Brainiac War

There are 10 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Brainiac System Breaker Datamatrix
  2. Brainiac Analyzer Datamatrix
  3. Brainiac Havok Servitor Datamatrix
  4. Brainiac Electrode Datamatrix
  5. Brainiac Accumulator Datamatrix
  6. Brainiac Subjugator Datamatrix
  7. Brainiac Spark Datamatrix
  8. Brainiac Incorporator Datamatrix
  9. Brainiac Eradicator Datamatrix
  10. Brainiac Program Datamatrix
Type: Collection
City: Metropolis
Zone: Chinatown


Ulgo’s firtified shoulderplates, Style:Prince Ulgo shoulders

Collection: Brainiac War, rewards image 2253 thumbnail
Collection: Brainiac War, rewards image 2254 thumbnail
  • Genius comments: Thanks Zegra!
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5 Responses to Brainiac War

  1. Brandon says:

    i have 9 out of 10 brainiac collections need just 1 more

  2. Sentinel Star says:

    if anyone comes across an extra havok servitor datamatrix, will buy or trade with you hit me up on ps3, toon has same name as my message tag.

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