Game update 17

According to the official DC Universe Online page Game Update 17 is almost here with powers update for Mental and Gadgets which also include new visuals.

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  1. Iceman2436 says:

    Those are some power tweaks that could be really cool, but here is one I really want to happen Bigger load outs
    Currently on the PS3 side you have 6 powers in your load out. This is probable do to the limited number of buttons on the PS3 controller. I recommend shifting around some of the controls to and more powers to the load outs. Like moving Grab loot from L2+R2 to R3. This way you can add 4 more powers to you load out. The following a list showing what I am talking about

    Power 1 L2+box
    Power 2 L2+triangle
    Power 3 L2+O
    Power 4 L2+X
    Power 5 R2+box
    Power 6 R2+triangle
    Consumable R2+O
    Trinkets R2+X
    Power 7 L2+R2+box
    Power 8 L2+R2+triangle
    Power 9 L2+R2+O
    Power 10 L2+R2+X

    This way you get 10 powers per load out, and with 2 load outs you get a total of 20 easy to use powers. With the current level cap you only get 15 total power so this way the can have some over lay between your load outs. For some of the truly AWSOME powers like circle of protection.

  2. RockSteadyMan says:

    Sounds cool, would be nice to have the extra space so you could use some of the Movement Power attacks/supercharge attacks from the travel sets.

  3. Iceman2436 says:

    Now I total forgot about the movement powers. I thought of another way to make your power easier to access. Multiple load outs per role, you would have healer load out A and B each with 6 powers. And you can switch between Anytime by pressing the R3 button. To switch roles you would need to wait until you are out of combat and use the quick menu.

  4. Moon Knightx says:

    I have a dps / gadget what would be the best loadouts for my villain

    • Iceman2436 says:

      There is a controlling 101 guide in the guide section of this web site. I haven’t had time to up date it with the new powers yet but there is still some really good info there.

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