DCUO Hot Fix for PS3 Freezing

Official announcement:

I just wanted to take a minute here to explain what is happening with DCUO on the PS3. Although the hot fix today lowered the number of crashes by a great deal, there are obviously still problems. The crash that the great majority of folks are facing is an Out Of Memory error (OOM for engineer short hand). Quite simply the game gets into a state where it requires more memory and there is no more to give. On the PS3 (or any game console) that results in an immediate crash or ‘Freeze’.
This is unfortunately a very hard error to fix since it is usually situational. Meaning that you need the right combination of things going on around you at the right moment in time to trigger the fault. We cannot create in house the same conditions that thousands of players online can so we have to make guesses about where the issues lie and try and find a solution. We have obviously not guessed them all.
None of this is meant as an excuse. I know you guys just want to play and for us to fix our game. We are still here working to make sure that happens.

Executive Producer


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11 Responses to DCUO Hot Fix for PS3 Freezing

  1. Bustin 9s says:

    My league friends and I LOL’d hard after reading this in the official forums and on here. So you’re telling me that all of a sudden after the last 2 patches the devs JUST realized that the code in the game is too RAM-intensive?! Apparently my PS3 doesn’t have enough RAM to run the LOADING SCREEN…(facepalm)

  2. ninja hamster says:

    so basically what they are saying is that after only the third update they have managed to break the game and they don’t have a clue how to fix it.

    It’s a great game when it works but I think I I think i might give it up for about three or four months and start playing prototype again.

  3. Jerky McJerkface says:

    PC version is working great! 😀

    • Bustin 9s says:

      Thanks for issuing a statement about the PC version in a PS3 Hot Fix thread, way to be a troll Jerky!

    • Jim Joboldo says:

      Nope, PC version has sound, stuttert and other issues as well. And PC version is as empty as my ass is on a hot friday night. So, this game blows atm.

      I blame Sony for this crap, as always. Seems all their MMOs are doomed to flop.


  4. man says:

    is anyone having a problem logging in DCUO?

    Because I cant play DCUO, it freezez everytime I get to the character selection screen. Its been like that since monday, before the MEGA SERVER >.< please help

  5. IVIorgan says:

    every time i log onto my charaters, on PS3… after about 5-10 seconds the whole things crashes and seriously shuts off my modem and reboots my internet…. i have literally tried everyting known to man …. ( i think lol ) but am having serious serious issues with this, error codes left and right for some reason, fixed the DNS error thinking that was the issue. clearly it wasnt. i just want to know WTF happen to this game. Played the BETA no issues, played the first 30days no issue. just came back home from the military and deployments and broke out the PS3 and some DCUO and now i cant even play after the tutorial phase.. any ideas on how to get passed this crap?? id love to hear something… anything really. All i have seen and read online is person after person having pretty much the same issue with no solutions from the DEV or support people. whats the point of having sites with ” how to’s ” and not having any solutions. EPIC FAIL

    • robert says:

      same thing here sighn in about 20 seconds later if frezzes my whole system defiance works which is a mmo so its not the system

  6. Greywolf says:

    So, it’s not just me & my brand spanking new console that spends more time updating than actual game play. Figures.

  7. Nevin says:

    Anyway this could be set up in multiple downloads like in 5 parts or something so it wouldn’t take so freaking long and crash in the download portion every 5 minutes or so?

  8. Seriously pissed at dcuo says:

    Ok so I’ve looked all over Web and only thing I’ve found is the safe mode restore crap on ps3. Any other suggestions other than buy a ps4, pc or xbone or xb360 would be great thanks.

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