DCUO Amazon Fury Part I Is Now Available

dcuo amazon fury
DC Universe Online’s next DLC Pack, Amazon Fury Part I, is now available for all players. The DLC Pack is available on US PC and EU PC, and will be available on PlayStation in the next 24 hours.

Take up the defense of Gotham City and join the fighting in the Amazonian civil war. Play as Wonder Woman or as Circe in two new Iconic Visions, and see how events unfolded leading up to war. Then gather your allies and visit the new Gotham Under Siege war zone, and take the fight to Themyscira itself with two new duos and one new alert. Earn the new Marks of Fury and unlock of new gear, styles, and feats.


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Game Update 34 is live on DCUO servers

The latest Game Update 34 comes with a handful of changes which include improvements like Green Aura, Feat Unlocking system, New Tier Vendor Equipment, Sorcery Pet Update and much more.
Green Aura!
It’s good to be Green! An all new Green Aura has been added to Promethium Lockboxes! The Green Aura appears like the other Auras in game and has the same drop chance.

Feat Unlocking!
Feat Unlocking is a system that will allow you to use Replay Badges to unlock feats you have already earned on your other characters. This will allow players the option to play and progress faster on multiple characters.

Unlocking your feats in-game is simple. All you’ll need to do is go the Feats Menu on the character you would like to unlock feats on, see which feats are available to unlock, and then unlock them with Replay Badges, similar to how you would unlock any other lockout in the game.
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DCUO Game Update 34 Introduces New Look for Sorcery Pets

Game Update 34 brings visual update to Sorcery’s Fury and Guardian pets. The idea was to give players two very different body type extremes and incorporate compelling Sorcery elements into.

We really pushed the animated textures for additional eye candy, as well as added some unique animations. The largest challenge was working within the strict limitations of trying to make something look awesome with a limited palate and animation memory budget.


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DCUO War of the Light Part I is available for all players

Starting today, new DCUO DLC Pack War of the Light Part I is available for all players. Legendary Members already have access to the new DLC Pack, and Free and Premium players can purchase the DLC Pack today (US PS, US PC, EU PC) or tomorrow (EU PS), when the PlayStation Store updates. War of the Light Part I introduces new locations, power set, PvP Legends, Operations and more.

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New prices for DCUO Armories

dcuo armories
Larry “Captain” Liberty, DCUO’s Executive Producer, announced revised prices for new feature Armories. This feature will improve your everyday experience, add a great decoration to your Base, and allow you to easily customize your characters.

After many discussions and players’ feedback, the following prices are unveiled:

  • One Armory – $6 ($6 per Armory)
  • 4-Pack – $20 ($5 per Armory)
  • 8-Pack – $32 ($4 per Armory)

Armories will be sold for Station Cash on PC and for Marketplace Cash on PlayStation, and will be added to the Loyalty Vendor for Loyalty Points

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DCUO Special Legendary Price for $29.99

dcuo legendary members
DCUO players have new Legend plans for a limited time, a 3-month Legendary Membership for only $29.99 USD. The Legends Plan is available in the PlayStation Store. Offer ends February 04, 2014 for US PC and US PlayStation players, or February 5, 2014 for EU PlayStation players. A new Membership plan purchased before your current Membership expires will take effect after your current Membership plan ends.
Legendary status grants you access to all DLC Packs – including the upcoming War of the Light Part I, monthly grants of Replay Badge and Loyalty Points, and more!

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DCUO Extended Server Downtime on January 8th

According to Mepps, DCUO Community Manager, all servers were taken offline immediately to resolve a technical issue. Today’s downtime has been extended for all servers, for additional 4 hours, until around 5:00PM PST. We will update this thread when more information is available.

Update: All servers are now online.

Players may notice the following changes:

The feats for winning x number of lair battles have been updated so that the count increases when you win a round in a lair battle as opposed to winning the entire lair battle.

Fixed an issue that prevented players with a CR over 100 from receiving or consuming Marks & Treasure Boxes.

Fixed an issue that was causing Lair Battles to crash.

Style Vendor
The Checkmate and Knight style items are now available on the PvP Appearance vendors in Watchtower and Hall of Doom for players with access to the DLC4 Last Laugh.

Source: DCUO forums

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DCUO PC Legendary Membership Benefits Change

From the February 3rd, 2014, PC Legendary Members will noticed important change, instead of receiving 500 Station Cash monthly, they will receive in-game currency called Loyalty Points. Each month they will be granted $5 USD worth of Loyalty Points, which can be spent on Marketplace items at a special Loyalty Vendor. DLC packs will not be purchasable with Loyalty Points.
This will not impact PlayStation 3 players, since they will continue to use the Loyalty system. This affects anyone who is currently receiving Station Cash every month, and with this change they will move to a Loyalty Point system.
Your Station Cash balance will be completely unaffected and there will still be plenty of Station Cash items available for purchase. This change affects the current benefit of receiving 500 Station Cash monthly, and will be replaced with a similar program that grants Loyalty Points.

Source: DCUO Forums

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DCUO enabled 30 days of Legendary Membership for past members

tom bot
During the upcoming holidays, most of DCUO Former Legendary Members will dive back into the world of DC Universe Online. The main reason is a stunning offer available to former subscribers that were active and paid for at least one billing cycle between January 11, 2011 and December 10, 2013.

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War of the Light next DCUO’s DLC Pack

dcuo War of the Light

According to Jens Andersen, DCUO’s Creative Director, the first part of DCUO’s DLC Packs will feature new 4-man and 8-man Operations, new Legends characters, and a new power – Rage.

Rage Powers

First, let me say I was blown away by the job Spord and company did with this new power. I think you’re going to love it. Rage is a Tank/Damage power, and offers a whole new tanking mechanic that simply looks amazing. It’s a unique power with a unique twist that is new to DCUO.

Rage powers are inspired by the Red Lanterns, who draw heir power from the Red Light of the Emotional Spectrum – a light associated with Rage. Heroes and villains will be able to wield this light using a special type of power ring only found in DCUO, which was first introduced when we created Light powers for the game. This new red power ring will tap into the the Rage of the emotional spectrum to create energy blasts, deadly blood plasma attacks, and even some vicious constructs. Most importantly, it allows player characters to retain control of their reason, much like Atrocitus or Guy Gardner, so that they can make their own moral choices – will they wield this light with righteous fury or be driven by vengeance and petty anger? That choice will be yours.

Rage offers players the usual Damage stance that comes with all powers, and this one is might based, so spec your characters accordingly if you like to lay down the damage. It also has a Tank stance, with the exciting new mechanic called “Rage Crash.” Players can activate certain abilities to send them into a state of extreme rage. When in this state, any damage taken is instantly healed. This effect lasts for the duration of the ability, and once the ability fades, all of the damage taken during that time is instantly reapplied to the character. This event is called “Rage Crash.” Other powers can be activated to mitigate the damage hit when the Rage Crash occurs or, even better, skilled players can activate rage combos that will render them immune to the effects of Rage Crash.

If you truly master rage powers, and everything goes right, you are a beast of a tank. But it’s a system fraught with danger, so deciding whether you want to go for complete Rage Crash immunity or mitigation will lead to a variety of new tactics for players (and for their healers!). It is extremely cool and really represents the emotions of the power it seeks to emulate. I know you will enjoy it.
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