Alien Technology

There are 8 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Thanagarian Disruptor
  2. Apokaliptian Disabler
  3. Kryptonian Disruptor
  4. Martian Disabler
  5. Oan Disabler
  6. Apellexian Disruptor
  7. Cathexian Disabler
  8. Rannian Disruptor
Type: Collection
City: Metropolis
Zone: Tomorrow District


Style: Dresden 7 legs

Collection: Alien Technology, rewards image 2249 thumbnail
Collection: Alien Technology, rewards image 2250 thumbnail
  • Genius comments: Thanks DenverRalphy!
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51 Responses to Alien Technology

  1. Eljohn Ton says:

    Any place in particular they seem to spawn more?

  2. Redemption_Server says:

    If someone can please get a few screen shots of their spawn locations. It would be nice

  3. rodne says:

    Do collections spawn at the same points everytime? I always assumed they were random in that zone.

  4. Redemption_Server says:

    Yes they spawn in the same spots because I’ve ran into some in Chinatown but a different collection, same spawn different collection piece

  5. LoserGuy says:

    Collection tokens do have specific spawn points within an area (usually 1 or 2 square blocks), but the order for those points is random. Also most open-world collection tokens drop pieces to 3 or 4 different collections. I’ve spent several hours flying around the Brainiac Accumulator area of Chinatown gathering tokens and can now say I have all those spawn points memorized. Be prepared to do the same if you don’t want to buy your collections. Happy Hunting!

    • Grrrrr says:

      Very true. I went through the same process in Gotham East End and have identified all the spawn points. When I made the discovery that the collections (as well as Investigations and Briefings) hum when you get near them, it enabled me to similarly map other areas much more quickly!

  6. States says:

    yeah there needs to be screen shots of their areas..

  7. Jay says:

    Been looking for the Kryptonian Disruptor in the Tomorrow District for almost a week and all I get are duplicates that I send to my alts. I’ve been using the map that’s on this site and it helps, but I just wish the collectible you get from the golden !’s weren’t random. Oh well, off to more hunting.

    • megaxlr says:

      dude if you wouldnt happen to have oan, thana, rannian, or martian disabler?
      ill keep an eye for that kryptonian one.

    • Dev says:

      I have been looking for Oan for 2 months now. I have so many duplicates. If one of you guys find an Oan, could we trade?

      • Gevaux says:

        i have a spare oan if your still looking for it

        • indigo88 says:

          i know this is more than a year late, but ive been looking for an oan disabler for far too long…. i’ll trade all 7 disruptor/disabler for the oan….

  8. Edward says:

    dude i been searching for this collection and still got nothing not even 1… where should i look in t.o morrow disctrict im lost man i need help x.x

  9. Forged Forrest says:

    I am having one heck of a time looking for these… Any kind of map to so the general location would be good. Or even if they are spawning on the ground or on a building.

    Forged Forrest

  10. Evillive says:

    I have a spare thanagarian and kryptonian disruptor, would be glad to trade both for the oan if anyone needs them. I’m been searching around the science spire for about a week and have yet to find it. Its the last one i need for the whole set.

  11. Mr Lost says:

    anyone that care to comment on if most of them are on the ground or up on buildings or on the sides of buildings. im having problems finding any at all. someone said close to science building. been checking around that areas but nothing so far.

    • Mr Lost says:

      ok from what i can tell they dont have a general area. in tomorrow district. ive found one close to the science tower ive found one near star labs and 2 in the middle section. seems totally random in the hole area.

      Anyone else got other input Please share. cause anything that would make this easier is welcome.

      • Mr Lost says:

        oh and they all been pritty high up. on top of buildings or on halfway up. so far i havent found a singel one on the ground.

  12. Star R. says:

    I’ve found one near the top of one of the buildings last week, took a screenshot but no way to get it here, it was worth taking a picture because it is only accessible by Flight, since it was on the side floating in mid air and away from the building.

  13. Yin Tsang says:

    Oh my goodness! i spent hours hunting the blue and green orbs in tomorrow district just to realize it is the yellow ones the topic is refering to!
    That’s a relief, though since i already memorized some spawn locations for those~

  14. Captain Gwak says:

    Id psn : Guillius95

    I have a Spare OAN, and i’m looking for Exoskeletal System Class A. If anybody want to trade on PS3, let me know.

    • Sentinel Star says:

      Yea if anyone comes across any for alien tech (thanagarian disruptor, kryptonian disruptor, martian disabler, oan disabler, apellixian disruptor, cathexian disabler or rannian disruptor) i have big belly happy time meal cookies to trade for them or 10,00 each collection. The auction house prices are ridiculous.
      id psn:J_REM86 (ps3)
      toon is Sentinel star

  15. yeah AH prices r retarded y can’t players just help out other players and put stuff on there 4 less than 100,000, it would be nice if alot of the ppl werent so greedy

  16. Sentinel Star says:

    Just found an extra apokoliptan disabler, if anyone needs it, i will trade for any other alien tech collection. hit me up. the auction house is just to expensive. i was looking for snake legs and chest for a toon, and all the prices for them where 100,000,000 a piece, it’s like really come one homie, T3 armor pieces dont cost that much.

    • Omegal lReaper says:

      Hey I will trade you Thanagarian Disruptor Kryptonian Martian Disabler Apellexian Disruptor
      Cathexian Disabler Rannian Disruptor for your Apokaliptian Disabler I’m on the ps4.

  17. O-Verse says:

    This is by far the most difficult token collections out of the many. I spent two weeks and only got about 3 and when I thought I got lucky I just kept getting repeats of the ones I already gathered. Sometimes I keep the replicas to see if it brings a tinge of hope but that was an epic failure. Is it only located in the tomorrow district? And I remember some of the spawn points but they don’t appear as frequent as other groupings of tokens, for other collections.

  18. Rvdo says:

    I got like 5 in two hours. If you know where to look it’s not that hard, check on youtube for a guy that show you a lot of spawn locations for most of the dresden 7 (can’t remember his name) and he will show you a route that helps a lot. He’s not 100% accurate but good enough.
    And O-Verse, if you got the same ones everytime, go to the broker, sell them for a couple 100 K and just buy the ones that you don’t have. It’s just that easy, just takes some time.

  19. unknown says:

    You now tar you can just go to the market and buy this oject that lets collections pop on map

  20. Ps3 character " easy peasy " says:

    I’m on ps3 and I have an extra Thanagarian Disruptor and Apellexian Disruptor.
    Im looking for Oan Disabler. Anyone want to trade with me that has an oan disabler.

  21. Collection Hunter says:

    If anyone wants to group up and search in a team, it will probably help us find all of them a whole lot quicker.

    I’m on the PS3

    My characters name is Mindflex1 – Hero

  22. Dev says:

    I’m looking for Oan Disabler. I have been for just over 2 months now. . . This is getting stupid. I know exactly where it CAN appear, but it just won’t. I have plenty to trade, so please let me know.

  23. Chris says:

    I’ve also been looking for Oan… Since about June 2012 haha. I have a ton of stuff to trade (Gang Patches, Watches, more Alien Tech, Exos) so if anyone wants to show me where to find or just trade with me, we can work something out 🙂

  24. Jaiku Taizen says:

    ugh all i need is rannian then im done all i have is an extra thanagarian disruptor

  25. That Guy says:

    Im still looking for a Thanagarian Disruptor.

    I have plenty of extras of the other ones, so if anyone wants to trade.
    My name is Luxurd im on PvE Villains.

    • rob says:

      I have thanagarian. I need kryptonian. trade? my in pve heroes. name is bigblue boyscout.

    • Ricachon says:

      I could use any extras that you may have. Been looking for any items to get the whole set. my toon name is Ricachon.

  26. MDLatqp says:

    Hey everyone. I’m a free player lookin for Oan Disabler, and I could use some help. Obviously, I wont ever be able to buy one, so I’ve gotta farm it. Now honestly, that wouldn’t really a problem if I could actually find a node where it’s likely to spawn. If my experience w/ the superboy plaque rubbing and the sniper umbrella have taught me anything, it’s that you need to know which specific 1-5 nodes to farm. My username in-game is the same as my name here. So, if anyone wants to: (a) give me a free oan disabler 😀 or (b) suggest specific nodes where you know oan spawns, I would be EXTREMELY grateful! The only things I can offer in return (cuz again, I’m a free player) are knowledge about stuff or work on your behalf, but I will be happy to offer them! Thanks in advance

  27. Omegal lReaper says:

    If anyone has a Apokaliptian Disabler I have copies of all but oan and Kryptonian Disruptorand I will even through in 10,000 cash for it. I’m on the ps4 and my name is the same here. Please let me know as soon as you can.

  28. Aelic says:

    I need kryptonian disruptor. I can give oan disabler or thanagarian or other pieces for it. I am eu pc hero

  29. TBXLEE says:

    im on ps4 I have 3 pieces already ive bee tryng to get them for a while if anyonehas any pieces they want to trade with me my psn accont is TBXLEE add me and msg me

  30. theFire Starter says:

    I’m looking for Oan Disabler. This is my toons name hero side USPS server.

  31. Shadow says:

    Anyone has screen shots of these locations?

  32. Blake says:

    Been Looking The Oan Disabler for ages now, its the only one I need! I have a Thanagarian Disrupter and Martian Disabler for trade. Also willing to give $300 000 along side it.
    Toon Name: Deaths Exile
    Server: EUPS.
    Also, I’m a villain player, But also willing to make a hero if need be. Send me a msg via in game mail; And I’ll respond asap

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