Green Arrow New Legends Character

DCUO fans will be please to know that one of their favorite characters Oliver Queen, aka. Green Arrow has finally been added as Legends Character. Players can now taste how it looks like to be one of the first bow-user to enter Legends. His skill set includes trick arrows, acrobatics and long range damage.

Green Arrow 360 Image

Available in the marketplace, Green arrow costs 100 Marks of Legend, per character. Additionally, members can unlock green arrow as part of membership. Note that the Marketplace version of this character is redeemable for every character on your account.

Here’s a video from the DC Universe testing server, introducing Green Arrow, his skill set and a little bit of combat:

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3 Responses to Green Arrow New Legends Character

  1. Willie Carter says:

    Ya’ll should make Silver Surfer Powers.

  2. Seth says:

    I would love to see a Batman Beyond character!

  3. Gabi says:

    As soon as I started playing DCUO and saw you could play with a bow I was stoked! I am a fan of the walking dead and just LOVE Daryl Dixons Crossbow! so I made a pc toon that was magic but she used a bow! Then when I got my PS3 I made a character that was full magic and uses hand blast BUT one day while a little gamed out, I was messing around with the character creation system in PS3 and I made a character that would as closely emmulate the GREEN ARROW In fact she is named Olivia Queen! I am thrilled to see Green Arrow out there now so Maybe Olivia will be able to be more like him I haven’t played her yet as I want to get my two originals geared up leveled up and what not but there is NO doubt I will LOVE it when I get the chance to play her.

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