First DCUO downloadable content pack – Fight for the Light

The first download pack “Fight for the Light” will introduce the Green Lantern Corps and the game’s seventh power set – Light. DC Universe Online’s “Fight for the Light” DLC pack will be available for download for $9.99 USD this summer for PC and PlayStation3 players.

As Game Director Mark Anderson explained, “Light Power” is a brand new set of abilities that allows players to use power rings to channel emotions (like will, fear, or rage) into constructs. The light powers come in the form of machine guns, chain saws, or even jets, and they are activated if a player is able to perform the correct combo. When you activate one of these light power forms, you go into one of those modes and have to perform the special combos to unlock the ability. On top of that, you can chain them. So players can combine chainsaw that goes into a flurry of light whips, followed by boxing skills, depending on whether the players hit the correct combos. Heroes will get 24 green-colored will power, while Villains will get 24 yellow-colored fear.


Players will have two options when it comes to trying out these new light powers: create a new character or respec their current level 30 character. “We want to let people play how they want to play,” Andersen said.

DC Universe’s first downloadable content pack will give players access to light powers for the first time. “You’re going to be able to create a character using the power of will,” Andersen said. “We’re putting those rings in the hands of players.” Andersen made it clear that the ring isn’t your weapon. The ring is associated with light powers, but you still get to pick a fighting style and weapon. “The ring is layered on top of the other fighting styles,” he said.


Official announcement:

The Green Lantern has been a mainstay for DC Comics fans for more than 60 years, and is a fan favorite among our players,” said Mark Anderson, Game Director of DC Universe Online. “We’ve listened to the feedback, and fans can now create their own Lantern-inspired characters including the use of light powers.”

In addition to the new light power set, players will also be able to interact with Green Lantern based characters and content in DC Universe Online in these all-new gameplay scenarios:

S.T.A.R. Labs – Deep within S.T.A.R Labs, Brainiac seeks to control experimental devices that will allow him to harness the power source behind the Lantern Corps’ rings. This attack throws the Lantern Corps into chaos, and players must join a fragile truce between the Green and Yellow Lantern Corps to bring the powerful devices back under STAR Labs control.

Coast City – Players must battle their way through the “City Without Fear” to Ferris Aircraft, the home of fighter ace Hal Jordan. Here they face the unbridled rage of the Red Lantern Corps in a showdown to save the city and the Universe.

Sciencells Prison – On the Green Lantern Corp’s home planet Oa, heroes will join with Guy Gardner to stop a prison break that threatens to release the most feared prisoners of the Green Lantern Corps. Villains will fight alongside Sinestro as he attempts to release the Green Lantern Corps’ greatest foes and retrieve the evil Lyssa Drak from her emerald powered prison cell.

Green Lantern offers another exciting superhero for PC and PS3 players to join forces with in their epic battles online, following DCUO’s ongoing combat missions featuring other DC Comics legends such as, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker and Lex Luthor.

DC Universe Online’s “Fight for the Light” DLC pack will be available for download for $9.99 USD this summer for PC and PlayStation®3 players.

DC Universe Online is licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC Entertainment. For more information about DC Universe Online, visit

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16 Responses to First DCUO downloadable content pack – Fight for the Light

  1. Redemption_Server says:

    Adding funds. Now waiting for access into the game.

  2. celestial sin says:

    im not a fan of the lantern lore…dont really know all that much about it..
    but im sure im going to buy it..but the purchase of the ring should give u automatic lvl 30 even if u wanted to start a new character, u wouldnt have to go thru that annoying 1-30 grind again.
    im disapointed that there isnt a new city to play in tho. Whats it called..coast city or something..i wanted that to be a full size open world like gotham and metropolis. im an explored and i now know gotham and metro like tha back of my hand. need more to explore plz.

    • skofield says:

      Um….sorry but no. Auto lvl 30 status will cause an outrage in the community. Paying ten dollars for instant access to the end game content? Thats absurd. Thats something that should be earned, regardless if you have achieved level 30 already or not.

  3. GUARDIAN says:

    Honestly it takes 2 days to lvl to 30 the real issue is the gear. Since it is going to be a controller role, heals and tanks need to either purchase troller gear with our current toons or start all over with another toon and re grind in FEATS (not an option) I wish all the equipped gear would convert to troller even though I’m sure it will not. I also wish the devs knew how damned annoying it is to start new toons and reaquire feats.

    • Redemption_Server says:

      The most troublesome feats are the styles & collections everything else is achievable by gameplay. Just have a good helpful league

  4. mikem says:

    The game play has too many bugs to be paying 15$ a month much less more for add ons.Im out after my three months are up.

  5. GUARDIAN says:

    The collection and style feats are the easiest ones to get with just money. It’s the time it takes to grind in all those pvp feats and pound in the daily challenge feats. My point wasn’t that it isn’t doable. My point was tht it takes too damn long running over the same crap you already did with another toon. In reality the light powers should have waited until the other 2 new powersets were available. This way people dont make rash decisions because they just want something new and exciting. I am a full T2 FIRE Tank and I would love some change.. but not that badly!

  6. alexander says:

    how exactly do you buy the dlc? its keep saying its $10. then people are saying it will be a redeem code? how do u get it?

  7. becra says:

    right im in the uk and i looked in the psn store and i found the green lantern fight for the light pack or what i was hopeing but it said get now and not download now can someone please help me did i do something wrong or what did this happen to anyone else and if u know how to fix this please tell me.

  8. Alexander says:

    Hey man! I just purchased fight for the light and I see what you guys are talking about. Though it is a little confusing all you have to do is going into character creation after you purchase fight for the light and you will have light as an optional power. Note that there is not extra step to install or download; once it is purchased you have access to it! have fun I know I am!!!

  9. uhhhhhh i really dont wanna start a new charachter

  10. Shakal029 says:

    Подскажите плиз кольцо нужно покупать или его можно заработать когда будет 30лвл?

  11. yeathan says:

    why i cant use the power of green lantern

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