DCUO Game Update 26 available on PC Test Server

All PC players with a Legendary Membership are invited to test Game Update 26 on the PC Test Server. To get started, you can download the client here (SOE) or here (ProSiebenSat.1).
Please note the following:

  • No characters will be copied to the PC Test Server.
  • After character creation, all characters will begin at level 30, and nothing you’ve purchased on your Live account will transfer over to Test.
  • There are special Test vendors in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom to help you gear up properly.
  • The PC Test server will restart every morning at 4 AM Pacific
  • Please make sure to post your feedback and any bugs you find in the Testing Feedback forum!

Source: DCUO forums

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DCUO shows off new Penthouse Lair Theme

For all of us DCUO players who are obsessed with housing decoration new Lair Theme – Penthouse is available in the Marketplace for 1000 SC. The appearance of your Hardware and Amenities will match your Lair’s theme. Lair themes also allow access to matching Back-up / Henchmen. The Penthouse Lair unlocks Private Bodyguards.

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DCUO Server Hotfix on May 9th

Today, during the regular DCUO server restarts a small hotfix will be implemented, which includs the first PvP Map Rotation.

  • Iconic Anomaly and Origin Crisis Operations pointer Missions will now correctly grant at Combat Rating 84 and above

Family Reunion

  • The Huntress: The Huntress has been asked to tone down one of her attacks to prevent Villains from becoming discouraged.


PvP Arena & Legends

  • Map Rotation!
  • The maps available for Season 1 have been rotated. Some PvP maps previously unavailable can now be selected
  • Arenas
    • 1v1 Lair Battles
    • 2v2 Batcave
    • 4v4 STAR Labs
    • 5v5 Pit
    • 8v8 Hall of Doom HQ
  • Legends
    • 1v1 Batcave
    • 2v2 Inner Sanctum
    • 4v4 Ace Chemicals
    • 5v5 Arkham Asylum
    • 8v8 Fortress of Solitude
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DCUO Quantum dps – Space guide

New DCUO DLC will be available soon, and new Quantum Power as well. JayMoonyDCOU made a great video guides where he tested Space tree and Time tree with new animations, and shared his thoughts with DCUO community. We need to point out that the powers are tested only in PvE.

I must say that this is a really good DPS Power. Finally a power that is competitive to gadgets and hard light.

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One MMO to check out this year – Wildstar

We recently attended a press event organized by Carbine Studios and NCSoft where we were shown, and got to play, Wildstar – MMORPG game coming sometime in 2013. After playing the game we thought it would be important to share our impressions about the game, because Wildstar is one of the few MMOs coming out this year and we wanted to relate what we saw, so you can decide if the game is worth your attention. MMO gamers are spread across their favorite games and when a new contender enters the fray we only give attention to games produced by big studios or backed by a major IP. This year, you should watch out for Wildstar instead.


Wildstar is a game that’s been in production for 5+ years (I think the exact number is 7). Its main philosophy is to “play the way you want to play“. It is placed in a brand new universe where a legendary planet Nexus has been discovered and two previously warring factions are rushing to discover all its secrets. There is a mysteriously vanished Elden race and we also have laser guns with magic and big swords all mixed together with humor and drawing style worth of a Disney movie. It is being made by industry veterans, headed by Jeremy Gaffney, founder of Turbine who had his hands in games like Asheron’s Call, Ultima Online, City of Heroes, Tabula Rasa, Guild Wars and more.


  • Action oriented combat and skill system with “telegraphs”
  • Paths – system that puts an emphasis of a certain playstyle: Explorer, Soldier, Scientist or Settler
  • Providing “elder game” is as important as providing leveling content
  • Battlegrounds, Arenas, 40v40 Warplots PvP
  • 20 and 40(!) man raiding
  • Multiple ways of progression (in elder game as well)
  • Highly customize-able Housing at launch
  • loads and loads of humor and content

Click here to read our impressions of the game

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DCUO DLC 7 Origin Crisis Feat list

This Feat list is completed by DCUO Community member Gemi, who wanted to share information about new feats with all the people who do not have access to the TEST server.

Controlled Collateral Damage 2 stars
-Complete the Iconic Anomaly: test subject #1 solo instance without any scientist getting knocked out
Time after Time 1 star
-Complete 100 Iconic Anomaly solo instance
Silent Hunter 1 star
-Disable three control panels in the Iconic Anomaly:The Hunt solo instance without alerting any mobsters
Deal breaker 1 star
-Defeat each of the random iconics that appear in the Iconic Anomaly:The Hunt solo instance
LexCorp Wrecker 1 star
-Destroy 200 parked Lexcorp Vehicles in Alternate Metropolis
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DCUO Spring Event Furniture

Spring event brings out new furniture items, which can be bought from the Seasonal Vendor. Since the furniture items have no preview option, we decided to purchase them and create this gallery in order to save you some cash and Seed Pods. Take a look at the list below and decide if you want some piece of furniture for your Lair.

The following furniture items can be obtained from Swamp Thing in the Sewer Rendezvous event instance.

You can also check out screenshots of all furniture items in our Furniture Database.

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DCUO Spring Event Guide

In order to start the Spring Event speak to Swamp Thing in the Watchtower’s Aquacultural Area (as a Hero) or with Poison Ivy in the Hall of Doom’s Pit (as Villains). Also don’t forget to speak to Veronica Cale (Villains) or Doctor Sarah Charles (Heroes) to find out more about taking on Swamp Thing and starting Sewers Rendezvous daily event istance.

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DCUO Warrior of Spring Style Gallery

DCUO Spring event gallery with Warrior of Spring Styles available at Seasonal Vendor. The vendor can be found in the Watchtower’s Aquacultural Area (for Heros) or in the Hall of Doom’s Pit (for Villains).

  • Chestplate of the spring warrior; costs:8xSeed Pod and 275 Cash
  • Leggings of the spring warrior; costs:8xSeed Pod and 300 Cash
  • Shoulders of spring growth; costs:7xSeed Pod and 250 Cash
  • The green belt; costs:6xSeed Pod and 175 Cash
  • Treads of the green; costs:6xSeed Pod and 225 Cash
  • Warrior gauntlets of renewed life; costs:6xSeed Pod and 200 Cash

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DCUO Game Update 25

Today, DCUO servers will be taken offline for scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, April 23th, at 6:30 AM PDT (3:30 PM CET). Game Update 25 will be implemented during this downtime. Downtime is expected to last about five hours. In the list below you can read the official patch notes.
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