Lunar Soil Compounds

There are 6 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Anorthosite
  2. Pyroxine
  3. Llmenite
  4. Norite
  5. Troctolite
  6. Olivine
Type: Collection
City: Alerts
Zone: Hive Moon Base


Mirrored Korllium Helmet, Style: Hive

Collection: Lunar Soil Compounds, rewards image 2243 thumbnail
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7 Responses to Lunar Soil Compounds

  1. Zac B. says:

    I fuond them all in like 20 minutes. Not that hard really.

  2. El Jugador says:

    There’s one wrong… #3 should be ilmenite, not limenite.

  3. LaNay says:

    Pyroxine is spelled pyroxene for those searching in broker for it. 3 mil lat time I looked. Ouch.

    • Ult says:

      I was in the normal mode to help out a buddy of mine (im level 30) so we did it in like 15 min. when we finished we looked for the briefings and collections in it… we found the pyroxine every time we found a collection bubble. lol so i do not know why it would be that high.

  4. Ross says:

    All I need is Olivine. Can some one help me we on the drop rate, hell I buy it from someone.

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