DCUO Amazon Fury Part I Is Now Available

dcuo amazon fury
DC Universe Online’s next DLC Pack, Amazon Fury Part I, is now available for all players. The DLC Pack is available on US PC and EU PC, and will be available on PlayStation in the next 24 hours.

Take up the defense of Gotham City and join the fighting in the Amazonian civil war. Play as Wonder Woman or as Circe in two new Iconic Visions, and see how events unfolded leading up to war. Then gather your allies and visit the new Gotham Under Siege war zone, and take the fight to Themyscira itself with two new duos and one new alert. Earn the new Marks of Fury and unlock of new gear, styles, and feats.


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  1. the one says:

    My question is: how and where does one obtain the chestplate of the firstborn style ?

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