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DCUO Guides: How to gear up for end game content

Basically, gear is obtained by earning the right currency and buying the gear. Most of the level 30 gear is purchased from vendors in the Watchtower or the Hall of Doom. But some of the PvP gear is only available … Continue reading

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Stats and Systems DCUO Guide

First off, you need to know how the numbers work for Stats. Precision: 10 Precision = +1 Weapon DPS Might: 20 Might = +7% Power Damage (20 is the first whole number multiple. +1 Might is .35% Dmg at lvl … Continue reading

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A Guide to Weapon – Role Synergy in DCUO

One of the most common questions I see on chat channels and in the forums both here and at SOE is this: “Is (weapon A) good with (power B)?” This guide is designed to answer that question. Each of the … Continue reading

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DCUO Stats Descriptions

The Stats tab of the Inventory window (I) displays the current attributes of the player. If you click on the Stat name, description will be presented to read in the window below the stat. The major stats are: Health, Power, … Continue reading

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