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DCUO Quantum dps – Space guide

DCUO Space and Time new Quantum Tree powers competitive to gadgets and hard light. Continue reading

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DCUO Gadget Dps PvE Loadout

This week we have another great DPS video guide for all PvE Gadget players. JayMoony did a great work again and I truly hope significant number of you will find it useful.   What follows is JayMoony’s DCUO Gadget Dps … Continue reading

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DCUO Mental dps guide – Hybrid Terror loadout

For those who take different paths with the DCUO loadouts we have new suggestions. Our community member JayMoony stepped up and offered us a series of DPS video guides.   What follows is JayMoony’s Mental DPS guide – Hybrid Terror … Continue reading

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DCUO Guides: A detailed Earth DPS guide

CRUSHING your Enemies! A detailed Earth DPS guide by NP Seras & Friends! Continue reading

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DCUO Guides: DPS for Dummies

I am not sure why I am making this guide because DPS or the damager role is the easiest role in the game. All characters in DCUO are capable of the damager role. Seeing as everyone can play this role … Continue reading

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DCUO Guides: Hard Light Guide to DPS and Controlling

  The hard light DPS blows Mental DPS out of the water, and this is coming from a (now) 98 SP Mental since launch. Again, I didn’t get a chance to test out ALL of the powers in instances, but … Continue reading

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