DCUO maintenance on April 23, 2012

All DCUO servers (PC and PS3) and forums will be brought down for maintenance on April 23, 2012. The maintenance will begin at 12:01 AM Pacific and may last 24 hours.

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  1. MsCyberKatz says:

    well i pay for the service, they have to give me credit for this down time.

    • ASPEC says:

      no they dont have to credit you for this down time… the agreement you accepted when you downloaded the game included but was not limited to downtime being stated, which includes crashes, matinance, randome outages etc…
      Pleaes read things before you agree to them.

      • shtyx says:

        downtime for maint. excessive dt for crashes is not in the user agreement. If the freezes continue we are entitled to a partial refund. To say we’re not is to say no one should expect a product to work….and no one says that.

  2. Kyle Beckedorf says:

    Get real, I’D prefer that they maintain the game that I pay for, instead of paying for a buggy freezing laggy piece of Shit game. Hopefully there’s some improvements. People that want a refund are MMO noobs, obviously maintenance is unavoidable and important. You’re asking for a 50cent refund BTW, check your couch if you’re that broke.

    • snake says:

      well, its SOE maintenance and not DCUO, so it wont affect the game, like fixing things…but it may be a upgrade in the servers to all their games…or hopefully…but i wont expect anything…

  3. hahauwantsomethingfree says:

    get over your self if u dont like it go play another gamr scrub

  4. ROCKER says:

    Think about all the daily marks of triumph and marks of distinction hard working games missed out on that we can get only per day we missed a whole day that means about 30 mots and 30 mods im gonna KILL SOMEONE!!!!!

  5. hahauwantsomethingfree says:

    first off its psn doing the update tard

  6. hahauwantsomethingfree says:

    i have about 300 each u want some good to hear people still getting mots mods though

  7. hahauwantsomethingfree says:


    omg you people are stupid 1st its a PSN UPDATE not DCUO UPDATE quit your crying and just wait it be up @ 10pm est 7pm pst go outside get a life its a game that is FREE if u dont want to pay you DONT HAVE TOO. to bad so sad but they will give u nothing they dont owe u anything yes it has bugs yes it freezes yes it glithches but i still play and dont complain why its also FREE TO PLAY btw i pay too play so

    • snake says:

      its not PSN….its SOE update…some people should search things before post…and the others should stop crying all the time…if u dont want sub, so be it…no one is forcing you…and most people dont even care…so stop post about it keep to yourselves

  8. sd says:

    you think toomoro 4.25.2012 ise have open the game in pc?????????

  9. billy the kid says:

    Stop all the crying

  10. I'lldoit says:

    It’s not a fucking PSN network, you can’t connect on PC either asshole. I’ll fucking stab you!

    • Thoraxe24 says:

      Hey moron its called Sony PSN. Not to mention its called Sony DCUO!! UHHHH i think Sony means Sony dont you think!!

  11. Cmon, girls. Dont ever forget that is a game, and that is supposed to be fun. In order to have some fun, maintenance and updating is required or I for sure would be bored after one year of doing always the same stuff. In the other hand, each maintenance brings something fixed, which is good for us all, and finally if u miss ur superheroes, grab a comic book and use time constructively.

  12. and girls, it is a server maintenance, of all servers.

  13. sd says:

    way ay not conect men??????

  14. T-Boy says:

    Just chill until the game is back up……. Like C’mon you cant miss day of gaming to actually do something.

  15. sd says:

    is close for ever in pc?

  16. nerds says:

    It is all required maintenance, but FIX THE FUCKING ISSUES THAN!!! The game has been out for over a year and people are still freezing and glitching and having to restart their systems? Unacceptable..and the reason they don’t fix it is cause you always get these fucking nerds that say”if you don’t like it don’t play” HEY TOOL DO YOU LIKE FREEZING AND GLITCHING CONSTANTLY???? if you do than your a dumbs and have no business responding to people with truthful statements. Im with the other guy, id love to stab you asshole…lol bunch tools in this game

    • snake says:

      someppl post things without knowing a thing…glitches they may be able to fix someday…

      but freezing wont be fixed cause its a hardware limitation of the ps3….maybe when ps4 come out and if the DCUO can be played there…then MAYBE the freezing ll be solved…but not in the ps3 (and i doubt it freeze in the PC)

      • shtyx says:

        Not all games freeze on ps3, which is why they decided to release. They tested the market and theory of mmos on ps3, because they thought it could work. I believe it can as it does on plenty of other online games. If DCUO is too much to handle, which I don’t believe, then give us the partial refund we deserve. To say it’s the consumers fault is sooooooooooooo much bs.

  17. hollow grim says:


  18. sd says:

    the game ise over for ever yes?

  19. sd says:

    dc universe online is closed for ever in pc?

  20. Nycjaekp says:

    Ok…ok all. 1st off… There are other things to do and other games to play. 2. Don’t be so butthurt over a game. 3. To the programmers: fix initial issues before being out new DLC’s/mods/patches/etc. Make the game playable for all psn players. Man it up programmers. A game that consistantly gives data corrupt is horrible. Again, fix the initial major issues at hand before modifying the game. 4. To programmers again, beta test your patches and DLC’S before sharing it to the public.

    We are in the 21st century where technology is evermore advancing and you can’t fix the initial issues? Fire those programmers and hire me and man it up Pimps!

    • snake says:

      if they hire u probably it ll got worse…so bad idea…as for test the releases before i m all for it…

      but if u talk about the freezing it wont be solved anytime sooner…maybe when ps4 comes out…then it stop (to ps4 players)…but ps3 ll be a issue forever i think…

  21. shtyx says:

    The freezes and hacks need fixed once and for all. The hackers are not completely gone from arenas and the freezes???….-_-…they owe me a partial refund. Besides that, the game is advertised to be free of glitches, hacks, etc, etc. I would gladly put up with downtime so they could fix the obvious problems this game has. SOE made a statement last month about the hackers, said they were doing something, aaaaand I’ve noticed a difference. If Sony needs to shut down to fix problems, I say thanks for doing something about it. BUT, if I’m still freezin like a bytch in the watchtower and diamond heist, and the hackers come back in full force….I’m getting my money back. It ain’t about the couple hundred bucks I’ve spent on this game, it’s the principle. I will take em to small claims for the sake of consumer advocacy…but I don’t think it’ll be necessary……I hope. I just wanna be a superhero man!

    • Nycjaekp says:

      WORD PIMP!

    • snake says:

      freezes ll continue, dont get u hopes high about it…its a ps3 limitation…there nothing they can do to fix it once and for all…but u can try to avoid things like stay in WT and HoD for long times…dont expect they do something about fixes in this maintenance as its SOE server maintenace and not DCUO….i guess the DCUO team dont have acess to the servers too…so they cant do anything like fixes…

      • shtyx says:

        Not true. P2P is completely capable of co-op play without freezes. I’m not sure about the pvp phase ring wars, but freezing while loading a raid is unacceptable AND fixable. Quit defending laziness.

  22. sd says:

    hameni years bi weyt to open agien in pc?

  23. xD says:

    The problem is that they never say it before the beginning of maintenance …
    When you go on official website, all servers seem to be open.
    It’s always the same !!! Unbelieveble …
    We are just alowed to pay but not to cry … thx sony, i go now back to blizzard which seems to understand a little more their customers !!!

    • snake says:


      btw…they said last week that would be this maintenance…so your point is invalid..about the servers..

  24. SWG says:

    Takes me back to the days of SWG…

    little warning, no bug fixes, unwanted changes no wonder they switched to free lol

    am I butthurt? nope

    Sony offline entertainment ftw

  25. shtyx says:

    wow had plenty of problems first couple years…….then they did the same thing Sony is doing…they fixed it.
    People should keep in mind that this is the most expensive mmo in history from a consumer standpoint. Ya its free to play, PLAY being the opperative word. I couldn’t play with a 2500 money cap, and a lot of other people can’t either.
    As far as memberships….I don’t pay for a 6 month membership for 24 hour access. I pay for 2 or 3 hours access a night. That means if i spend an hour a night dealing with freezes, thats 30% of my membership fees going down the toilet.
    I believe Sony will do whatever is necessary to avoid refunding 30% of their membership fees. The extra stuff, skins, bots, respecing, etc, etc is all me though.
    Sony bought the rights to use DC as it’s storyline because the heroes and villains in DC have more marketing appeal. They don’t want to be the ones with the greatest mmo idea ever, and miss the game winning shot.
    The gaming communtiy is just looking for a reason to lynch the publishers, if sony drops the ball on this….the floodgates will open. There is no reason for this game to have this many problems at this stage and they know it. If these problems are not fixed, I look for DC publishing to pull their rights from Sony and cause that to be the reason the PS4 will fail miserably in comparison to the xbox1080, or whatever.
    But I also believe Sony knows this, and will fix DCUO over the next couple months casuing it to be the greatest mmo in history destroying WoW and The Old Republic in the process.
    I think I’ll be playing DCUO well into 2015.

  26. Phannom says:

    First of all, I can understand the frustration with the server being down, but it is a little ridiculous to express your frustrations about it when there is nothing you can do. For they ppl who have payed monthly fees…… it is not outrageous for them to ask for compensation when the devs shut the server down. If you are paying for cable in you own house then you will understand that when your cable goes out (that you pay for monthly), as “Good Customer Service” it is only fair to reimburse for the time lost. We provide a living for these devs by paying for the games they make. If we only played F2P, there would be no updates or fixes and with that the game will die. So appreciate the people who are the consumers and the suppliers.

  27. videogame detester!!!! says:


  28. Michael says:

    For all you people who cry about the game having issues there is somethings you should consider. A ps3 is not a computer so updates and game fixes are more difficult how many MMO exist on a ps3 I dont have an exact figure but you have more fingers then there are games. So if you issues are ps3 related wait for the new Playstation and maybe they would have put more compatibly for such games. Ps3 owners are are still in the very first steps of MMO gaming. If your playing on your computer then maybe its time for an upgrade. I have a i5 2550k with a gtx 560 ti and I have almost no issues. The only thing that happens is every once in a while I lag a bit but I am play on max settings too.

  29. shtyx says:

    ^^^^^^^the people NOT making a difference, living on mommy and daddy’s wallet, and trolling over shout….and getting creamed in raids and pvp.

  30. Gloria says:

    I love playing DCUO but like others I’m dissipointed in the designers because they don’t fix THE bugs or any other problem in THE game! So many updates and so many bugs more. I want à update but one who kilo’s all THE bugs! SHOUT: Tank Here need troller, Dps, healer for KILL THE BUGS location DC BUGLAND

    • shtyx says:

      lol, so true.

    • snake says:

      not true…they do fix things…like they fixed Gates glitch, and if i m not mistake they fixed the pvp glitch where most players are abusing before…but players always find other glicthes…

      and another thing…they do fix things…but usually are not things the individuals want to see fixed…theres always ppl to complain but truth is…DCUO team like to fed the complainers…like…WHY PUT MUSIC IN SOME LOW LEVEL BOUNTIES?…so pointless and i guess no one wanted it or talked about it before…most would said no if asked if they want it…

      • shtyx says:

        damn, why do people defend sony saying they’ve fixed this or that? I’m not saying they haven’t fixed anything, but they haven’t fixed enough we all know it. Where do these people come from?

  31. irdabunk says:

    i dont understand why any of you are bitching. who gives a shit if its down big fucking deal. its a day. who gives a shit if it was a week. there doing what they have to do to make the game worth playing. “no, im paying for this game so it shouldn’t be down or at least i should get credited” no you fucking shouldn’t. when you decide you want to ptp a game its only common sense that there is going to be down times. if you didn’t, then you shouldn’t have decided to hit the confirm purchase button you fucking crying babies. stop bitching and go dust off an old game or better yet go the fuck outside and get some fresh air you trolls. as for everyone else who realizes this. have a GREAT day 😉

    • shtyx says:

      wat a tool

      • irdabunk says:

        im a tool? lol read your posts bud. i think someones taking this mmorpg shit a liiiiiil 2 seriously. when was the last time you went outside and did something useful other than talkin bout creaming people in raids and pvps. you tell your buddies that your a grade A raider? does that make you the coolest kid in school? fuckin nerd. get a life.

        • shtyx says:

          I’m married, which means i get laid, 2 kids, a career, i own my home spend money on funtime and state facts. Last time i was outside??? I mowed the lawn today.
          Maybe you should go mow before your dad tells you too, he’d appreciate that I’m sure.

          • irdabunk says:

            and uhh btw. when you said im married meaning i get laid. soooo that means you werent getting laid before you got married? lol. maybe nxt time you keep that useless info to urself. i really dont think anyone cares to hear about your once a month pitty fuck.

    • Phannom says:

      You obviously have no idea what “Customer Service” is. If the server was down for 4-10 hrs….. I would say thats a resonable amount of time for server updates, therefore a compensation would not be appropriate, but for 24 hrs or more is not unreasonable for people to ask for an extra day on their account for the time they missed that day. It happens all the time….. if you pay bills? When my phone stopped working for 3 days my service provider could not find the issue. From the time I gave them my phone to the time I received a new one, I was compensated for that amount of time. We provide them with service by being the consumer, they provide us with service by keeping their stuff functioning properly. I get sick of ppl saying they owe us nothing……. REALLY? They owe us everything because without the consumer they would not have a business, but that does not mean we get everything our way. My point is that it would not hurt for ppl to ask for the extra day that they missed out on. Is it really that big of a deal? If you like throwing your money away then go right ahead, but for those of us who do not, simply asking for compensation for a 24hr or more period is not out of the question.

  32. Hopper says:


  33. General Loathe says:

    I’m confused, it is the 23rd and its saying these posts are happening at 9pm spool wtf. . My thought on the updating and glitches is this. Dcuo sony and everyone involved needs to take a few days to shut down and solve problems instead of the speratic updates that doesn’t give them enough time to accurately repair and revolt. If they took the few days they could go over their work and programming to make sure everything serious like freezing glitching etc was fixed without causing other problems. With this done they would have time to work on future updates items whatever without worrying about the current problems…… assuming they care at all and are putting any effort into making the game enjoyable at all.

  34. General Loathe says:

    To add to this I believe the broker system should be changed so.that everyone has a reason to use it and it becomes more of a usefull concept

  35. irdabunk says:

    shtyx says:
    April 23, 2012 at 9:38 pm
    said the guy who can’t make it to level 30 or win any Legend matches.

    oh my gut. your married? woooww then that makes it all better.

    just because your “married” and have kids doesnt mean your not an immature fucking moron, all it means is that you found a chick who was desperate enough to spend the rest of her soon to be miserable life with a fucking moron who talks shit about how good he is and tries to diss people over a video game.
    if anything you should be embarrassed that your most likely 30 something talking down to people about video games. rofl. i hope for your sake the wifey is doing the brunt end of the training of your kids.

    and as for me, i too own my own home and a nice one at that. and i too spend money on funtime ie going out not sitting around talking dumb talk.

    • shtyx says:

      You should read. I know its hard, but do it anyway. Said I was coolest kid in school.
      As for everything else………said the troll that cant handle getting trolled. You should tell your parents to do a better job with you. They’ll listen I’m sure.
      I swear man, some people can dish it out, but can’t take it for shit. And I doubt you’re old enough to own a home, I call bs.

      • shtyx says:

        the brunt end of the training of my kids, what does that even mean??? You mean child rearing??? Some kids should not be online.

      • irdabunk says:

        lol really? so your one of those cyber magicians who can tell how old people are and says who can and cant own a home? lol guy im 26 and i yes i do own my own home. OWN = paid. just sit there for a second and think about it. having a mortgage with your wife doesn’t count as owned. lol im not the 30 something trolling on people over how they suck at pvp/raids. lol im donedies.

  36. General Loathe says:

    You two please shut up, the fact your arguing here tells people your both most likely lying and losers

  37. BetterthanU says:

    People who whine about bugs and hackers just suck. Learn to play and bitch when you actually understand the game. Stop pretending that farming t4 makes you good.
    Your game freezes because you play it on a shitty ass ps3, consoles suck, this is the way gaming has always been.

    • shtyx says:

      said the villain hacker that can’t win honestly

      • BetterthanU says:

        Most villains don’t hack. You just don’t understand interrupts etc. One maybe two pvp matches a day I play a villain team that I think something might be weird, but it’s a close loss anyway so it’s hard to tell. Honestly most people are just fucking bad.

        • shtyx says:

          I’ll agree most don’t. And your right about interrupts. BUT, it takes so long to get into an arena, I don’t have all day to play so when 1 of my 4 matches that night are ruined by a hack league, I feel cheated. Everyone should. Besides anyone who says hacking isn’t a big deal kind of doesn’t understand the principle of it. I’m not saying I’m high and mighty, I’m saying calling people crybabies for being upset with it is a huge problem that will filter down into all entertainment products eventually.

  38. General Loathe says:

    Better the game freezes regiaedless of your console or Internet so that was just ignorant

  39. General Loathe says:

    Reguardless *

  40. shtyx says:

    I speak truth. I don’t want to live in a police state where all sales are final. If a product doesn’t function as advertised, you should get a refund. None of my statements I made about partial refunds or the like were directed at shutdowns for maint. I also said scapegoating a company for shutting down to fix glitches is giving them underserved critisism they don’t deserve. I expect them to fix bugs…it’s a part of my membership fee if you ask me.
    And as for the toolbagger…i troll trolls, it’s what I do, they deserve it.

  41. General Loathe says:

    That just makes you a hypocrite. But anyway the game isn’t having huge problems I just believe it could be felt with better. It feels like the typical case where the company is in for the money and out to do little work as possible

    • BetterthanU says:

      How? Mass bans are put out for hackers. There’s a huge pool of content now. Very few bugs, i almost never run into any. This is the beginning of next gen mmos.

      • General Loathe says:

        I’m not talking about the whole game in general I’m talking about the department in charge of fixing bugs. The important people creating the game do not have time to keep their feet up the assessed of the lower paid lackies that do as little as possible. I bet the people in that department are those types of.people that did just little enough to get to were they are and now that their in the job field they cant even understand the programming of the game that the hard workers created lil they probably keep making excuses to why they haven’t fixed it when in reality they are confused lil that would make more sense

        • BetterthanU says:

          Name some bugs.

          • General Loathe says:

            Freezing falling out of maps screen alighmment legends arenas duos alerted ready button teleporting out of the map timperary npc invincibility npc spawning event reactions should I go on?

  42. General Loathe says:

    Delt *

  43. BetterthanU says:

    Yes you should. Freezing/falling through the world isn’t the game. It’s your computer or ps3 not able to handle the game. I’m not sure what “screen alighmment legends arenas duos alerted ready button teleporting out of the map timperary ” means. My screen is aligned perfectly. I have no trouble entering any instances. I’ve never teleported out of any map. I’ve never seen an invincible enemy. I’ve never had any trouble with any npc spawning events.
    Either all of these are exclusive to bad computers/ps3 or I’ve just been incredibly lucky I guess.

    • shtyx says:

      lucky, no guessing.

      • BetterthanU says:

        I play almost every night. I’m more inclined to believe that if you upgraded your machine the game would work better for you.

        • shtyx says:

          Well I guess the well ventilated area, abundance of hard space, a ps3 that’s 8 months old, the other online games i’ve played with no freezes, and the thousands of people complaining about this (outside of yourself of course) just isn’t enough to raise suspicion…….ooooooooor is it??? Yes, it is. You almost had me. I thought it was my fault! lol.

          • BetterthanU says:

            Consoles are much weaker then PC’s. I don’t understand why you seem to think free harddrive space will make a ps3 equivalent to a pc. It is your fault. I only play on ps3 to lulz at how bad the playerbase is. I faceroll some arenas w/ awful gear and then go back to pc.

  44. DerpinHerpin says:

    Hahaha, You guys must not play any other MMOs then if You’re crying about a 1 day downtime that isn’t even DCUOs fault.

  45. sparticus says:

    yeah i was just wondering what was going on thanks for the info. hope they get everything sorted out. this game is fun to play but its not everything i do pay for legendary and i did have some prime to run but i dont want anything out of it due to its only down for 24 hours. hope all goes well. love Sparticus88

  46. Satarecah says:

    Just saying all you ps3 owners are just butt hurt. How bout you spend like 400 more dollars build your computer and put your silly game console away. I haven’t played one since n64 and I am glad. Just goes to show consoles are just a gimmick and pc will always be better.

    • shtyx says:

      omg. Ok, to even use the term “butthurt” implies someone is bending someone else over, which is not ok.
      Let me put it this way, when you’re old enough to buy a car, you save up and buy that used corolla you had your eye on, realize it’s a lemon….I hope someone tells you you should’ve bought new and its your fault.
      BOTTOM LINE??? Products sold should work.

  47. randomer says:

    its been 24h right??

  48. jd says:

    look at all the cryin shut up youll be playin tmwro stop actin like your quiting the game see u all tmwro lol

    • shtyx says:

      “LOOK AT ME!!! I just got on here say people don’t have the right of freedom of speech!!!! FUCK adult conversations about consumer advocacy and the Bill of Rights!!! I want corporations to decide for me!!!!”QQ?????? It’s called bitchin. And when you’re old enough you’ll do a lot of it. Unless you were born wealthy and think money doesn’t matter.

  49. shtyx says:

    To anyone who hasn’t read this yet. Read the 4 or 5 comments that make sense and ignore the rest. Everything else was posted by teenagers with no real life experience.

    • BetterthanU says:

      Judging by your grammar I can assume you have no real world experience with middle school.

      • shtyx says:

        with middle school??? What the hell does that even mean???

        • shtyx says:

          Besides that betterthanU??? lolz, I’m sure you’re not. Why would anyone even say you shouldn’t have bought this game for the ps3….oh that’s right, the attention. DONT BUY GAMES FOR THE PS3!!! NONE OF EM WORK!!! If you’re hunched over your desk, instead of sitting on your Lazyboy watching you’re bigscreen U R SUPERIOR!!! If you’re a computer gamer you r superior!!!! If you sound tough online because you can’t in real life U R SUPERIOR!!! oui

      • General Loathe says:

        You are obviously lonely. Lying that you have never faced any bugs in the game and Downing people that don’t give a damnable how great or intellectual you like to pretend to be on the Internet. Not to mention your insults that only a middle school age ranged kid would consider to be slightly funny let alone insulting. Have a nice life pencil Dick.

  50. X says:

    Hopefully they fix some bugs. Like I’m in the middle of a raid and just out of nowhere I disconnect. When I’m not, no disconnects at all.
    Besides that, the only problem I have is with some of the stupid people. Like noobs that are DPS because they don’t know what they’re doing. And double que’s. You ain’t a damn Healer without Healer gear and stuff. Don’t que for a dang Healer or Tank or Troller if you’re a DPS.

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