Toyman race. It is a run through with some commentary and a few tips.
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Skill points and weapon trees

These charts take the main stats in the game, in order of importance (in my personal opinion!) depending on your role. Basically, it will tell you how many skill points you need to fully max out all the innates for your role in the trees, starting with the most important stat (once again, in my own opinion) and moving on down.
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How to gear up correctly in DCUO for a DPS role

Levels 1-30 are a tutorial for you to adjust to your powers, learn the combat system and understand that feat points lead to skill points. While new players first notice it lets you purchase points to use other weapon classes, but the real value is in the innate abilites (might, crits, defense, health, vitalization, dominance and restoration). These will make you better at your role and you never stop leveling your character with skill points. At level 30 you should have at LEAST 25 skill points to be able to move comfortably through level 30 content.
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Depths of Arkham Collection

For those who are looking for Depths of Arkham Collection, Xionsmith, Vobe and Electric have made a map of all of the spawn points that they have found so far.
Collections only spawn one at a time on the Island, and there are about 4 spots were it can spawn underwater at the treatment plant. The spawn time is about 10 minutes.
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DCUO Tomorrow District Collections and Locations

The below map shows every collection spawn I found in over 30 hours of searcyhing the Tomorrow District. A circle means the collection spawn was high up, on a roof or high ledge. A square means the collection spawn was down low, on the ground or a first/second story roof or awning.
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How to collect Dresden 7 set

Here’s a little guide to collect the beautiful and futuristic “Dresden 7″ set. It’s a special set since all of it’s part are obtained via briefings and collections.Once completed, you will obtain the 25 point “In the spotlight” feat.
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Caging Penguin Instance

Caging Penguin is a new challenge mission, part of March update, which seems to be the hardest solo mission in the game. If you underestimate the bosses you will definitely pay for it! For players who have Tire 2 or Tier 1 armor this instance is little easier, but can be done without raid gear as well. The instance is in Gotham – Burnley, inside Gotham Old Subway. The boss fights are basically mini lessons for new 30s on how to do raid boss fights. They are teaching you to learn to block and do range and worry about phase changes.
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Marks Rewards in DCUO

If you press the Loot button before the Mark has a chance to settle and stop movin’, after the Bosses are dead, it might bug out and not drop. If one of the players (in a raid, duo, or alert) loots the items and their bag is full you will NOT get loot.
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The List of Wanted Bosses For Heroes

Throughout the game of DCUO there are several wanted poster quests that require you to kill a certain boss. Most of the time you will not need to get the quest from the poster, upon attacking the monster you will receive it. HOWEVER not all of the time this will work. Posters are located within Police Station.
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Ace Chemical- DCUO Hard Mode Alerts

This Hard Mode Alerts is quite different than the others because it is Dynamic. ACE is never the same twice. You first go through some halls until you reach a main large room with Chemo in it. In this room you get Ambushes, 5 of them. You must first defeat the ambushes before the doors open to let you move on.
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Area 51 – DCUO Hard Mode Alerts

The general playthrough of this Hard Mode Alerts is very similar to the Normal Alert playthrough. The 4 Stages of this are exactly the same.
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Being a Naturalist by Scrump

The most important thing you have to remember while healing is to constantly be using your weapon combos or you will run out of power really fast. Since Nature has such a variety of specs, people are asking me for suggestions as to what skills are important while leveling. First off let me start by mentioning that the leveling Nature build is very different, and requires a respec once you start getting close to 30 to fit more smuggly into the end game.
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Stats and Systems Guide by King

At level 30 you will have 15 Power Points, and 15 Skill points just from reaching levels. You can acquire numerous more skill points by accomplishing “Feats” which reward points towards new Skill Points. Feats are achievements you get from doing things under certain conditions.
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Legends PVP Beginners Character Guide by Bulthax

This is a beginners guide to Legends Arena. It lists all the characters moves and a little about what each does. There are no stats on this. Its really just to give those new to Legends an idea of what their powers do.
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Iconic Armor Guide by King

So many people (including myself at one time long ago) have started the game and begun to level a character, only to find that the iconic armor you get from your Mentor isn’t quite what you wanted for this toon. Well this guide is to solve that problem and answer any questions you might have about iconics and how to get them.
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A Guide to Weapon/Role Synergy by Doctor Comics

One of the most common questions I see on chat channels and in the forums both here and at SOE is this: “Is (weapon A) good with (power B)?” This guide is designed to answer that question.
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How to respec

If you have decided to respec your character and don’t know how to do it, this tips will help you.
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DCUO Stats Descriptions

The Stats tab of the Inventory window (I) displays the current attributes of the player. If you click on the Stat name, description will be presented to read in the window below the stat. The major stats are: Health, Power, Defense, Might, Restoration, Vitalization, Precision, Toughness and Dominance.
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List of Keyboard & Chat Commands by Kithkarnon

By typing a slash [ / ] before certain typed commands in the chat window, you will be able to specify how, or to whom, you chat. The following are useful chat commands
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    Love the help from these guides! Greatly assisted my friends and I when we started. However for quickest leveling from lvl 10 to 30 I would like add that all you need to do is join a group of highere lvl characters and do all the wanted missions a couple of times and you will lvl up quicker than anything else in the game…

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    • Silent says:

      To enhance colas, first you have to get some plans for them (they usually drop from bosses in hard alerts or raids) and then just create them. And the salvage is useful for making higher tier mods for your armor, as salvaging will sometimes give you either simple or complex materials. Hope this helps 🙂

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    Lightning DPS is probably the hardest hitting DPS out right now… seen people hit over 1 mill in FOS

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    An interesting tip?

    In the sorcery role, the power ‘Transmute’ is very useful for destroying many objects at one time. If you don’t have ‘Transmute’, you could use shock colas, I’ve yet to try this myself as I don’t have the plan, but reliable sources do point out they are useful in FOS 2 scorpion segment, as well as against 2nd boss (mummy’s)in Gotham University and during events such as christmas with multiple presents

  32. Sheild Warrior says:

    yall please put a guide for the fanboy and the more than you can chew feat im having probloms finding them

  33. Poor Design says:

    The Circe mission where you try to stop Amazons taking exobytes was designed by retards.

    First you are turned into a bestiamorph with no explanation of what your new powers do

    Then you have to fight against 20-30 Amazons by yourself

    And you have to try and defeat 8 particular Amazons while having your path blIckes by the 20-30 Amazons

    In addition the tab targeting always picks one of the Amazons you don’t need to kill

    Get your damn lazy asses together Sony!

    • The Shivan says:

      There’s a way to ensure you never fail this mission. As you enter the final room, position the canisters between you and Circe/Wonder Woman, move very slowly to the nearest one on the left, and as soon as you can pick one up, do so, turn around, and throw it through the door. If done right, you won’t trigger the final encounter until after the canister is locked outside, ensuring that it will never be captured. This works on both Hero and Villain versions.

    • Lawrence says:

      If there asses were lazy the wouldn’t have made the game and constantly maintenance it every single day so stop being a brat and enjoy the game if your not satisfied the stop playing dc

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    I’d like to reiterate Marco Gruchalski’s question (first comment listed): could someone make a guide for the side missions please? I want to make sure I’m not missing anything

    Also, for Hero toons (not sure if it’s the same for Villains), the Sight Killer Croc (preoccupied) I encountered near the Gotham Sewers instance entrance (the one for beating Scarecrow). I’ve tried repeating the encounter, and haven’t, but this is definitely where I was.

    keep up the good work 😀

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    It would be very helpful if dc sends a notification to ” us players email notifying that our membership is about to run out or hoe many days to expire, I am hoping they add my request to the next update

  38. Lawrence says:

    It would be very helpful if dc sends a notification to ” us players email notifying that our membership is about to run out or how many days till it expires, I am hoping they add my request to the next update

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