The List of Wanted Bosses For Heroes

Throughout the game of DCUO there are several wanted poster quests that require you to kill a certain boss. Most of the time you will not need to get the quest from the poster, upon attacking the monster you will receive it. HOWEVER not all of the time this will work. Posters are located within Police Station. Upon completing a quest by turning it in, you will receive a piece of gear the FIRST time you do it. All of these quests are repeatable and reward Renown.

Minotaur – Level 12, Location: Metropolis, Tomorrow District, near Metro Station Building
Awards Renown with Sentinels of Magic

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Bizarro – Level 13, Location: Metropolis, Little Bohemia, Metropolis General Hospital.
Awards Renown with Star Labs.

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Avatar of Sin – Level: 13, Location Metropolis, Midtown, Ellsworth Memorial Hospital.
Rewards Renown with Sentinels of Magic.

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Full House – Level 14, Location at Gotham, Otisburg
Rewards Renown with Wayne Tech.

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Solomon Grundy – Level 17, Location: Gotham, Burnley, Giordano Botanical Gardens.
Rewards Renown with Star Labs.

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Clayface – Level:21, Location Gotham, Burnley/Otisburg, Monarch Playing Card Company. First you have to kill placeholder mob Odd-looking Joker Goon
Rewards Renown with Wayne Tech.


Arkillo – Level 21, Location Metropolis, Historic District, Metropolis City Hall.
Rewards Renown with Star Labs.

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Nepheritos – Level 25, Location Gotham, Burnley
Awards Renown with Sentinels of Magic

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Kordax – Level 26, Location Metropolis, Suicide Slums, Condemed Shipyard in the parking Lot.
Rewards Renown with Star Labs

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Judge -Level 29, Location Metropolis, Downtown, Glenmorgan Square in the middle.
Awards Renown with Sentinels of Magic.

DCGame 2011-03-02 19-56-16-36DCGame 2011-03-02 19-56-33-22

Killer Frost – Level 29, Location Gotham, Otisburg, KnightsDome Sporting Complex.
Rewards Renown with Wayne Tech

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The locations of all posters

NepheritosGothamDiamond District GCPD
ClayfaceGothamEast End GCPD
Full HouseGothamEast End GCPD
Killer FrostGothamEast End GCPD
Solomon GrundyGothamEast End GCPD
General KordaxMetropolisChinatown MPD
MinotaurMetropolisChinatown MPD
BizarroMetropolisLittle Bohemia MPD
ArkilloMetropolisMidtown MPD
Avatar of SinMetropolisMidtown MPD
The JudgeMetropolisMidtown MPD


We would like to say a big THANK YOU to kai8088 proud member of Wolves of War for additional information about bosses and Zagar for the list of locations of all posters. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it.

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12 Responses to The List of Wanted Bosses For Heroes

  1. Astat says:

    Solomon Grundy
    Rewards Renown with Star Labs.

    not Wayne Tech

  2. Heleos says:

    Killer Frost gives Wayne Tech Renown, not Star Labs.

  3. Super tee says:

    Only the first time you face a bounty you dont need the poster. Everytime after that to get the credit and renown you need to go to the police station poster first before encountering said bounty


    Love the help from these guides! Greatly assisted my friends and I when we started. However for quickest leveling from lvl 10 to 30 I would like add that all you need to do is join a group of highere lvl characters and do all the wanted missions a couple of times and you will lvl up quicker than anything else in the game…

  5. Ace of Hearts says:

    Quick question as I’m still fairly new to this game.

    Can these bosses be solo’d or should they only be tackled in teams? If they can be solo’d do you need special endgame gear to do it?

    • Genius says:

      You can kill Arkillo and Kordax solo, but for rest of the bosses you need someone, since other monsters (near the boss) will also attack you. I didn’t have any special gear, so maybe that the reason why I couldn’t solo other bosses.

    • A. N. Onymous says:

      Most bounties can be soloed if you know what you are doing. The only ones I wouldn’t recommend soloing unless you are a god-like player with god-like gear are Killer Frost, Kordax, and The Judge.

  6. Zagar says:

    The locations of all posters may be usefull:

    Nepheritos Gotham Diamond District GCPD
    Clayface Gotham East End GCPD
    Full House Gotham East End GCPD
    Killer Frost Gotham East End GCPD
    Solomon Grundy Gotham East End GCPD
    General Kordax Metropolis Chinatown MPD
    Minotaur Metropolis Chinatown MPD
    Bizarro Metropolis Little Bohemia MPD
    Arkillo Metropolis Midtown MPD
    Avatar of Sin Metropolis Midtown MPD
    The Judge Metropolis Midtown MPD

  7. Austin13445 says:

    I saw other villians too like captain cold and prince ulgo why are they not poster?

  8. bubba says:

    can you put the locations of other bosses like pied piper, weather wizard, captain cold and so on? I’m having a hard time locating them.

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