DCUO Guides: DPS for Dummies

I am not sure why I am making this guide because DPS or the damager role is the easiest role in the game. All characters in DCUO are capable of the damager role. Seeing as everyone can play this role everyone will play it differently. The following is what works for me. So do get mad at someone that is playing differently then you.
The damage has only one responsibility in the group, and that is to kill everything. And to kill them as quickly efficiently and as brutally as superhumanly possible. When in boss fight where the boss calls in adds you will need to split you fire between the boss and his ads.


All power types have a DPS Aspect or load out. I like to have lots of AoE attacks and one or two single hit powers. When using their power Damagers need to be careful not to pull agro off the tank. You are looking for any power that does damage over time or that adds to your DPS stat. They also need some good power management skills you might remember this from the controller 101 guide a while back.
Well now I’m going to go in to more detail about power management.
Those with Bad Power Management then to fall in to one of two categories.
1st the hoarders. These players for some reason seem to refuse to use their power at all. This is Bad because your over all Damage per second is greatly reduced.
2nd the power hungry or those that use power as fast as or faster than the control can give it. Yes your damage per second is really high but so is your aggro, and the group control as to work extra hard to keep not only your power bar but the rest of the groups power bar full.
Good power management is somewhere between these two extremes or using your power and your weapons in somewhat equal measure.
Sorcery, Nature, and Electricity users it’s a good Idea to have an emergency heal power in your DPS load out. This is not to take the place of the group healer just to help lighten the load on the healer. I recommend sorcery users use rejuvenate, nature use blossom, and electricity use Bio-Capacitor.
Basically a quick heal to keep you and another team mate alive when the healer is preoccupied or out of range.
Gadget, Mental, Light user the same goes for you I highly recommend defibrillator for gadgets, mental users should go with psychic empowerment, and lastly recharge for the lanterns out there.
I don’t know of any emergency tank power but I sure they are out there.

Stats you will need

Might and Precision and lots of both
Might ups the damage done by your powers and Precision adds to you weapon’s DPS score. When looking at mods make sure to keep power and vitalization in mind, because let’s face it the more power you have and the faster you power bar fills itself the more often you can use all those wonderful powers to really crank out the damage.


Well as far as weapons go everything goes. Pick a weapon that works for you and how you play. Just look at the skill bonus they give you and any time you can add to Critical attack damage or Critical attack chance take it. And string combos together to keep your hit counter and DPS climbing. I recommend you keep two weapons in your inventory one with lots of long range combos and one with lots of short range combos. So you can switch out as needed, because let’s face it there are some bosses you don’t want to get too close to.


We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Iceman2537 and his friends over at The Society “USPC server league” for making this guide. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it.


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  1. Kane says:

    Never hurt to have an ‘OH SHIT!’ skill.

    Besides, every guide made is a matter of personal opinion.

    As a DPS, the job is to DPS. But as mentioned before, a dead DPS is no DPS. If you die, its your own fault you didn’t bother to equip and use self-heals. That’s what they’re there for after all.

  2. Keith R. Starkey says:

    Hey, thanks a lot. Just got the game, so I appreciate your guide.

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