DCUO Free to Play Gameplan and FAQ

Sony Online Entertainment announced yesterday a new free-to-play business model for DC Universe Online. This model will start in October with three new access levels to the game: Free, Premium and Legendary.


DCUO New Gameplan – Three Ways to Play


Monthly Game Pass
Spend $5 or more
Play for Free
Access the game,
plus DLC Expansion Packs.
Maximum game features unlocked!
Access the game and
earn bonus features.
Access the game
for free!
Game UpdatesFreeFreeFree
DLC Expansion PacksFree access *Purchase OptionalPurchase Optional
Character Slots16
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Inventory Slots63
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Auction Slots20
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Bank Slots48
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
TradingItems and cashItems onlyNone
In-game CurrencyUnlimited2000 Max1500 Max
ChatUnlimitedProximity (voice) chat, 6 text chat messages per 30 seconds6 text chat messages per 30 seconds
Send MailText, items and cashText and itemsText only
Vault TicketsOne free ticket per dayOne free ticket every 3 daysOne free ticket per week
Players LeaguesCan form or joinCan joinCan join


Free to play FAQ

  1. What does Free to Play mean and why are you moving to this model?

    Free to Play means anyone can enjoy the exciting world of DC Universe Online at no cost. Alternatively, you can purchase the items or features you want, or even get premium access to game content by purchasing a subscription. It’s up to you and how you want to play the game. There is no software purchase or subscription fee required for basic game content and features.

    Using this model, players will have the option to customize their game experience by purchasing services, items and more that best fit their style of play. When added to an already robust world, you will be able to play the game in different ways.

  2. What is the Free Access Level and how much does it cost?

    With the Free Access level you can enjoy all of the level 1 – 30 missions, Alerts, Duos, Arenas, and the Batcave and Fortress of Solitude Raids. There are limitations in terms of character slots, inventory, and other features. Be sure to see the complete access comparison matrix for full details. Best of all, this access level is completely free, just download the software and play. There will be three access levels offered in DCUO: Legendary, Premium, and Free.

  3. What is the Premium Access Level and how much does it cost?

    Premium Access is the next level up from Free Access. It contains everything from the Free Access level plus more slots, capabilities, and options. Be sure to see the complete access comparison matrix for full details. To achieve this access level you only need to spend 500 Station Cash on the PC or U.S. $5.00 (or the foreign equivalent) on the PS3 Marketplace. Best of all, Premium Access does not expire.

  4. What is the Legendary Game Access Level and how much does it cost?

    The Legendary Level is the “I want it all” way to play. It includes 16 character slots, a greatly expanded inventory (an even more inventory slots are available for purchase), free access to all current and future DLC Packs, and much more. This level of access gives you the most features and options, including unlimited cash balances. We have many game pass plans available to Legendary players so be sure to check the in-game Marketplace, PlayStation®3 Store or dcuniverseonline.com to choose the one best for you.

  5. Can I use SOE Station Cash to purchase my Legendary Access?

    Yes, you can. Legendary level access will be available for purchase for PC players in game with SOE Station Cash.

  6. As a current subscriber what does going to the Free-to-Play model mean for me?

    As a current subscriber of DC Universe Online, you will automatically convert to our Legendary Access plan with all its benefits and privileges as long as your subscription remains active. For you, the change to Free-to-Play opens up additional benefits including increased numbers of inventory and character slots, priority access to servers and the inclusion of all DLC Packs in your access level at no additional charge!

  7. I’m a former subscriber but want to try the game again. What features will be available to me?

    Anyone who has subscribed to DC Universe Online before the free-to-play transition will be converted to a Premium account at no cost. This provides you additional benefits you would not receive with a Free Access account such as access to the Broker, greater inventory space, and much more!

  8. I’m a Lifetime Subscriber. Will I need to purchase anything additional?

    No. As a Lifetime Subscriber you will be kept at Legendary Access status for the life of your account.

  9. Are you still adding free content to the game for everyone?

    During the transition to free-to-play, we will continue to add brand new game play missions/zones that everyone can enjoy, including two more Fortress of Solitude raids! Players can also expect continued enhancements to existing content and mechanics.

  10. What happens to my characters if I change from Legendary to Premium?

    If you have more than six characters you will need to deactivate enough characters to get down to the six character limit. Those characters can be reactivated later by purchasing additional character slots or by upgrading to Legendary Access again. If you have more than 42 inventory items and/or more than 24 bank items you will also need to either purchase additional inventory and/or bank slots or choose which items within those limits you want to carry over to your Premium Access account. Items that are not carried over cannot be recovered later. Finally, any cash you have in excess of the Premium Access limit will be transferred to escrow (see Question 12).

  11. What happens if I play with players that are of different Access Levels? Does it affect my personal gameplay experience?

    In most cases, you can still play with anyone you choose anywhere in the game. Generally, your access level will not affect your ability to join with others on missions, raids and alerts. However, a player who does not have access to a particular DLC Pack will not be able to join other players in those zones.

  12. Why is my cash being limited if I’m Premium Access?

    While we do offer a higher cash limit at the Premium Access level, there are still restrictions compared to the Legendary level. Rest assured that the money you earn in excess of the Premium Access in-game currency limit will be kept in escrow for you and you can always buy a Cash Boost from the Marketplace to access your escrow cash for big purchases. Or, you can upgrade to Legendary Access to eliminate the inconvenience of in-game currency limits.

  13. Why are Broker slots being limited?

    Selling items in the Broker interface is a Legendary and Premium Access service. You can upgrade to Premium Access to get five auction slots and the ability to buy even more slots, or upgrade to Legendary Access to get unlimited slots to sell your items.

  14. What kind of restrictions will be placed on Leagues for Free Access?

    The Free and Premium Access levels allow you to become a member of a guild. Only Legendary Access players can actually form guilds.

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6 Responses to DCUO Free to Play Gameplan and FAQ

  1. Daisuke Uchiha says:

    i don’t care as long as there’s new content and it keeps being awesome…this is the best game i have ever played and i hope legendary is worth it…also a new level cap would be nice…nothing big…35 or 40…50 would be amazing-sauce…

  2. Phantom says:

    @ Daisuke Uchiha if you really want to progress for your character. It’s skill points. The level cap is really nothing.

  3. Snowgoons says:

    I kind of like this a lot, everything cept the money cap.

    I feel people will be forced to sell stuff cheaper or buyers will be forced to pay real money on the marketplace to buy actual stuff they want. I suppose you could just wait until you have enough to buy everything or almost everything you want at once.

    Cheaper way I suppose well have to see how much this cash boost cost. I am not gonna pay like the same price as something cool for my character just to have a few extra thousand bucks.

    I suppose you could upgrade to Legendary for a month get all your gear etc. Shrug it’s not as bad as other free to play models.

    I am actually impressed to see a company put actual thought into the F2P model. Instead of just letting everyone who has extra real life money = gods. This is more toned down, sounds like you will be able to buy powers and such right off the marketplace as you decide. As long as those powers don’t overshadow everything it should be ok and it’s more affordable for people to buy the content they actually want.

    Say you weren’t interested in Green Lantern at all, to be forced to pay 15 a month like we do now and that update falling within the “why we pay 15 a month” category. Kind of sucks. However with F2P model, some might buy Green Lantern, some might buy the next powers instead. Awesome all around.

    Let’s face it SOE, the game was expensive…and it was hurting the playerbase. I know a lot of friends that would play on PS3 with me, but to drop money on the game, then money on monthly fee, then money on in-game items, then money on in-game expansions (I know you guys got out of that and gave fight for the light free, but still), then money on in-game pvp characters. It was too much.

    I am guessing as a result of this change you are going to see a flood of new and old players again, more tight knit leagues since not everyone will be Legendary status seems like everyone will band together with the best of the best (not just best but nice/helpful etc people leading their leagues as a Legendary player)

    Seems rather awesome, similar to guild wars free to play gameplan. That obviously worked as guild wars 2 is right around the corner 😀

    I personally am not a rich guy, but I am single and have no children to feed. I spent $10 on the marketplace already. Definitely don’t mind this F2P method as long as they don’t do anything ridiculous like offer a 4th mode of travel, teleportation and you can just do whatever cheesefest lol.

    This equals money back in my pocket and for that I thank you SOE.

  4. Miguel Johan says:

    Thanx SOE for addressing issues and making the game free . Would love to see in the marketplace ways to buy all marks ( Triumph , Distinction , Kryptonian ). Maybe ways to buy skill points ….rare items , weapons , gear , the list could go on . All in all , good looking on the game and keep it rolling .

  5. ArkhamEng says:

    I triying to play some duos escenarios, but i got a message seing, the DLC is Missing, i have a free access suscription what can i do for play this escenarios and earn somo distinction marks??
    thanks a lot

  6. Agney says:

    Hey guys . Someone help me . When I go to see the membership status it says and I quote ”
    DC Universe Online Unlimited Play ” . What does that mean . And it also says “DC Universe Online Account: INACTIVE ”
    What do these things mean please help me someone .

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