DCUO Iconic Armor Guide

So many people (including myself at one time long ago) have started the game and begun to level a character, only to find that the iconic armor you get from your Mentor isn’t quite what you wanted for this toon. Well this guide is to solve that problem and answer any questions you might have about iconics and how to get them.

Table of Contents

1.) Types, Prices, and where to get the Funds
2.) The Heroes Iconics
3.) The Villain Iconics

SECTION ONE: Types, Prices, and where to get the Funds

Basically there is 3 types of iconic armor and 1 subiconic set. Each takes a different currency that you get from different things.

The Types Are:

PVE Tier 1
Cost: Mark of Triumph
Total: 400 for Set
From: Duos and Hard Mode Alerts

PVE Tier 2
Cost: Mark of Distinction
Total: 400 for Set
From: Raids

PVP Tier 1
Cost: Influence
Total: 1700 for Set
From: PvP Arena and Legends

PVP Tier 2
Cost: Mark of Victory
Total: 810 for Set
From: PvP Arena

SECTION TWO: The Heroes Iconics

Each Hero Mentor provides a diffrent collection of iconic armor sets. The Hero Mentors are:

Origin: META
PVE Tier 1: Speed-Force Spectrum
PVE Tier 2: House of El Warsuit
PVP Tier 2: Nth-Metal Battlesuit

The order is: PVP Tier 2 — PVE Tier 2 — PVE Tier 1 (click on the image to enlarge)

Origin: TECH
PVE Tier 1: STEELsuit MK-1
PVE Tier 2: Dark Specter Batsuit
PVP Tier 2: Raptor Infiltrator

The order is: PVP Tier 2 — PVE Tier 2 — PVE Tier 1 (click on the image to enlarge)

Wonder Woman
Origin: MAGIC
PVE Tier 1: Fate’s Faith
PVE Tier 2: Hera’s Strength
PVP Tier 2: Aegis of Eternity

The order is: PVP Tier 2 — PVE Tier 2 — PVE Tier 1 (click on the image to enlarge)

Origin: ALL
PVP Tier 1: Archangel

SECTION THREE: The Villain Iconics

Each Villain Mentor provides a diffrent collection of iconic armor sets. The Villain Mentors are:

Lex Luthor
Origin: META
PVE Tier 1: Metallo’s Maw
PVE Tier 2: LexCorp Salvation
PVP Tier 2: Phantom Zone Reaver

The order is: PVP Tier 2 — PVE Tier 2 — PVE Tier 1 (click on the image to enlarge)

The Joker
Origin: TECH
PVE Tier 1: Frozen Fury
PVE Tier 2: Joker’s Punchline
PVP Tier 2: Deathstroke

The order is: PVP Tier 2 — PVE Tier 2 — PVE Tier 1 (click on the image to enlarge)

Origin: MAGIC
PVE Tier 1: Aegis of Azarath
PVE Tier 2: Vengeance of Hectate
PVP Tier 2: Shroud of Anubis

The order is: PVP Tier 2 — PVE Tier 2 — PVE Tier 1 (click on the image to enlarge)

Origin: ALL
PVP Tier 1: Blood Bat

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to King proud member of Wolves of War – Death & Glory for writing this guide and allowing us to post it on our site. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it. You can find King on the Server: Death & Glory as a Hero in the League “WolvesOfWar” just “/Tell King HI!

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26 Responses to DCUO Iconic Armor Guide

  1. Joker says:

    U could write that ur getting tier 2 marks for making the daily hard alert (2) and the daily duo (1)


  2. Pete says:

    Very useful thanks

  3. DocBooch says:

    Nice guide thanks.

    Is the gear for the iconics favored for the particular role that they naturally are? like lex/supes = tank, joker/batman = controller, and ww/circe = healer

    I have 6 toons but my later ones arent really fit for the mentor and my favorite toons are not mentored like this

    • Yoman says:

      They are not necessarily favored for the mentor role. Of each set there is one with stats for tank, controller, and healer, or just a general armor set.

  4. Dan says:

    What would really make this better is if the values for each item were listed.

  5. Cal says:

    Really enjoying the site, keep up the good work.

    I’m confused by the imagery here. It looks like the Batman Tier 1 suit has a Superman symbol on the belt? Is that right?

    • Majin72 says:

      The Tech Origin t1 armor is patterned after Steel, that’s why it has the S-shield of Superman on the chest, belt buckle and cape. Remember, Steel patterned himself after Superman, but he’s still a normal man in a suit, thus a Tech Origin.

  6. Cal says:

    Awesome, thanks Majin

  7. marcus griffin says:

    is there any way to get a different iconic suit from a mentor that is not yours?

  8. Redemption_Server says:

    No u have to be from that “Origin” mentor and why do the villain armors look badass compared to the hero? Lol

  9. Savior Of Kittens says:

    Great article, I always forget what type/how many marks I need, so I always have this open as one of my iPod’s tab.

    Only think that could make it better was if you could post the stats of each piece, or just overall?

    Good job, thank you!

  10. kingluis13 says:

    i got a question? if i was to do some raids like the batcave what tier suit should i use?


      You need atleast 3 to 4 pieces of T1 gear if you plan to RAID, other wise your gonna get knocked out all the time and not really be of any help.

      Or just collect feats points and beef your character like crazy! You will need atleast 50 to do so with out the better armor…

  11. excessive tissue user says:

    Can the joker armour kill its user? i heard there is a bomb in it……..

  12. XD_R says:

    Well the guide is good but it needs an update. For one multiple new types of suits are available (particulary in the meta-wing) and 2 the costs have been upped. Also the Tier I think has changed since the Infiltrator suit costs influence (3400 to be exact)

  13. keith says:

    What gear is better T1 or T2 and is each type best suited for one thing more than the other, if so what’s what

  14. ipot says:

    T2 is better mate! But it also takes a lot more time to get….;S but its worth it beczuse of the nice stats and an absolute must if u want to access raids, central city and the other harder stuff 😉
    Cheers for the nice informations!

  15. Sheriff Jesse says:

    I need 53 combat rating for central city. How do I get to that number easily, or what armor will get me straight to that number?

    My current combat rating is 31

  16. egsdfhsf says:

    whats better pvp tier 1 or pve tier 1

  17. sinsouthie says:

    the archangel is a general pvp suit and not tiered. T1 started with Aegis, Raptor and Nth Metal. because these suit WERE the first suits to get with marks, not just in game cash.

  18. ReadySetBoom says:

    Will there ever be an updated version of this? Which vendors sell certain styles, as well as what types of currency will needed.

  19. bateyes says:

    well i want superman symbol so my suit complete on dcuo

  20. Dominique says:

    hello, I haven’t played DCUO in almost 3 yrs and when I did I was working on the Shrouds of Anubis armor and I had acquired 4/8 actual armor pieces.. I have read now they are only available through style items but as someone who almost and wanted to get the whole pvp set how to I get those other 4 pieces, do I have to trade for them, pay for them, or am I completely sol..

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