Welcome to Groom Lake

There are 5 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Weather Balloon Casing
  2. Majestic 12 Brainwashing Schema
  3. Aurora – 58 Warp Drive Capacitor
  4. Unpowered NID Blaster Pistol
  5. SDI-Style Thermoptics
Type: Collection
City: Alerts
Zone: Area 51


Cadmus T-shirt

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7 Responses to Welcome to Groom Lake

  1. VikingSS says:

    This took awhile

  2. Doc Troytka says:

    flippen eh!!! stupid weather balloon keeps dropping! DNW!

  3. Placeholder says:

    The locations for the collective aren’t there in this post.

  4. DAMMIT Collections says:

    I still can’t find the last one

  5. DAMMIT Collections says:

    If anyone has one that they would give mail me BLOODY FLAMESS

  6. Josephiav says:

    looking for SDI-Style Thermoptics, if you have one, slashing chiller

  7. Sebastian says:

    I cant find SDI-Style Thermoptics. Can anyone help me out?

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