DCUO Community Event – 22nd October 2011

dcuo halloween event

Time: 7PM EST
Date: Saturday 22nd October 2011
Location: Robinson Park

DCUO community organizes new players event – Nightmare at Robinson Park! Frightfest! This event consists of four small events:

  • PVP Event: Battle of the Haunted Bridge.
  • Tricks or Treats from your CEC Council members, Tommy Knock them to find out which.
  • Dance party in the graveyard.
  • Enjoy a Costume parade around the park, then afterwards we will be hosting a costume contest.

We believe this is going to be the biggest Halloween event so come out and show us your best Halloween costume!

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6 Responses to DCUO Community Event – 22nd October 2011

  1. RCMPenguin says:

    What on Earth does “Tommy Knock” mean?

  2. Bill says:

    will this be for people with PS3 or PC?

  3. lightstreak says:

    is it US or EU servers

  4. Furdinand says:

    This looks like it was put together better than the official Halloween content.

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