Shivs and Shanks

There are 10 collections items in this Collection.

  1. White Toothbrush
  2. Blue Toothbrush
  3. Sharpened Fence Wire
  4. Rolled Newspaper: Soaped & Salted
  5. Chicken Wire Glass
  6. Spork
  7. Sharpened Bed Slat
  8. Scissors-blade
  9. Phillip’s Head Screw Driver
  10. Flat Head Screw Driver
Type: Collection
City: Stryker’s Island
Zone: Stryker’s Island


Base Amenity: Bank

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1 Response to Shivs and Shanks

  1. ReadySetBoom says:

    Hard to find most of these, gotta sell stuff to afford them in the broker. Might as well put them randomly in Vault or Award boxes…chances on getting them would probably be just as slim.

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