No man’s land

There are 8 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Diamond District Penguin Gang Patch
  2. East Side Maskers Gang Patch
  3. Tricorner GCPD Gang Patch
  4. North Gotham Demonz Gang Patch
  5. Old Gotham Lo Boys Gang Patch
  6. City Hall Two-Faced Gang Patch
  7. West Side Freeze Gang Patch
  8. Arkham Jokerz Gang Patch
Type: Collection
City: Gotham
Zone: East End


Dresden 7 boots

  • Genius comments: Thanks DenverRalphy!
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41 Responses to No man’s land

  1. super blackice says:

    for everyone looking for the 8.Arkham Jokerz Gang Patch
    dont listen to these sites saying its at arkham. it where this site say its at in the eastend. i just found one on the roof the first building north of the eastend police station

  2. Panda says:

    i just finished this and got steampunk pants not the dresden boots slightly disappointed 🙁

  3. I’ve been gliding around the East End for hours now. Just can’t seem to find that last collection, Arkham Jokerz Ganag Patch.

  4. NJ says:

    Just found the Arkham Jokerz Ganag Patch on top of the 1st building north of midtown police just as super blackice said…. although i was searching around for over 20 mins before it appeared.

  5. Emmy Frost says:

    I found an AJGP in east end, directly west of the distribution center. It was in between two buildings, on the ground. I was looking for the spawn point north of midtown police station, but a bunch of other stuff kept spawning

  6. FRANKIE says:

    where is North Gotham Demonz Gang Patch and Arkham Jokerz Gang Patch located i have the rest can you help?

  7. FRANKIE says:

    where is the Arkham Jokerz Gang Patch and north Gotham Demonz Gang Patch located can’t find them anywhere i have the rest can you help?

  8. FRANKIE says:

    are there any landmarks on the buildings?

  9. FirePaw says:

    where is Penguin Gang Patch Gang Patch ?

    I have been looking for hours in the diamond district

    • FirePaw says:

      found it on the roof the first building north of the eastend police station

      now i need only 7 more…

  10. POPular says:

    8.Arkham Jokerz Gang Patch is ridiculous, its the only one i cant get. 3 days of scanning the east end and nothing. i cant even get it in the auction house… awesome sauce…

  11. Liz says:

    Its a bit disappointing, coming from the other Dresden 7 guides, to find no maps or direction …

    • Genius says:

      Have you read any comments?

    • Mobius says:

      Exactly what I’ve been thinking, since starting to look for the lower half of the outfit. The upper half had photos of all the locations, and maps too, to help point you in the right direction. Was much Easier getting the first half of this outfit. Lower half info on here sucks…

  12. Griever says:

    Man I’ve been looking for the Arkham Jokerz Gang Patch for days. I’ve been to both spawn areas mentioned here. Back and forth, plus a crap load of other East End Collectible spawns. Is there some trick to this that I’m just not seeing?

  13. Evillive says:

    Found it just where Emmy Frost said. Nearly filled my inventory tryin to get this one.

  14. Mr Lost says:

    Anyone that can tell me where i might locate the West Side Freeze Gang Patch. need something go on, the only one im missing and ive been all over.

  15. Lost and found boy says:

    i cant find the West side freeze anyone know where it is? i got all 7 except west side patch 🙁

  16. apophis says:

    al ar in east end trust me on that i spens 1 h looking for them and i got almost all still need 2 lo boys and 2 face zo take your time and look they ar on random places

    • u8myrice says:

      I’ve spent close to a full day of hunting for this collection,
      I’ve found all of the pieces except for “arkham Jokerz Gang Patch”
      spent most of the time looking for that piece it self…I’ve pretty much looked every inch of East End Gotham and still nothing, I’ve tried all the comment and replies also. I play on the PC if any one you have an extra or can help me out let me know (IGN – u8myrice)

  17. hjordan2814 says:

    Keep in mind that item collections are different than briefings and investigations. Most pages for collections on this site do not have screenshots because there are no guaranteed set locations for the specific item. Yes the collection spawn locations are set, but what you receive from it is random, dependent on what area/district. Also there is a delay of roughly 5-10 minutes before it will respawn after being collected by a player, as well as a limit of how many will be active at the same time in an given district. It’s very well possible for there to be no orbs in an area for 5ish minutes if all of them were picked up around the same time.

  18. Mark says:

    Where’s the tricorner gcpd patch be found mostly at plz ASAP

  19. TwiCe says:

    you can hit the same spot and get different drops…usually it’s a matter of luck. Like the two for Arkham that are mentioned I’ve checked but gotten GCPD Adkins file, a couple of the street signs, Fear Gas Circuitry, and Gas Umbrella…just gotta be persistant

    • TwiCe says:

      yeah yeah I know…I just read the other comment sayin basically the same thing 8P

      • TwiCe says:

        Also had to hit the spot like 5 times but the one between the buildings on the ground by distribution ctr was where i got mine finally

  20. MortCadavre says:

    I searched for about two hours in a circle around the east end pd collecting and finished two other collections before I got the arkham gang patch

  21. Seeker says:

    After 3 different lengthy searches, with three separate Toons I managed to get my hands on two Arkham patches. One I picked up at the broker for 40k, and the one I actually found today on a different toon. I managed to find it near the lighthouse (think of Bane) on the ground by a chain link fence.

  22. Ricachon says:

    If anyone has any extras that they do not need, you could send some to my toon Ricachon. Been looking for this set for a while now.

    • Jeff Hough says:

      I have 4 extras: Old Gotham Lo Boys, City Hall Two Face, Arkham Jokerz, and Tricorner GCPD. Will be willing to trade if you have extras you don’t need.

  23. Jeff Hough says:

    I am new to this game so I am not sure of all the things I can and can’t do. If I only play the free version, can I make trades? I have an extra Arkham Jokerz and Tricorner Patch I would like to trade for something from another collection. I’m looking for the first two items in the Halloween Grab Bag Collection and Items 1 and 5 from the All Hallow’s Peeve Collection. My character name is Miami Maverick.

  24. Rayjun says:

    I found all the no man’s land collections, and I got the Duct Tape face style, why didn’t I get the Dresden 7 boots like this site says?

  25. Vincent Cook says:

    Does anyone know where Diamond Penguin gang patch located?

  26. Codie Pitt says:

    I’m only missing numbers 3 and 8 on the list. All I’m getting is GCPD files, Brainiac War, Street Signs, Technologies Vanguard and Patches that I’ve already collected. It’s really getting on my nerves

  27. Morthael says:

    What area does #2 spawn?

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