DCUO List of Keyboard & Chat Commands

Yesterday I came across this great thread on the official DCUO forums, created by Kithkarnon. I’m sure you’ll find it useful as much as I did.

Chat Commands

* By typing a slash [ / ] before certain typed commands in the chat window, you will be able to specify how, or to whom, you chat. The following are useful chat commands:

/say or /s – Say something to anyone in your local area
/group or /party or /g or /p – Say something to members of your group
/tell [name] or /t [name] – Send a private message to another person (use quotes around names with a space.)
/reply or /r – Send a private message to the last person that sent you a private message
/shout – Shout a message to everyone in the same region
/invite [name] – Invite another person to join a group with you (no quotes needed)
/leave – Leave your current group
/kick [name] – Kick the specified person from your group (no quotes needed. You must be the group leader)
/promote [name] – Promote the specified person to be the group leader (no quotes needed. You must be the group leader)
/friend [name] – Add a player to your friends list
/league or /l – Say something to members of your league
/versus – Talk to the opposing forces (needs to be enabled in the social menu first)
/bug – Submit a bug report (have not tested myself)
/pvp – Flag yourself for PvP on a PvE server (not tested myself)
/ – Opens last menu you were at
/”emote” – You can use any emote via the keyboard (ie: /dance)
/logout – Logs you out
NumLock – auto run
Tab – Cycles thru menu options
Enter – Changes focus to the chat window (same as select)

Keyboard Shortcuts

ESC – Options
P – Loadout
O – Social
I – Inventory
Y – Duties
K – Traits
J – Journal
H – Headlines
M – Map
N – Renown
T – Switches between combat stances (roles)
Spacebar – Jumps (for some silly reason)
Tab (in game) – Rotates screen to your facing (same as L1)
/ will cancel a race.
1 thru 8 – use the powers in the corresponding spot on your powerbar
F1 – Actions (not availiable on the Keypad)
F2 – Canned Chat (not availiable on the Keypad)
F3 – Current Effects (not availiable on the Keypad)
F4 – Emotes (not availiable on the Keypad)
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15 Responses to DCUO List of Keyboard & Chat Commands

  1. D.Vader says:

    I have heard there is a command to hide the User Interface (for screenshots) anyone know of this command?

  2. dregj says:

    wow never played an mmo before but those
    seems a little hard to remember
    couldnt they just have drop bar options for the techtards like me

    • MF Saibot says:

      no because in the heat of the battle you dont want a drop down menu that could cause nothing but problems..there a reason it is the way it is. because you can anything you want right before you die..drop down menus take time for the graphical interface to open than you have to pres down or up a bunch of times till you get your selection then you have to press another button to activate itthen you have to exit the menu if it didnt do it automatically then you have to use whatever you were selecting…or i could just press only one button but have to memorize it…yea ill go with the more logical option. lol

      • Nzxter says:

        I know I’m late, but there are macros for a reason. I use my gaming mouse macros basically the whole time I’m playing the game.

  3. Anak Panah says:

    I accidently claimed an unusable weapon while a raid and was told to use ‘*’. Unfortunately I was kicked before I looked in the chat area to see it. What would ‘*’ do? Place an item from my inventory for group availability?

  4. Cohanti says:

    Emote commands!


    Also, my Usermane is Cohanti so feel free to say hi and dance with me! 😀

  5. GothQueen says:

    Great, thx, this helps a lot 😀

    Is there a way to mark me as ‘afk’ or ‘away’?

    Also, if a toon has a space in their name (such as “Green Lantern”), how do i target my tell to them? I’ve tried using a space, and using a “_”, but nothing seems to work. My tells get sent to the wrong person!

    Thx again 😀

  6. YingYangWulf says:

    I play DCUO for ps3 and I am looking for a raid group to join this my first raid so I really want to raid so if you can send add me to your friends list and inv me to the raid at YingYangWulf

  7. Psycheotic says:

    this is OBVIOUSLY several years late, but this is a common question people like GothQueen ^ have asked about spaces in names (ie. when you a /tell Goth Queen it says “Goth is Offline”) what you do is put quotation marks on the name, then write your message –

    /tell “Goth Queen” blah blah blah

    Hope that helps anyone else there.

  8. Crisco says:

    its \ to cancel a race not /

  9. Rory Rhyemes says:

    How do you sit on a ledge

  10. ChenChunny says:

    Hi! I’m new playing DCUO and have a little question… My character is an acrobatic and I know if I play in PC, the Toggle Fast Movement Key is F. I’m playing with a friend who is playing in PS4 using a control and he says there has to be some Key that activates the Toggle to go Faster… He told me my acrobatic character can FLY? What should I do?

    • SevenSterling says:

      @ChenChunny – What you’re looking for is “Rocket-Assisted Glide”. It’s the first skill in the Acrobatics tree and available at level 9. On the PC and with movement engaged, jump off a building and hit the NumLock key. You’ll hear a “whoosh” like a rocket and your character will increase in altitude a little. Then you can steer him wherever without touching down. You can also look around freely while gliding. I haven’t found a way to do that with flight. Along with the rocket glide, you also get a grapple line with the same skill. It shoots a grapple line up a building or to the nearest structure. It reminds me a bit of Spiderman sometimes. Here’s a link: http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Acrobatics

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