DCUO Guide: How to get Lantern colors on your character

Here’s a little visual guide on how to use the “official ingame NPC” Lantern colors for the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps on your own character! The ingame DLC light powerset archetypes don’t have the same colors the NPCs do, unfortunately, so I figured I’d do this little guide for those who are having problems getting the colors right in relation to the NPC “official” colors. Other Lantern Corps colors will be added as they get included in the game. For those who have the “Cosmic” DLC skin, color slider info to get the correct “Lantern glow” for that skin is also included.


Green Lantern Corps


GLC GreenGLC BlackGLC GlowGLC Result


Sinestro Corps


SC YellowSC BlackSC GlowSC Result


Sinestro Corps (an alternative black setting for the Sinestro Corps, a few NPCs use it, it’s also closer to Arkillo’s “black”)


SC YellowSC Black2SC GlowSC Result2


Red Lantern Corps


RLC RedRLC BlackRLC GlowRLC Result


We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Kathiel for making this guide. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it.


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24 Responses to DCUO Guide: How to get Lantern colors on your character

  1. Kathiel says:

    Oh, cool, thanks for linking to the guide!
    Glad people are enjoying it. 😀

  2. Mr Marvel says:

    How can you get it to glow over your costume?

  3. Holly Harper says:

    Yeah, uh…I don’t see anything that makes a glow. Is this something they took out?

  4. DCUO Owns WoW says:

    Use the makeup tab, and then load through a door or something, worked for me glowing brightly green ^^

  5. CandleJack says:

    If possible would someone count how many clicks from the left or right whichever side is closer for the Green & Yellow color options.

  6. Twisted Renegad says:

    I still can’t get mine to glow no matter what. Chagning makeup and having the glow skin doesnt make him glow outside his clothes 🙁

  7. GREENFIRE12 says:

    well im not sure how to get the glow or the emblem what i no is that if u go to the vault u get a swet-shirt or if u go to planet OA u can get the emblem witch i saw it happen on a cheat script oh well dont no if it will help u if it does add me on DC Universe im GREENFIRE12 good luck

  8. GREENFIRE12 says:

    NVM it doesnt work >.> but u can get the glow by going on make up and tweeking i did it im glowing red fer some reason oh well u no how i am im GREENFIRE12

  9. Torin says:

    By Cosmic DLC skin, do you mean the Vanguard of the Heavens skin? I only see three DLC skins – Vanguard of the Heavens, Fractal, and Plaid.

  10. protius says:

    i cant get the glow to show up.

  11. Damon S says:

    Awesome guide, I bought the Vanguard skin but i am still not seeing the glow section of the color modifications screen. Is there something I am missing.

  12. Sila Vule says:

    the “glow” only applies to the Vanguard skin. The glow does not show over the costume, only where the skin is showing. The ones with the full glow in the pics are npc’s

  13. JeltarPS3Server says:

    get the glow from the prom lock boxes. new info, I know. But hasn’t been posted here yet.

  14. Can you please make a Guide of how to look like a Sinestro Lantern, I’ve been trying to figure out what belt to use for my Sinestro Corps Lantern look…?

  15. George says:

    I play dcuo in PC, i searched in ACE Chemicals seller and “Vanguard skin” isnt there.. i want to know what types of skins can work with this guide too cos i saw here the “glowing quintessence” but it costs 1850$ and im not a premium user so i cant buy thins that are higher than 1500$ 🙁 Help me please :]

  16. Ez lantern says:

    It’s very misleading to have a picture of a green lantern thats a thats created as just a part of a mission, the ones the developers made for the game all have that green glow to them, but you didnt tell us that the glow wont shine thru our clothes…also nice job trying to hide the GL symbol on the “results” pic, and using a GL thats unique, so it really looks like its a character a player created…not sure why you are trying to trick us players, but thats for helpin me waste 3.99 on the cosmic skin..

  17. Gear says:

    Here are the hexidecimal codes for the red lanterns

    Base: 600001
    Trim: 12203B
    Glow: 520100

  18. Ultimate Moon Knight says:

    How do u get the ” yellow axe of qward” ?

  19. Filip says:

    Would someone be so kind and write the hex code for the green and yellow lantern colors pls. I’m having some problem with them.

  20. Zamfirache says:

    And which is exactly the color id? For sinestro Corps amd Green Lantern Corps . Plss tell me 😀

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