Arkham’s personal collection

There are 10 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Killer croc’s tooth
  2. Penguin’s Monocle
  3. Clayface’s Modeling Clay
  4. Victor Zsasz’s Shirt
  5. Scarecrow’s Hat
  6. Two-Face’s Face Cream
  7. The Mad Hattler’s Bowtie
  8. Aaron Cash’s Wristwatch
  9. The Ventriloquist’s Wood Polish
  10. Batman’s Grapple Hook

Additional Information

  • Genius comments: We would like to thank HerculysBR and Anak for all information.
Type: Collection
City: Arkham Island
Zone: Arkham Island


Base Amenity: R&D Workstation

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  1. Chris says:

    Can we get map pics and pics of collection spawn locals? I know if one place but thats all.

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