DCUO Extended Server Downtime on January 8th

According to Mepps, DCUO Community Manager, all servers were taken offline immediately to resolve a technical issue. Today’s downtime has been extended for all servers, for additional 4 hours, until around 5:00PM PST. We will update this thread when more information is available.

Update: All servers are now online.

Players may notice the following changes:

The feats for winning x number of lair battles have been updated so that the count increases when you win a round in a lair battle as opposed to winning the entire lair battle.

Fixed an issue that prevented players with a CR over 100 from receiving or consuming Marks & Treasure Boxes.

Fixed an issue that was causing Lair Battles to crash.

Style Vendor
The Checkmate and Knight style items are now available on the PvP Appearance vendors in Watchtower and Hall of Doom for players with access to the DLC4 Last Laugh.

Source: DCUO forums

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  1. I was able to log in once.. to a superslowloading,freezing up mess, 2min armory change, while not being able to move until the change took affect…. I CANT EVEN LOG IN TO THE SERVERS.99% of the time….. Your little fixit screwed up the rest of the game. I would like my monthly 15bucks back for a game I cant even play. 3rd year Veteran of the DCUniverse about ready to drop this annoying frustration……. thanks for your time, Dave from Wasington state.

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