Chemo Compounds

There are 10 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Cryo Chemoid Residue
  2. Pyro Chemoid Residue
  3. Shock Chemoid Residue
  4. Toxic Chemoid Residue
  5. Volatile Chemoid Residue
  6. Radioactive Chemoid Residue
  7. Psychoactive Chemoid Residue
  8. Acidic Chemoid Residue
  9. Inert Chemoid Residue
  10. Unstable Chemoid Residue

Additional Information

  • Genius comments: We would like to thank Starbuk for all information
Type: Collection
City: Alerts
Zone: Ace Chemicals


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3 Responses to Chemo Compounds

  1. JimsArcade says:

    The prize for completing this collection is “Dirt and Shovel”.

  2. brayon says:

    Is This In The Ace Chemicals Alert Or Is It Outstside? Please Reply Asap

    • ReadySetBoom says:

      Outside around the Ace Chemicals plant…very often you’ll find people standing in the places they spawn trying to collect them all.

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