New DCUO Marketplace Items

New Marketplace Items are Available! The widely requested Arkham Asylum Joker along with brand new Style items can now be purchased! All Style Items are 200SC, while Exobyte Data: Arkham Asylum Joker for DCUO Legends arena is 1000SC and Vanguard of the Heavens cosmic skin is 400SC.

Vanguard of the Heavens
Sinister Bird’s Helm
Superman Hoodie
Splendid Wings
Mecha-Star Helmet
Mecha-Star Helmet
Noble Bird’s Helm
Malevolent Wings
Mecha-Star Wings
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27 Responses to New DCUO Marketplace Items

  1. Redemption_Server says:

    $10 🙂 for Joker yay

  2. Furdinand says:

    These should be vault drops, SOE would still get some money from people buying tickets.

  3. I bought the Vanguard of the Heavens skin says:

    I bought the Vanguard of the Heavens skin. but i don’t know how to put it on :O

  4. Pons says:

    are these for all characyets

  5. RW_Bear says:

    This is more than nickel and diming, this is elbow and hand.

    16 dollars for complete costume, are you ****ing kidding me?

    48 dollars for 3 costumes. Weeeeee.

    You can do free-to-play or you can do paying monthly, but you cannot do both.

    • celestial sin says:

      well thats funny, cuz thats what Sony is doing and by the number of “cosmic skins” i see already around, i think its working in their favor. Whats a couple of bucks really worth when u get to have more fun with a game u already like. Now give me the option to buy a new name and ill be really happy. Id also like to have the option to buy my way to lvl 30 cuz im always starting new toons and i am so bord with the grind from 1-30. I must have made atleast 50+ toons since release.

  6. Shinobi says:

    If and when I buy these items are they available to my other characters on my ps3 account?

  7. Iceman2436 says:

    Hay out there
    I would love to see additional power and skill points.
    Upgrades for your powers. For example I have a Sorcery based healer.
    I would buy an upgrade pack for Sorcery power.
    Making circle of protection cover a larger area and do more damage or better healing

  8. Iceman2436 says:

    Here are some more examples of some general power upgrades that I would like to see in the new market place.

    Area of effect attacks effect a larger area for a longer time.
    Increased effectiveness the power does more damage more healing longer stuns
    Decreased cost the power requires less power to activate, less power from the super gage
    Faster cool down times
    Faster casting times
    Upping percentages if an attack has a 50/50 chance of stunning the target change it to 70/30 in your favor.
    Increased bonus for completing a power tree.
    Spread attacks any power that affects one target could affect two or three targets.

    If anyone can think of any more upgrades feel free to add to the list.

    • MaxG says:

      Terrible idea. The game ends up being pay to win.

      • celestial sin says:

        i dont disagree with the idea..what would be more avantagious would be to be able to buy full sets of armor for those ppl who are part-time players and never get to play the high lvl content cuz we cant give enough of our time to the game. I play 1 hour a day (max) and at this rate ill never take on any t2 alert or raid.

  9. Vince says:

    Please help my mecha star wings disappeared when I removed my cape. How do I redeem it?

  10. jay haye says:

    what do you do if the market place doesn’t let you in?

  11. I bought a Mecha-Star Wings and I went to Inventory to see if Mecha-Star Wings is there, but no. There was no Mecha-Star Wings. Please help.

  12. Kyza says:

    Where about do you find the mecha – star wings in the marketplace cant find it help pls 🙂

  13. Josh hendricks says:

    I have made three heros so far, Superman 2052(future superman) level 23, A green lantern corp member(named after myself of course) level 14 & last but not least Robin 2099(all grown up & ready to step out of batmans shadow) level 1 just started with him though. I play all three randomly, so I don’t get bored, because I can devote large amounts of time to playing this game! It’s absolutely amazing, aside from having to pay for stuff, I understand the frustration from everyone…. But think about what they have done with this game…. It’s the 1st of its kind, basically never ending, who wouldn’t want to emerse themselves into a world of fantasy & get away from all the stress of the day? Play online with friends from overseas or different country’s? I started out F2P leveled my green lantern up to 14 & loved this game so much that I had to up-grade to legendary! This game answers the question ever person on earth has asked themselves since they were little kids running around the back yard, making superman & batman capes out of towels! If you could be any superhero, with any power, who would you be? Would you be a good guy & fight for truth, justice… The American way? Or would you be a villian, an anti-hero who’s sole purpose it is to cause mayhem & devistation? Ever wanted to know what it’s like to fly through Gotham city like Superman dealing out your own brand of justice like the Joker deals his cards of anarchy? Or what it would be like to scour the roof tops of Metropolis at night, striking fear into the hearts of criminals? Well, in this game, in this “Universe” you can do exactly that! Think about all they’re giving us before you complain about paying $14.99 a month for legendary axcess, or $9.99 to unlock future Batman to play in the Legends Arena. I know it may seem I’m being a bit biased because I love this game, but seriously think about it, not about the money, but about everything mentioned above & everything I didn’t even get to yet…. And ask yourself, is $14.99 a month for an unbelievably awesome gaming experience is more than you pay for let’s say three meals at McDonald’s, that’s gonna make you fat & possibly give you health problems down the road? Lets face it, our country is getting fatter by the second…. There’s a McDonald’s, Burger King or Hardee’s on just about every corner. If you cut out three $5 meals from there each month, that’s enough to pay month by month for legendary access in DCUO. That unlocks all DLC & all the other cool stuff it gives you. I live in the south, Alabama to be exact, one of the most obiese states in the country…. Seriously, eat less fast food & you won’t have to gripe about this game costing so much, or cut out something else you don’t really need! Think about your lives & I’m sure you can find something to cut back on to be able to fully enjoy all this MMORPG has to offer. Ok, I’m stepping down off the soap box for now!

  14. xxRobin 2099xx says:

    Also check out the new booster packs if you wanna level up faster, for those with only an hour or two to spend on the game. Most will last an hour!

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