DCUO Winter Holiday Feat – Throw 50 Snowballs

With the latest DCUO event – 12 Days of Holidays, player can complete new feat – Throw 50 Snowballs. The question is – How to complete this feat?
First you need to collect snowballs. You get Snowballs by beating bosses. There are two ways to collect snowballs:

  • The slow ways:
    You get Snowballs by beating bosses in Challenges, Duos, Alerts or Raids. You get about 2 snowballs upon completion. You need from 15-60 minutes for 2-3 Snowballs.
  • The very quick way:
    Finish low level missions like Grodd, Lex Luthor, Dr. Psycho and you will collect a ton of them in 60 minutes!

When you collect Snowballs, equip them like a Soder Cola and throw a snowball at someone.

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3 Responses to DCUO Winter Holiday Feat – Throw 50 Snowballs

  1. Glenn says:

    I have four characters so I’m having three of them mail their snowballs to the fourth. The two level 30s can run low level fights pretty fast. My last run through the hive netted me 7 snowballs, which shocked me. Anyway, my level 20 electricity character now has 35 snowballs and is well on his way to the feat. Happy holidays!

  2. Bob says:

    They nerfed this one Wednesday so now most solo instances only give 2 snowballs. Still faster than doing duos and alerts and losing them to need rolls though…

  3. I got EXTREMELY lucky with this one. I kept my eye on the Broker Room lists & score 50 snowballs for just $200. Yes, I said *$200*.
    You can also amass snowballs by doing assists on multiple missions. Also, utilize the Trade channel. You’d be surprised.

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