New prices for DCUO Armories

dcuo armories
Larry “Captain” Liberty, DCUO’s Executive Producer, announced revised prices for new feature Armories. This feature will improve your everyday experience, add a great decoration to your Base, and allow you to easily customize your characters.

After many discussions and players’ feedback, the following prices are unveiled:

  • One Armory – $6 ($6 per Armory)
  • 4-Pack – $20 ($5 per Armory)
  • 8-Pack – $32 ($4 per Armory)

Armories will be sold for Station Cash on PC and for Marketplace Cash on PlayStation, and will be added to the Loyalty Vendor for Loyalty Points

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3 Responses to New prices for DCUO Armories

  1. Errydraven says:

    When will that come?

  2. Kalu Obi Ekeh says:

    Question – will what is the controller command to switch armories mid combat?

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