DCUO Update 5 on PC Test Server

DCUO team posted great news for all heroes and villains – Game Update 5 is available for testing on the PC test servers with a new Fortress 2 Raid, updated dueling system and much more.

We are very excited to bring Game Update 5 to you on PC Test. This update is chock full of new things to do.

We have Fortress 2, the 2nd installment of our Fortress of Solitude Raid series. In this Raid, you actually storm the interior of the Fortress itself. Along the way you pick up some strange companions from another planet cough-Krypton… Help Superman, Lex Luthor, and your new *friend* defeat Brainiac’s newest avatar, the Avatar of Meta! There are some issues we are still resolving but wanted to get it out for further testing.

For all you PvPers out there, we have updated our dueling system, and it is ready to be hammered on by everyone we can get on it. This will allow you to challenge other players and see who really is the toughest in the land. Challenge you friends, challenge your rivals, or just leave yourself open to anyone willing to take you on.

We ALSO have a new PvP map available. We have converted the 2 vs 2 Legends Batcave map into a 2 vs 2 map you play with your own characters. So log in and show us who is king of the hill…er Batcave.

We also have a new Tier 2 alert, it’s a beefed up version of the HIVE alert we all played while leveling our characters up. The boss fights have been updated, and are more difficult, and there is as new phat lewt to be had. As part of this Hardmode we decided the Alert as a whole can be a little too long, so we also made some tweaks that will shorten your time there. These will translate into the leveling Alert as well.

We also have a ton of fixes coming out with this update, please look at the patch notes to see all them.


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