DCUO Life Important Information

We have received several reports that our site was flagged for malware by Google. After thorough research we found out that our site was hacked and malware code was inserted into some of our pages. We promptly removed all infected pages and closed the channels through which malware code was added, and our site should be safe to visit now.
We requested review of our status from Google and we are hoping things should return back to normal shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused and thank you for understanding.

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3 Responses to DCUO Life Important Information

  1. My girlfriend was browsing your site last night while playing DC. She was hunting Briefings. 13/05. Today her DC account is banned 15/05. Please check again about the malware.


  2. oops 14/o5 …. made a typo

    • teofil says:

      Just to be noticed site doesn’t have any impact on game bans. It was type of malware that shows that site is infected when you using Google Chrome and that’s it. Browsing can’t affect your computer.

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