All DCUO servers down – cause unknown (January 16. 2011.) *updated

As of 6:00 PM EST all US (and I think EU as well) DC Universe Servers went down. This caused the official forums to crash as well. Now, the launcher application is dead as well (failed to initialize). This is probably caused by thousands of players that want to find out what caused this failure. As far as we know this is not a scheduled maintenance, since that happened some 14 hours ago. For now all we can do is sit and wait for the servers to come back up and we’ll update this post as soon s we find out more information.

As much as this is frustrating there is a good side to all this. I figure that if all servers went down it means the number of players is so great that it brought the servers down and this means that the game is more successful than anticipated (which we welcome). On the other hand, Circe might have been bored and killed the server hamsters…

6:55PM EST Update
On the official forums (if you are lucky enough to access them) there is the following official announcement:

Attention Heroes and Villains!

We apologize for the unexpected server downtimes today. We’re working on expanding the capacity right away and there may be brief interruptions because of these efforts.


11:00PM Update
The outage is over and here’s the official statement to confirm it:

Thank you for hanging in there with us during this unexpected outage… we are all players too, and anxious to get back in there!

We have been advised that the PC servers should now be back online. Of course, thousands of folks trying to log in at once may see some delays, but we should all be blasting and smacking each other around in Gotham and Metropolis soon!

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6 Responses to All DCUO servers down – cause unknown (January 16. 2011.) *updated

  1. Andy says:

    Lol Server Hampsters xD

  2. Andy says:

    Lol I spelled hamsters wrong xD

  3. Austin says:

    If this means more players I welcome the down time. Maybe a server merge?

  4. alex otero says:

    getting really upset guys not only for the down time but the timing itself. i lost a great deal of items while all these crashes seem to happen at the worse time had boots hand and 103 martial arts tank items. then pow another freeze crash so when i finally log in NOTHING not one item. i find it really convinient for dc to get another 3 month out of people before all this mess started happening again. i’m starting to lose so much faith in a game that i always dream about.

  5. jady says:

    i was really looking forward to this, damn man

  6. Giai Moonshadow says:

    Whatever! I can catch up on some Netflix, lol but for real…They need to get us role icons next to our friend list names, and thats all that matters. lol Am I right? oh and better leave up Summer event so we can catch up, I need my feats damnit

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