DCUO Lair Theme Locations and Henchmen

Home Turf, DCUO sixth DLC Pack is live. Lairs and Hideouts can be located throughout the Gotham and Metropolis. Your Base begins as a blank slate. There’s no furniture or equipment inside except for the Mainframe, your Base’s computer. You can fill it with items found throughout the game, everything from couches, beds, and TVs to functioning equipment, like a Bank or R&D Station.
You can currently have up to four Bases. If you want more than one Base, you need additional Deeds from the Marketplace. Deed – 300 Station Cash / $2.99

Ancient Theme Locations:

Bunker Theme Locations:

Cave Theme Locations:

Deco Theme Locations:

Dive Theme Locations:

Gothic Theme Locations:

Industrial Theme Locations:


We would like to say a big THANK YOU to tukuan for making this guide. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it.


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6 Responses to DCUO Lair Theme Locations and Henchmen

  1. Anthony says:

    How do we get amenities for our lairs?

  2. You can only have 4 Amenities active in your lair at one time. If you need your Bank & you have your Mail, Soder Vendor, R&D Station & Broker active, temporarily swap out your Soder Vendor (if you don’t need immediate repairs first) & replace. Then swap it out again when done.

  3. The new Tech Lair theme is great. The interior looks like one is living on a starship or space-station. The Back-Ups are “Lab Assistants”, complete with Lab Coats & Dual Pistols for weapons.

  4. Tyiarra says:

    Im level 15 and still no quest or item pertaining to owning a Lair/Hideout
    Ive bought the DLC Home Turf and completed all the level current quests Ive been given…
    Im about to throw a fit I spent all my Christmas money on a game that has squat for help or tutorials & which fails to fully and successfully explain on how to accomplish things clearly. But that is my bad for trusting and believing in a company I thought was reputable!

  5. NJASRAF6312 says:

    How do you go from a Dive Base to any of the others?

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