New DCUO Sewer Lair theme

New Sewer Lair theme is available in the Marketplace and can be described as a secret underground Lair located in the city under the streets. If you don’t mind mess and uncleanliness, then the new Lair is exactly what you need. The Sewer Lair theme comes with indispensable HAZMAT Officers for Henchmen/Back-Up, so you’ll never have to clean up alone.


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2 Responses to New DCUO Sewer Lair theme

  1. If you had to describe Serpents lair in one word, i think the best would be “cesspit”. A thick soup of used needles, tampons, diapers, dead animals and enough excrement to rebuild the twin towers flows within its tunnels. Several years on and it still rates as one of the most disgusting sewers in London and even Europe, but also one of the best. If you manage to ignore the scum and depravity around you, the system offers all the junctions, chambers and features any sewer explorer could want, although that is a big if.

  2. John D. Smith says:

    You’ll need to explore the lair for various dream crystals, one of which will belong to a dragon. Others also exist, including dreams from Iorveth and peasant’s. Also be sure to loot the dead soldier inside. His Kaedweni armor has some good defense and will be needed for the next encounter.

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