Booster Bundle promotion returns with new price and auras

The Booster Bundle promotion is back for a limited time from September 23, 2014 until October 7, 2014, with new Auras, new contents, new price.

Here’s what you get in each new Booster Bundle (1000 Station Cash/Marketplace Cash):

  • 150 Replay Badges
  • 2 Total Recovery Kits
  • 1 Radar Enhancer
  • 1 R&D Scanner
  • 1 Proto Repair Bot

PLUS, as a special bonus, you get an Aura Reward Box with a random Aura that could be any one of the following:

  • NEW Black Smoke Aura
  • Red Nimbus Aura
  • Green Nimbus Aura
  • Red Plasmic Aura
  • Green Plasmic Aura
  • Blue Plasmic Aura
  • Yellow Plasmic Aura
  • Orange Plasmic Aura
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2 Responses to Booster Bundle promotion returns with new price and auras

  1. Are you gonna bring back the smoke and white nimbus in booster packs or are you ever gonna release them for sale in the market place thank you

  2. Jerry Fortune says:

    Please tell me why i should renew my package when it keeps freezing up and kicking me off.also little black box in part of the game. send answer Please

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