Basic Entertainment Center

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Furniture Category:
Special Furniture

Drops from:

  • Veteran lvl. 22, Metropolis city hall

Compare this furniture item to others from its category:

Bumper Car
Cell Block Number 1
Cell Block Number 8
Chemical Tube
Construction Plastic Barricade
Crumbling Headstone
Dart Board
Detached Carosel Horse
Dynasty Room Divider
Exit Sign
Flatscreen – Gotham Feed
Funhouse Hypnosis Wheel
Glass Encased Artifact Case
Glossed Black Piano
Hanging Eastern Tapestry
Hanging Metal Chains
Heavy Body Bag
Isis Bone Pile
I.V. Stand
Lab Hydroponic Garden
Large Bone Pile
Large Hanging Tarp
Lean Garbage Bag
Luxurious Room Divider
Medical Oxygen Tank
Medical Pushcart
Medical Vital Sign Monitor
Military Crate and Lantern
Monitor Cart
Mounted Pool Cue Rack
Mummified Corpse
Occult Nightstand
Open Iron Maiden
Palatial Room Divider
Plywood Sheet
Radioactive Substance Container
Ram Skull
Scattered Dirt
Scattered Police Documents
Shattered Headstone
Torture Tools
Vault Circuitry
Venom Equipment Tower Base
Venom Tank
Venom Vat Cage
Vintage Fridge
Wide Shimmering Tapestry
Wooden Police Barricade
Workshop Blacksmith Forge
Worn Headstone
Destroyed Operating Cart
Sample Crate
Classic Diner Clock
Lab Floor Drain
Ship’s Helm
Macabre Candle Holder
AC Unit
Cloth Covered Statue
Cross Trident Statue
Damaged Tidal Wave Statue
Damaged Small Reactor Incinerator
Danger Sign
Dirt and Shovel
Duffle Bag of Money
Empty Venom Vat
Gas Pipe
Hanging Cargo Net
Large Freon Tank
Large Primordial Cistern
Medium Lab Vat
Mobile I.V Pole
Oxygen Tank
Palatial Cannon
Rocking Horse
Rollercoaster Cart
Sticker Covered Suitcase
Tall Crate Stack
Venom Equipment Tower Top
Workshop Blacksmith Anvil
Workshop Mannequin
Criminal Appeal File Boxes
Detached Carosel Horse
Construction Scaffolding
Team Lockers
Bundle of Pipes
Playground Rocking Horse

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