How to gear up correctly in DCUO for a DPS role

First and foremost I’m going to tell you what every new DCUO player needs to know: SKILL POINTS are the leveling system in this game. Levels 1-30 are a tutorial for you to adjust to your powers, learn the combat system and understand that feat points lead to skill points. While new players first notice it lets you purchase points to use other weapon classes, but the real value is in the innate abilites (might, crits, defense, health, vitalization, dominance and restoration). These will make you better at your role and you never stop leveling your character with skill points. At level 30 you should have at LEAST 25 skill points to be able to move comfortably through level 30 content. I try and have my new characters reach 30 skills by 30 and it is very achieveable. To be the best DPS you can be (obtaining all DPS innate skills) you need 80 skill points. Now that’s out of the way, on to the good stuff!

You have three options and by the time you get to level 30 you’ll know which kind of DPS will suit you best. Let’s find out which you gravitate to more.


Do you find yourself using only your weapons? Can’t get enough of that pistol Full Auto? Love Arrow Storm and forget to use your powers? Then precision is your style. Precision is the damage you do from weapon attacks. 10 precision = 1 weapon DPS. So if you have a 77.9 weapon with 200 precision, your weapon damage is 97.9. Precision can be a difficult path to go by, as the best precision gear in the game is more often than not an Epic drop from an iconic battle. If you find yourself leaning towards precision, it will be a hard road in survival as most precision based gear is low on defense and health. The trade off is fair though. You almost never need power (mana) and will be a favourite with controllers in raids because of it. Put your skill points into critical attack damage, followed by critical attack chance. Simply put, you want things to hit as hard as they can when they crit before you need to increase your “luck”. At level 30, you do not want to walk into a raid with anything less than 180 precision.

Notable and coveted Precision gear:

Gear slot: Name – Main DPS stat (location, enemy)
Head: Captain Cold’s Furred Hood – 44 Precision (Stryker’s Island, Rogues)
Face: Catwoman’s goggles – 9 Precision (Catwoman Challenge, Catwoman)
Ring: Loop of the Alien Kings – 15 Precision (Outer Caverns/Inner Sanctum, Bastion Turret/Perimeter Guard)
Back: Doomsday’s Savage Spines – 29 Precision (Smallville, Doomsday)
Pistols: Plated Neutronium Pistols – 32 Precision (Inner Sanctum, Brother Eye)


Run out of power (mana) all the time? Forget to use your mouse/X and Y button? Like me, you love to use your powers and if you’ve got it, you’ll drop it like it’s hot. Might is damage you do from your powers and powers alone. Stack your might and stack it high. At level 30, 1 might = 0.45% power damage increase. I’ve personally found this to be the most effective at end game and my most recent character, Disasterpiece is a testament to how lethal it can be. In 4 days I got him from character creator to level 30 (with the help of my hero league =D) and the second I hit 30 was dropped into Kahndaq. Straight after that I was put into Brainiac’s Sub Construct and finished at the top of the DPS charts at 850k. Like precision based gear, you’ll have to sacrifice some defensive stats to push the limit of your powers. Controllers will hate you for burning through power, but you keep the bad guys (or good guys) from killing them, so keep your head up! Might based gear is scattered everywhere, from epics to raid drops to random blue pieces that have abnormally high numbers. Stack your skill points in might (duh!) and then go for crit damage followed by crit chance. At level 30 you do not want to walk into a raid (or hard alert for that matter) with anything less than 1200 might.

Notable and coveted Might gear:

Head: Scarecrow’s Tattered Helm – 123 Might (Arkham Asylum, Scarecrow)
Back: Punchline’s Sign – 89 Might (Ace Chemicals, Punchline)
Waist: Reinforced Neutronium Belt – 70 Might (Inner Sanctum, ARC)
Bow: Dormorian Hunter’s Bow – 123 Might (Outer Caverns, RCP)
Rifle: Ultra Modern Minigun – 123 Might (Sub Construct, Brainiac)


You use both equally. You use your powers and weapons in sync to get a mix of both combat styles. Tier gear was made for you. At level 30, grab the Kabuki gear from duos, Psycho from Hard Alerts, then move on to Tier 1 and Tier 2. These gear sets are a perfect balance of both stats and have the better defense of any dps gear. Not much more to say that hasn’t been said, really. At level 30 you do not want to walk into a raid with any less than 1100 Might and 120 Precision.

Notable and coveted Balanced gear:

Tier 2 Factional Armour.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Endzeit (AKA Blitz/Disasterpiece/Coma White) for writing this guide. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it.

Disasterpiece: Fire DPS
Coma White: Ice DPS/Tank
Underscore: Mental Troller
VILLAINS (Darkness Falls)
Miss Blitzkrieg: Fire DPS
Tek Support: Gadgets Controller
Endzeit: Nature Healer


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  1. darktarget says:

    Prior to Fortress of Solitude update:
    Precision focused gear can top off around 400-420 when the sub construct necklace procs (depending on your weapon of choice)
    Might focused can top off around 1750
    With a balance, 1500/200 or 1300/300 balance is easily achievable.
    If you keep all of this gear so you can run all of these, be prepared to have very few open slots in your inventory. Again, this is prior to update 4 gear.

  2. Jake Powers says:

    what would you recomend for sorcery dps

  3. Jack Powers says:

    Jake you noob, read the dam guide, it covers all class types!

    Better yet, don’t play dcuo coz your one of those tards that can’t play games… Or read… Clearly!

    • Jake Powers says:

      dude i asked for his opinion dude, so dont get ur panties in a wad, my character will destroy any character u have so calm ueself

    • f**k yourself jack says:

      And you’re clearly a worthless piece of s**t who desrves to live a sad misrable life for how you treat other people you f**king scum bag

  4. Donuts says:

    not my sorcery/fire dps…. :p Skill points play a huge role bra!

  5. Donuts says:

    sorry just started using this web.. how do you change the icons (failed on my prior hey try)

  6. joshpit says:

    right now im at 1400/250 with all t-2 gear, 80 skill points. im content. i like having the defence and life, also keeps power steady. but darktarget. that 1300/300 sounds real nice. can you make a list of what gear combination? thanks

    • Redemption_Server says:

      I’ve Seen ppl complaining about MIGHT in PVP so they might nerf it 🙁 I’m at 1500/210 sometimes 1200/300

  7. USG_Ishimura says:

    Listen just because you have full raid gear and 90 skill points doesn’t mean your good. It’s skill vs gear and I destroy many fully geared ppl with full pvp healer gear as a dps so take that fully geared anything looking for a raid

  8. USG_Ishimura says:

    Lol ok then bc My hero on it could never get anywhere with a group but hey that’s what assumptions are for

  9. USG_Ishimura says:

    It’s not bs skill and a good power cycle will always beat gear

    • Redemption_Server says:

      Still I wanna see your skill over mine if I wanna be the best I’ve gotta see if I can beat u in damage

  10. USG_Ishimura says:

    Btw add clownsanity’s mutant boots to the precision list bc it has more precision than the t3 boots. That is unless they are making precision items even weaker

  11. Endzeit says:

    Wow guys, haven’t been here in aaages, thanks a heap for putting my guide up here. Glad to help the community out and hope it gives some much needed understanding to new level 30 players. =)

  12. COSMIC says:

    USG if you indeed beat a TRUE DPS with full T2 DPS gear with your PVP Healer gear in DPS stance then either you are a glitcher or your DPS’ers suck. I gurantee you will NEVER beat any DPS in my League of any of my toons that way unless you are glitching which we refrain from doing.

  13. COSMIC says:

    USG if you indeed beat a TRUE DPS with full T2 DPS gear with your PVP Healer gear in DPS stance then either you are a glitcher or your DPS’ers suck. I guarantee you will NEVER beat any DPS in my League or any of my toons that way unless you are glitching which we refrain from doing.

  14. Funktastic312 says:

    I think this needs a change up since most of this gear has been nerfed by now.

  15. Duke Cannon says:

    I am a DPS with 238 precision and 1054 might and don’t have any of that gear, bring it on.

  16. Wade Wilson (Gadget/Dps) says:

    (Corrections) *=Unchanged stats
    Gear slot: Name – Main DPS stat (location, enemy)
    Head: Captain Cold’s Furred Hood – 24 Precision (Stryker’s Island, Rogues)
    Face: Catwoman’s goggles – 7 Precision (Catwoman Challenge, Catwoman)
    *Ring: Loop of the Alien Kings – 15 Precision (Outer Caverns/Inner Sanctum, Bastion Turret/Perimeter Guard)
    Back: Doomsday’s Savage Spines – 18 Precision (Smallville, Doomsday)

  17. vdbigbang says:

    Hi ! Really good article !
    When you say “Stack your skill points in might” in the section “Might”, what do you mean exactly ? How can I put my skill points in might ?

  18. Stumpjumpers says:

    My goal is fire DPS, not even sure if im going the right direction with this? my players got maybe 3 T1 armors ( doing maintence so cant be exact) heath little over 2200, might 1003ish, prec. 246 and went with bow because of the lack of defense.. this is my second fire guy cuz i switch the other to light which makes me sad. i’d like to think im a above average noob, but learning something new about this game all the time.

  19. Lytbringr says:

    I just started playing, but I can’t decide between a Healer (Sorcery-Divinity-Hand Blaster) or Tank (Fire-Immolation-Staff). I need to know what role is in short supply. Also, I love the staff but it’s too slow for Heal role. 🙁 Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

  20. killingpkers says:

    ok i’m new at DCUO! I;m not sure what i’m doing but i’m lvl 21 sorcery flight bow i use my powers alot because that most of my damage….. stats are Hp 1373
    power 1137 def 737 might 747 resto 545 not sure of equip tiers does it go by color?
    any tips?

  21. Sheldon says:

    Jake Powers shut the hell up! your a weak little troll who has nothing better to do than blast someone your a “worthless scumbag” and the reason why your like this is …

    A. You have a very tiny penis
    B. No one said the loved you growing up
    C. Your a 40 yo virgin
    D. All of the Above ( that would be my guess )

  22. g dep says:

    hopefully this is an old thread cause my mental is at 1520 might and 300 p sunstone gear makes big diff. since most of the ones mentioned above have been nerfed badly

  23. Scorpion Ice says:

    I follow this guide and I balance ice dps whits 2790 life 2000 defense 1850 might and 250 precision and 50 cr and whats its funny its im pretty good whits a good healer on my team but im being call moron for using pvp gear I had to send people here all the time seriusly people pvp gear give u toughnes not defense learn more this its a great guide thanks a lot

  24. Gretyn says:

    I have never read one of the forums until today. I think I will have to pay more attention to them. Thanks for the information.

  25. Church Mouse says:

    Good guide, too bad there are so many tools out there…

  26. lazyWalrus says:

    This is the dumbest guide and super old u cant even use pvp gear in pvp anymore and besides even if u did want to u are a moron toughness is only good against people players not npc if ur any dps besides hl celestial then u go straight might and if ur hl or celestial u can mix or go precisely since u use power combos

  27. dfresh says:

    Wow my precision is at 700 right now and im only tier 3 not even cr70 yet

  28. Isaacfreecass says:

    This was way more entertaining than helpful lol

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