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  1. andy says:

    love the website! great work is done here, thank you

  2. andy says:

    does anyone know about a corrupted game message for dc universe online? thanks

  3. There’s no info on the Investigation “Eternal Solitude” and the Briefing “Fortress of Solitude I: The Chasm”. How come?

  4. Icy Yu says:

    ive noticed that too, there is no info newhere about how to find that briefing and investigation. The only thing i can suggest for now is to use a Radar Enhancer once u are finished with the raid and go back through to the beginning to make sure u have everything there.

  5. Jonathan Todd says:

    Missing Collection Information:
    Lois Lane Bylines
    1. Planet Headline: Earth has a Superman
    2. Planet Headline: Luthor Jailed
    3. Planet Headline: Who is Supergirl
    4. Captain Marvel vs Superman
    5. The Death of Superman

    Reward: Daily Planet Cap Style: Daily Planet Cap
    Most likely region to Find; Downtown region Metropolis

  6. keith says:

    cannot connect 2 server it says bad network version ?

  7. Starlightslayer says:

    Hey there, created a map guide for the collections dealing with the Steelworks, with so much clogging up the visual scene, I figured others may appreciate this. I found a pretty sure fire way of collecting up nodes fast, completed all the steelworks collections after playing just a couple hours a piece over a few days, and every day I found them spawning in these locations. Thought you might be interested in my map.

  8. iceman2537 says:

    the following is an updated version of my controller guide.

    Controller 102
    This players vain attempt to try and make some sense of the crazy adventures of Controllers in DCUO, how they work, how you can be at better controller and how you can keep your team from sending the controller crawling under the desk or screaming into the night. Brought to you by my friends over at The Society “USPC server league and Iceman2537. This is an updated version that takes in to the new quantum powers as well as the gadget and mental update.
    The main roles of a Controller in an Alert or Raid are as followes.
    1. Keep the power bars as full as possible.
    I know it not possible to keep all the groups power bars full all the time. Because tank armor has a very low power score and DPS’s tend to burn through their power quickly.
    2. Buffs help to strengthen the group and Debuffs weaken the enemies.
    An often over looked aspect to the controller role, can make all the different in long boss fights.
    It has been stated by others “if your controller can’t buff and debuff the kick them from the group.”
    3. Crowd control hence the name for the role.
    In boss fights where the boss summons trash or adds to help. Is partly the controller’s job to deal with them. Mostly because most controller powers have side effects that can slow down and disorient the summoned trash.
    See allot of people think that Controllers with Power are like Healers with Health, all you have to do as a controller is hit 1-2 powers and the blue bars will just keep up with the team, I only WISH it was that easy, a Controller’s powers cannot regen their own power, contrast this with a Healers Spell everybody gets healed…including the healer if they are low enough in Health. Yes Controllers can add buffs that can give power over time but when we hit the button that pumps up the team’s blue bars they don’t get anything in return.
    So part of a good controller’s plan is to figure out the best way to generate enough power to distribute to the team at the rate needed. This is where good power management for the rest of the group comes into play. If the group is doing a good job managing their own power levels this frees up power for the controller to use power to put out the buffs and debuffs. A controller in controller stance should NEVER be using his or her power for PURE DPSing while they are in a group, all the powers in a controllers load out when they are in group should be dedicated to the tasks above.
    Power management is a skill not one you can select and power of for your character. This is one the player needs to learn. You can only learn this skill through lots of soloing. Good power management is knowing how fast your powers empty your power verses how fast your weapons fill your power bar.
    Thankfully there are ways to do this in game to help out…ALOT.
    Now this will not be a ‘How to Guide’ or a ‘Play like this and be unstoppable’ this is just one Players experiences and what I’ve learned from being the Controller and watching Controllers when playing in other roles. We all play differently after all what works for me may not work for you but take what you want from this rambling mess and if it helps, even better.

    First off- The Powers:
    All the Controller Classes (Light, Gadgets, Mental) have three ‘power’ powers one that actually gives power to the other members and two that give a buff that gives power over time, look under your blue bar if you see a lightning bolt you have that buff which means the Controller is doing their job.
    Light controller load out
    Light Claws or boxing = gives power over time BUFF
    *Recharge = Gives power to the lowest team mates not counting the controller using it
    Group shield = 50%SC protects team in force field
    Whip Thrash = Defense DEBUFF
    Grasping Hold = Damage output DEBUFF
    Entrap = Healing DEBUFF

    Gadget controller load out
    Sticky boom = gives power over time BUFF
    Taser pull = gives power over time BUFF
    Gauss Grenade = Defense DEBUFF
    Sleep darts = Damage output DEBUFF
    *Defibrillation = Gives power to the lowest team mates not counting the controller using it
    Bunker buster = 100%SC AoE great for crowd control

    Mental controller load out
    *Psychic empowerment = Gives power to the lowest team mates not counting the controller using it
    Terror tendrils = gives power over time BUFF
    Though bubble = Damage output DEBUFF
    Pyrokinesis = Healing DEBUFF
    Bastion = 100%SC protects team in force field
    Cryokinesis = Defense DEBUFF

    Quantum controller load out
    Tachyon burst = gives power over time BUFF
    Lift = stuns enemies
    Singularity = Defense DEBUFF
    Alcubierre wave = Damage output DEBUFF
    *Temporal extorion = Gives power to the lowest team mates not counting the controller using it
    Event horizon = 50%SC group shield
    Vitalization or Vit- Or the stat you NEED TO STACK
    Now in order to get all that lovely power to give to your lovely team mates so they can either keep the baddies off you back or heal your sorry self you need to understand Vitalization, that’s the stat that shows how FAST your blue bar recovers, the faster it regens the quicker you can go back to distributing that power to others add this to the buffs above with some moderate DPSing and you should be recovering power MUCH faster than your team mates…which is the point after all.
    How to stack your Vit? Look for Controller Gear, all Controller Class gear pumps up your Vit but at a price you’ll see a loss in Might and Precision in exchange for vit your DPS won’t be as strong even in DPS mode but you’ll be able to use your powers more often (thanks to the higher Vit) to compensate for the loss.
    So when selecting armor, armor augments, weapons and skills. Do not ignore your dominance stat Dominance is the other stat you need to stack because it makes your controller effects last longer.
    Something else to consider controllers are the only role that doesn’t have a reduction in DPS while in the Controller Stance, both Tanks and Healers have at least a 20% DPS reduction while in stance. Controllers currently do not have this reduction, despite this advantage they should NOT be pure DPSing as stated above.
    DPS and the Controller….yes they need to DPS!
    I can hear the screams now there are some out there that think the controller should ONLY give power to the rest of the team. Although they are welcome to their option they are what I like to call wrong. If a controller does nothing but give power they will run out quickly and the rest of the team will run out and then the team is rapidly dead. A controller must be doing some moderate DPSing, more than the healer and maybe the tank, but less than the DPS in order to manage their own power
    IMHO…anybody who says a Controller (or Healer) shouldn’t be DPSing in an alert or a raid has never played one. I’m serious…I’ve SEEN it happen, seen a poor troller chewed out by a group leader for doing anything other than hitting the power regen…I don’t think I need to tell you how THAT ended. (Hint…NOT WELL) However the DPSing the Controller should be doing…should be weapons or Melee, they should NOT be DPSing with powers!
    Most of powers in a Controller Load out for a Hard Alert or Raid should be focused on power and buff/de-buff NOT DPS, most of the DPS a controller does should be from their melee weapons and one (maybe two if you can squeek it) DPS power to reserve for the OHGODOHGODI’MGONNADIE moments.
    Let me give you an example, my FAV mental power Pyrokinesis, it’s great it’s got range, it has stun, it does damage over time, it’s a mental powered flaming sniper shot!
    And it’s utterly USELESS in a Hard Alert or Raid if I’m in Controller Role.
    Why? Well yeah it does a good bit of damage, but that’s ALL it does, it has no other benefits if I’m in controller stance with a group, yes I stunned an enemy for a second or two but when you are up to your neck in undead zombies just stunning one aint gonna cut it. Better to have a group stun/debuff or a shed aggro that’ll help the tank keep the aggro and allow your team mow them down without (much) injury.
    So how to make the most of your limited DPS choices? Choose your weapon wisely…
    Check them out some give Vit bonuses just for buying that skill, and get as many as you can the ones that give a Vit Bonus from the start are-
    Bow- Personally never used it, but some Trollers SWEAR by it.
    Dual Pistols- My Default weapon for Alerts and Raids.
    Dual Wield- Great for Solo and Duo…not so hot for Alerts/Raid due to range.
    Rifle- Still playing with this one myself, the grenade launcher is fun…
    Staff- Again never really used it but might have the same range flaws as Dual Wield
    Rack up the skill points and fill up enough Weapon trees and you can really stack it up, I’m not going to say which weapon is the best or the combos you need to get. I WILL say to open up the weapon trees and start looking, next time in a raid or alert and a Controller Weapon drops…even if it’s not one you can use currently roll for it anyway if you can…try to assign some points, or fork out for a respec to get it and give it a go.
    I will say among controllers rifles and dual pistols seem really common in alerts and raids, Controllers can’t be on the front lines so they need range and speed (to keep the DPS and thusly their power up) which both Rifle and Dual Pistols have in SPADES.
    The trick to picking a weapon for a controller is you want to do damage QUICKLY from a distance. That’s why Dual Pistols are a good choice few weapons fill your power bar faster than Dual Pistols on full auto.
    Closing up…
    So what does all this boil down to?
    For Controllers-
    1) Make the most of your load out, you only got 6 slots pick well if in a raid see if you can chat with the other Controller (most should have two per raid) find out what he/she has got and do a quick rearrange if necessary. ALWAYS have your three ‘power’ powers in there.
    2) Snatch up every piece of Controller Gear you can get, the more Vit the better!
    3) Practice and play with weapons and melee combos till you find a sequence that gives you the most DPS you can get.
    For Non-Controllers-
    Talk to your Controller beforehand! Just because they are green and have non-controller gear doesn’t make them ‘bad’ for all you know you’re looking at an Alt of a Level 30 with T3 gear whose grinding up a second char. So they may know how it works them just lack the gear for now. If they are a rookie controller make your decision if you want to play teacher (and adapt accordingly) or let them know that they should try working on lower level stuff till they get the role down.
    Side notes
    POWER MANAGENT: Those with Bad Power Management then to fall in to one of two categories.
    1st the hoarders. These players for some reason seem to refuse to use their power at all. This is Bad because you over all Damage per second is greatly reduced.
    2nd the power hungry or those that use power as fast as or faster than the control can give it. Yes your damage per second is really high but so is your agro, and the group control as to work extra hard to keep not only your power bar but the rest of the groups power bar full.
    Good power management is somewhere between these two extremes or using you power and your weapons in somewhat equal measure.
    If you end up in a group where the DPS is very power hungry its okay to let them starve for power a little. Your main goal in these cases it to keep the healer and tank in power. I only bring this up because I have seen a lot of DPS guides that turn the DPS into a black hole for power
    Other Good Power
    Thermite mines = does good AoE damage if you know where the enemies Will be
    Photo blast = great finishing move / the less health the target has the more damage it does
    Sentery turret = standard pet stuff pulls agro off you

    Terror tendrils = had a neat interaction with arc lighting
    Mass Levitation = Does a good amount of AoE Damage as well as slowing down groups of enemies
    Mass Hysteria = speeds up power regeneration and hay you get minions

    Gravitation field = gives power over time BUFF
    Time bomb = Defense DEBUFF
    Warp barrage = Damage output DEBUFF and chain AoE
    Energy expulsion = great finishing move / the less health the target has the more damage it does
    Gravity well = AoE Attack
    Distortion wave = AoE attack

    Hard Light
    I don’t use or much like hard light power but I am sure there are some good ones. So hard light users chime in the comments section.

    Last of the notes I am working on a healer guide but I was waiting on the Nature and Sorcery update they have been promising since the fire and ice update, “If your reading this Sony I have many ideas about the Sorcery update” Well now I am waiting on the new Celestial powers to come out.

  9. Jeff Hough says:

    Will there be any information regarding the Collections All Hallow’s Peeve and Halloween Grab Bag. I have two more in each and need help finding them.

    Also can someone playing the free version make trades and sell items through the broker or do I need to buy a membership?

  10. hk2hal says:

    Can we please get some older Briefs and Investigations updated, like the Fortress ones, no maps, no rewards, nothing, been 3 years guys.

    I would like to update my site with your infomation, since your are mostly complete except for these for some reason?


  11. Shane says:

    Would like to see base item list alphabetized and a way to buy in game money through marketplace instead of trading psn cards, to many scammers in the game when trying to trade them!!!!!

  12. steve says:

    Won’t let me log in says unable to download key configuration. Can anyone help please

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