Atlantean Artifacts

There are 5 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Atlantean Royal Seal
  2. Atlantean Zodiac Coin
  3. Vestige of Tritonis
  4. Posidonis Waystone
  5. Obsidian Age Ornament

Additional Information

  • Genius comments: This collection is a part of the Summer Event – Tides of War! After completing collections Marine Life Fossils and Atlantean Artifacts the reward is a new Feat.
    We would like to thank The Horn’d One and Z for additional information.
Type: Collection
City: Metropolis
Zone: Little Bohemia


Atlantean Rebreather

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7 Responses to Atlantean Artifacts

  1. Reward: Atlantean Rebreather.

  2. Jackal Cat says:

    Anyone know where vestige of tritonis drops?

    • Dark VVolverine says:

      It’s just a normal yellow collection item. Maybe a little more rare than some others, but still just a collection item.

    • Rodney Peterson says:

      I got a few look for MURDER 1 if you’re on USPS3 hero side.

  3. HELLO says:

    im in hive moon base t2 and so far i’ve found 3 pieces .. now i need just the 3rd and 5th to complete it ^_^ ..
    ohh and also i got 5 outta 7 of the marine life fossil collection ..

  4. EatingPie says:

    “Hello” Do you remember where was the zone you found the 4th piece of this collection?

  5. undrline says:

    The order listed here is incorrect. The correct order is:
    1: Vestige of Trintonis
    2: Obsidian Age Ornament
    3: Poseidonis Waystone
    4: Atlantean Zodiac Coin
    5: Atlantean Royal Seal

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