DCUO Update 16 and Summer Event are live

Game Update 16 includes new summer event Tides of War, new Moon Legends Map, new Items in the Vault and Bludhaven Alert Update.

Summer Event! Tides of War!
Tides of War includes a 4-person alert, open world missions in the waters between Metropolis and Little Bohemia, new styles, pets, trinkets, new Feats and Collections. Tides of War is available “for a limited time” , so don’t miss it!
During the summer, the seas become restless and churn with dangerous storms. Ocean Master, Aquaman’s conniving half brother, has rallied a force of mutineer Atlanteans in an attempt to usurp the throne of Atlantis! Their civil war has breached the waters of Metropolis, a crucial piece in the plot to rule the sea.

NEW Moon Legends Map!
Exclusive for “The Last Laugh” and Legendary members, the Moon Legends PvP map is now available! You’ve won victory on Earth, but can you survive the moon?

NEW Items in the Vault!
Some old styles are removed from the vault to make room for the new, but don’t panic! All styles removed from the vault are already available elsewhere.
Three new military style gear set appearances (Logistics Officer, Sharpshooter, Aeronaut) now have a chance to drop in the vault! Collect them all!

Bludhaven Alert Update!
The toxicity of Bludhaven has decreased slightly over time, resulting in enemies that are less threatening in some areas. Bludhaven has been rebalanced!

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15 Responses to DCUO Update 16 and Summer Event are live

  1. Iceman2436 says:

    Here is a quick tip for the tides of war event. If your group can activate ALL 3 of the yellow turrets at the same time you will KO your opponent much faster. It works best if you have one member of the group next to each of the yellow turrets.

  2. There is also a new pair of Collections, which by getting both sets completed will provide a new Feat (25 pts. I think), but they are difficult to catch. So far, I have only seen a few in Little Bohemia, and I do not know if they show up in other areas of metro or at all in Gotham.

    To date, this is the list of the Collections that I know of (the ones with the * by them are the ones I have, only because of some unfortunately expensive purchases in the Broker);

    Marine Life Fossils (7/7)
    Plesiosaur Bone *
    Murex *
    Limpet *
    Giant Pecten *
    Geoduck *
    Ammonite *

    Atlantean Artifacts (5?)
    Atlantean Royal Seal
    Atlantean Zodiac Coin
    Vestige of Tritonis *
    Posidonis Waystone *

    If anyone can help clear up the missing bits of info, thank you in advance.

  3. Ben D says:

    Anyone know how to get the pet that’s now available? Also, does it actually do anything, like attacking?

    • Shrapnel says:

      The pet I think you are talking about is part of the trinket… its a neat little thing that does 388+ damage when it is attacked. It cost 10 sand dollars in the shops.

      • As for the pet, I’d rather have a robotic bat. With lasers. That drops bombs on the target. But that’s just me.

        • Ben D says:

          Ah, thanks guys. I just saw it. Too bad it’s level 30 only. I’m hoping this will usher in new pets. I want a fire breathing T-Rex 😀

  4. Completed both Collections at last, but now I’m nigh- flat broke. The Reward for the Atlantean Artifacts is the “Atlantean Rebreather”. Here’s the E-Mail you get from the Question;

    “Finding these Atlantean artifacts will surely be of interest to Aquaman. Great work tracking these antiquities….after they’ve been thoroghly studied, we’ll send them to a museum for public display.”

    • Quadroon says:

      Can you tell me where did you find Posidonis Waystone collection item?

      I’m busting my arse killing atlantians on ships in hope they will drop it 🙁

  5. Super Split says:

    finally Bloodhaven got easier… Im a level 30 and it was hard for me.

  6. And here’s the e-mail from The Question on the Fossils (the Reward for the Fossil set is a Snorkel);

    “You’ve shown excellent deductive reasoning locating these fossils. I can’t help but ask…can Aquaman command a trilobite?”

  7. Naturlicht says:

    Found most of the ones I have just by simply flying around LB perimeter, down along the water line. I still dont have them all but it seems much simpler than flying around buildings from bottom to top

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