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The site you are on right now is a product of our need to share information we find with the MMORPG community. It all started more then 3 years ago with Lord of the Rings Online and our need to provide the game’s community with a fansite full of news, guides and even some comics, LotroLife was born. We continue to be fans and a fansite of LOTRO, but we soon had a need to talk about other games and news we came across. As a small side project Mmorpg Life was born. Our next projects were Aion: Tower of Eternity – AION LIFE database and World of Warcraft – WOW LIFE Database fansites with complete quests databases with screenshots and custom commentaries to help you quickly solve any difficulty you might encounter questing. We have been playing and recording this information and want to share it with the community.

Our new project is DC Universe Online fansite. We are very picky about the information and the presentation of information we look for about a certain topic. This drives us to create information sources of our own.  What you can expect to find here are comprehensive guides with screenshots.  Unlike some other databases out there we will not rely solely on visitor input but want to create as much content as we can up front, and then let the community expand it if they find it fitting. You will also find relevant and up to date news.

We hope you will enjoy the content we have prepared for you. All of your feedback, good or bad, is always welcome and we encourage you to use the comment system to let us know how you feel about the site and the information you are finding on it. It will only make us better and help us provide you with a better experience on our site and in-game. Also feel free to emails us at with any and all suggestions.

Yours Sincerely,

Nadezda “Genius” Stanarevic, Editor
Srdjan “Mikro” Stanarevic, Editor

and the rest of Mmorpg Life staff

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  1. stefano says:

    i have a screen shot of where i found waynetech seamaster diving watch, how can i send u the SS?

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