DCUO Database iPhone App

DCUO Central iPhone App has appeared and I want to make sure everyone is aware about it! Created by Mike Mayo, this portable database for the items, instances, and bosses will help you to find out what boss drops which epic piece, or while preparing for a raid you can see what drops you can expect.
I’m really glad that such a great application is finally available for iPhone.
For more information about this project head to itunes.apple.com


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8 Responses to DCUO Database iPhone App

  1. Andrew says:

    It’s ok but it needs to be updated for the newer raid drops…..i.e. Prime & Gates

  2. David says:

    Sounds great but there needs to be something for the Android. All that exists is am app that shows where some collections are on a very low resolution map.
    Please don’t charge for the app – Legendary players pay enough and you can just include banner ads and get some great revenue that way.

  3. Erik Hansen says:

    addendum to the previous comment, could you also make a blackberry app? Preferably free?

  4. Dual Boot says:

    im a developer and an android user. my gf has an iphone. ill download this app on her phone. i want to help develop the android version of this. and of course its free.. =)

  5. karan says:

    plz someone help one man i n the dc universe game always abuse me . he don”t want i play this game plz help help plz stop his account his game character name is jeeper creepers and account name is KITAN37

  6. karan says:

    i”m very upset and dissapointed plz help.

  7. Confused79 says:

    Why does this app no longer appear in the us App Store?

  8. Vo1d01001 says:

    This app sounds and looks awesome but how do I get it, it keeps saying its not available in the us store.

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