DCUO March Update

While we are waiting for the March update known as Update 2, Game Director Chris Cao and Art Director Mark Anderson decided to share some information with fans about upcoming features. A new raid, a new character looming in Gotham City, and much more were discussed in this Live Chat. For those who can’t or don’t have time to watch the video Bt made compilation of information.

New Content for March:

  • Solo Challenge featuring Two-Face and Penguin
  • Duo featuring Green Lantern and Sinestro (total rework of story mode instance and green lantern skills and graphics, featuring Arkillo and Kilowogg as bosses)
  • Batcave III raid (featuring fight against Robo-Batman and Brainiac, it was mentioned T2 will be required)
  • St Patrick’s day event featuring Mr Mxyzptlk
  • Two-Face to be added in Legends: PvP

Refinements and Fixes:

  • Proximity voice chat (Already in game)
  • A redone and revamped social menu accessible via quickmenu instead of PDA
  • Adjustments to queue system, including kicking from groups, requeueing for new alerts with the same team, reinviting after drops, dropping group from queue so no randoms join, rejoining to fill it up again, etc
  • Further focus on fixing exploits and cheats
  • DCUO now downloadable via PSN

What they liked/disliked about February update:

  • Liked Solo Challenge featuring Catwoman
  • Liked Duo featuring Bane
  • Liked Batcave II raid
  • Felt “meh” about Valentine’s day event, realize people didn’t like the “cutesy” nature will be rectifying that for this month
  • No mention of Diamond Heist
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18 Responses to DCUO March Update

  1. G4M3R says:

    As a day 1 player, Im glad to see this second patch is going in the right direction.

  2. Skoot says:

    PLEASE…I repeat PLEASE fix the FEAT glitches…….
    The game is slowly but surely becoming a draining and repetitive experience

  3. Rue says:

    I’m new to mmo’s. This is actually my first. I’ve been playin this game for about 3 mos now and i still git my ass haded to me in the arenas.Theres this groupe of 4 maybe 5 five dudes and all they do is the arenas and the pvp events. I dont know how but no matter what hit them with they dont even take damage! Besides that they hit me 2 or 3 times and im dead! they do over 300pts of damage per hit. HOW!? And if you answer this how can i see ur answer?

    • Edro says:

      You have to have PVP armor, it has toughness rather than defense. Toughness performs the same function as defense in PVP, but you can’t have both with the same armor…

  4. ValleLator says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the multiplayer shit itself?
    I can’t join a group or do any Duo, Alert, Arena, etc without the game shutting down my internet.
    I’ve had the game since Beta and release date and while it worked at first it hasn’t worked for shit since.
    What’s the point of having an MMORPG if it can’t play the MMO?

    • Blutroyale says:

      Same here ValleLator…The game WAS fun. Till all this shit with the game constantly freezing. During all modes of gameplay. One of my league buddy’s PS3 systems actually went down. Not sure if it was the cause of all the hard resets when the game freezes….5 times a damn day or if it was something else..hmmmm.

  5. Elles says:

    I got in beginning no problems. Then the patch came and on my pc I was unable to play on the 2 servers Reality Lost and In Brightest Day.
    So I post a reply on the site asking if they can help or delete those chars i got on those servers. My kid made a lot. So 15 characters needed to be deleted. Somehow I had to get in Dos, why???? tried in my windows 7 everything they came up with as answer. Non of them worked.
    Next patch came
    I now still couldn’t go on my 2 servers, was unable to whisper and even can’t get in touch with a GM online, while playing (/petition). It gave that this command was unable to work.
    I never had these much problems on WoW. Don’t get me wrong I love DCUO, but those problems get me really pissed. Still my servers aren’t deleted, still unable to whisper or to use the command to talk to a GM.
    What kind of ppl are working on this game????

  6. Majin72 says:

    So this is coming out… when? Sure, if they can somehow get it in this coming week, they’ll beat the buzzer and it will still be a “March” update, but what’s the point of even calling it that with only a couple days before the month ends?

    Personally, I’d like to see the multitude of bugs and glitches that exist now dealt with before they add any new content. We already got to experience the crapfest that was the release of the February update and all the systems that exploded then. I highly doubt this will be any different.

    • VikingSS says:

      Agreed. I would like them to fix stuff 1st. Everyone I know says the same as you.. Glitches suck.

  7. josh says:

    i personally dont like the new social menu, its way too hard to see on the screen. and other than that, i would like to know where the last stinkin’ briefing is for the new mission with two-face and penguin. if anyone ever needs a healer my name on the game is carnivalOFsin. feel free to send me a tell.

  8. Redemption_Server says:

    It’s at the bottom of the list in your quest book

  9. VikingSS says:

    I agree. Hard re-sets. Feat glitches. Take the fun out of it. I enjoy the game…BUT everyday, one of my league-mates gets froze. Or the lag.. Today, the servers went down, and I had no idea what happened. How about sending me an email or some notice? I was going crazy, because I thought my character was lost bc it didn’t show up when I turned back on. Also, I was near the end of a raid, so that pissed me off. Look, when my cable tv goes down, I can call someone, who do you call when DCUO goes down? As far as I’m concerned, I want my hours of “downtime” back. I paid for the month. These hours are adding up, to total days. No support, glitchy game.. That’s totally pissing me off. Also new social menu is hit&miss.. They made “tell”ing more difficult. Overall, I enjoy it.. But when I finish my tier2 armor, only pvp is left.. I would like more places.. Kinda annoyed with the new contents lateness too.

  10. Justin says:

    That is a good question. IS ANYONE WORKING ON THIS GAME? Since the update on April 5th I havent been able to do anything without the game turning laggy, lag freezing, or freezing my ps3 up solid, requiring a hard boot to get out of it. I renewed my subscriptions on about april 1st, and havent been able to do ANYTHING since april 5th, when this patch came out. Nothing has been done to fix it. That fat prick Chris Cao or SOE websites never talk about the issues we are all having. Just “New and exciting content”. Total lack of communication. And they have the nerve to charge us 15$’s a month for this BS? You better listen good SOE, noone I play with is going to pay 15$ next month if this BS isnt fixed before our subscriptions run out. Im not going to either. Why should we? The game ran fine before the april 5th update. Fix it or fail.

  11. Grrrrr says:

    The lags on the PS3 are really annoying, I agree. The other issue that needs to be addressed is this. If you close out of the game after a session and then try to re-start, I get a DCUO dialog at the start screen saying that it couldn’t communicate with PSN and to try again later. After accepting this screen the game thinks for a minute, then the screen comes up requesting your promo codes. If you try to enter them, the game says they are not valid or have expired. Exiting from this screen takes you back to the error connecting to PSN screen and so on. . .

    I phoned SOE and was told that I could fix this by deleting the DCUO file from the PS3 Game Data Utility and then download new files. Did this (took all night) and the problem is still there.

    However. . . if you close down the game and re-start the PS3, then DCUO fires-up okay. Until you close the game then the old error/promo code nonsense comes back. Luckily, restarting the PS3 at least lets you log on. But still, SOE should be fixing these things more quickly.

    • Justin says:

      Ive only had that happen to me once thank god. It was annoying. Not that it matters now, I cant do anything while Im logged in. Hang out in the police station. Or fly around metropolis / gotham and watch the clipping / black load screen pop up all the time. Anyway I never bothered with the code I figured it wouldnt work. I just turn the ps3 off for a while frustrated and when I tried again later it worked.

  12. Justin says:

    Do not buy this game.

  13. magicmoney says:

    how do i contact a gm,,

    never seem to be 1 around,,,

    many thanks

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