DCUO launches in-game Marketplace

After the latest hotfix DC Universe launched Online Marketplace. There are only two items available at the moment:

  • Proto-Repair Bot (fix your gear on the go)
  • Vault Ticket Packs (make extra trips to the vault)

The prices are:

Station Cash bundleReal money
500 SC5$
1000 SC10$
2000 SC20$
2500 SC25$
5000 SC50$
10000 SC100$

Tell us what you think about micro-transactions and what would you like to see available for sale in the future, something like movement respec or Mark of Distinction?

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16 Responses to DCUO launches in-game Marketplace

  1. Redemption_Server says:

    I’d really like to see a rename ticket, extra Styles, and collection pieces. And something that allows us to activate past even quests like Aphrodites Realm, and Mr. Xzyptik

  2. G says:

    I’d like to see movement change and rename tickets, or even a character makeover that would allow you to change the basic stuff from the character creator

  3. Once Again says:

    Remember when SOE said no micro-transactions? Big surprise they went back on their word with that.

  4. sandy says:

    I think they need to focus on fixing the bugs that litter the game. Why would you pay for repairs when you can actually rally back to point (if it actually worked). Another Fail on SOE’s part. We pay $15/month for a game that should supply those things in the in game economy, not via our wallets. No if the game was actually free I get it but the game is NOT FREE, so SOE needs to first recognize what its model is and what it isnt.

    I swear these guys actually want the game to fail.

  5. RW_Bear says:

    I think micro transactions are bull****. Not to mention it freezes 20 percent of the time I go into the vault. How are you compensating for failure on your end when someone buys vault tickets (for an absurd price I might add) and then they lose it because the game freezes on them?

    The only thing that I would pay for with real money as of now is a name change, or a power change. But I don’t want to pay whatever price you’re going to ask for it. I assume that it would be like 20 bucks if you’re making us pay 1 dollar to go into the f’n useless vault 1 time.

    • RW_Bear says:

      Also, if you’re going to give the option to buy ridiculous amounts of this crap, you might want to give discounts the more you buy at once.

      500 DC – 5 Dollars
      1200 DC – 10 Dollars
      2500 DC – 20 Dollars
      7500 DC – 50 Dollars
      20000 DC – 100 Dollars

      Also, get to work on the lifetime Subscription for the PS3 as well.

  6. Redemption_Server says:

    Also to be able to but In-Game cash. Since it’s a pain to make money and raids Ha’s and duos bring it down fast and collections here and there

  7. Ghostwhisper says:

    Is a vault ticket worth 1$… costs 50 cents a day at 15$ a month to get a vault ticket + full account features…. i suppose at level 30 it is a free extra “lower tier mark” but 1$ per mark when you need 65 for a piece of gear… out of their mind… make it like 25 vault tickets for 1$ and now you actually have something people would buy, and thats to avoid the gear grind which is an atrocious pita and then you wont piss off the lifers. Myself included… as of right now though your vault is way overpriced for 1 mark and some half assed greens you cant vendor and already have.

    • Redemption_Server says:

      I did some quick math. If it takes 400 marks for a full T1 suit and you get 5 vaults(marks) for 400 SC. So I came up with $320 to complete a T1 suit with out Duos or HA’s. Correct me if I’m wrong with the calculations

  8. darkfire233 says:

    will the in game marketplace come for the europeon version of DCUO

  9. Renarmus says:

    Hi there ^^

    I would LOVE to see like a respec item, which allows you to bassicly get new powers Like ICE/fire etc. new movement type, body type and All that. 🙂 Hope to see that in the future ^^

  10. LizardKing says:

    While firstly I have to second Sandy’s opinion; The developers need to focus first on making the game more enjoyable and playable… new raids/instances or gear or powers (almost everyone I know is so bored on their main toon they’ve basically retired it… literally nothing to do anymore), and also less bugs, glitches and freezes… etc.

    If I do allow myself to overlook the previous statement, things I’d really really like to see would be interesting twists that probably won’t happen…
    -making a movement ability maxed out in its unique way (like superspeed being truly lightning fast and/or able to run through buildings… for example… flash could run through mountains, as I recall?)
    -changing movement or powers… and/or sex, size, personality, etc.
    -unique dances or other fun emotes (they’re stupid fun)
    -unique iconic powers (my personal example: I still want to throw my team-mates at mobs in raids like I can with cars or other objects)
    -customization ability for leagues to make unique avatars or color schemes for member names & power bars
    -and, furthest stretch of these ideas, the ability to give terciary roles to your power type (ie: allow gadgets and nature to unlock tank roles, sorcery & ice controller roles, & mental and fire healer roles… just an off-hand thought, could possibly need modification, but the general idea remains)

    -oh, a great one that would definitely sell well, though I doubt I’d ever buy it, and might not be something dcuo really should encourage… a stamp of somesorts you can put on someone to publicize him as a ninja looter. (maybe a paper-bag thrown over his head and an exclaimation mark by his name for 2 hours per use?)

    Anyway… many of these things could be included free of charge, and most will be laughed at and dismissed immediately… its just some things i’d like to see if i could pick anything

  11. LizardKing says:

    oh! better yet, an improvement on their own current product. A pass that raises your odds of getting rare/useful drops in the vault! Who needs extra tickets when all you’ll get are new genesis pants, voodoo shoulders and another sweatshirt anyway?

    … oh, or maybe purchase access to a new vault? since they don’t seem inclined to provide us with one anyway…

  12. LizardKing says:

    … a gear modifier that can be attached to single pieces and make it tradeable?

    I’ll stop now… I promise. Its too easy to throw these kind of ideas out… I’ll put everything else into small books with different themes/groupings… soe can purchase them from me for $10 per book of 50 ideas… or $50 for 5 books. Its only fair.

  13. Redemption_Server says:

    Omg. If u play PS3 like me. It’s like $4 to buy a the 5-vault tickets

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