There are 10 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Ornithophobia
  2. Coulrophobia
  3. Technophobia
  4. Frigophobia
  5. Brontophobia
  6. Aerophobia
  7. Hemophobia
  8. Xanthophobia
  9. Triskaidekaphobia
  10. Chiroptophobia

Additional Information

  • Genius comments: We would like to thank HerculysBR and Anak for all information.
Type: Collection
City: Arkham Island
Zone: Arkham Island


Base Amenity: Mailbox

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5 Responses to Phobias

  1. JonC says:

    This collection is insanely hard to find. Even with having used 2 Radar Enhancers from the Marketplace i have only found half of these.

  2. Rex says:


  3. CJJ says:

    I only need Coulrophobia and Chiroptophobia

  4. Jeff says:

    Those two are the hardest and most expensive if anyone has a trick to getting them I will pay in game cash for good info

  5. FatherOak says:

    The Arkham Island collections spawn one at a time.
    That’s right…only one collection on the island at anytime. The benefit is that sa soon as you discover one, another pops up.
    My suggestion is to put together an Arkham Farming group, camp the spawn points and collect over and over.

    If you’re on USPS you can group me for this.

    Dyschronometria – Hero
    FatherOak – Hero

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