DCUO Housing Guide

The sixth DLC Pack Home Turf introduces customizable Player Bases. All players have access to Player Bases. Free and Premium players, who do not purchase the Home Turf DLC, have access to a Hideout. Legendary players and Premium players, who purchase the DLC, gain access to a Lair.

DCUO Housing/Lair Guide Basic Information

Your journey starts on level 12 with Homestead mission. Check your inventory and use (right-click) 2 Lair Theme: Gothic and Deco. The Homestead mission rewards you with a Deed Item, which will gain you access to the Base (allows you to choose one of the Lair locations). Once you set up your Base you also get direct teleport as Warp Base.
The following mission Home sweet home, rewards you with three furniture items: Decorative Hanging Lamp, Classic Diner Clock, and Old Layered Granite Coffee Table. New furniture items can be found under the Items Inventory Tab. Collecting the Base item will add it to your Base Inventory, making it no longer tradeable.

Players want choices about how their house looks or where they want to live, thus, DCUO offers a variety of options to fit many tastes. Lairs and Hideouts are decorative and beneficial. They can be located throughout the Gotham and Metropolis. At the beginning, there is no furniture or equipment inside your Base, except for the Mainframe, your Base’s computer. You can fill it with items found throughout the game, everything from couches, beds, and TVs to functioning equipment, like a Bank or R&D Station.
You can currently have up to four Bases. Additional Deeds can be bought in the Marketplace.

The Mainframe is located next to the entrance. It’s a Base’s Computer that gives you several options:

  • Enter decoration mode
  • Relocate base
  • Rename base

Once you choose the option “enter decoration mode”, you can arrange the furniture in the specific places marked as the circles. By clicking on the circle, the furniture menu will pop up, offering you the list of items that can be placed in that circle.
Important Notes:

  • When you place 20 furniture items in your Base, you will be able to place items wherever you want, not just in the circles. Although you have more location abilities, you have to obey some basic rules like chairs or tables can be placed on the floor, not on the ceiling.
  • You can smash your furniture with a left-click, but don’t worry it will reappear after a few minutes.
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20 Responses to DCUO Housing Guide

  1. Ernett says:

    is there a way i can store a armor suit i put together my self, in my base so i don’t have to shuffle through my inventory when eve i want to PVP

    • Tilimicus says:

      Armories are available to save styles and skill builds. Anything you have saved to a build will let you know it is part of a build as you are getting rid of it.

  2. Magnus says:

    There is a Bank amenity you can put in your base. If you store your PVP gear in the Bank you’ll be fine.

    If what you’re asking for is a way to pre-load your styles and loadouts, there have been rumors of that coming in a future DLC, not this one.

  3. ANgel says:

    How do u get more bases ik u have to buy deeds of the market place but they say u can have up to four is it free or how

  4. TwiCe says:

    Does anyone know how or where to acquire amenities for the lairs?

  5. Reprysal says:

    Is there a way to change your base theme? I chose gothic, and after I got into the base the mainframe gave me the Dive theme for free. Can I change my base from Gothic to Dive? Or do I need to purchase a new deed for the Dive base?

    • Rockergurl says:

      When you go to place your base, you must choose the theme first. If you wish to change the theme at a later time, you must relocate the base in order to receive the option to change the theme.

  6. richy says:

    Whats do u do, when the game gave u the table n lamp, bt not the clock???

  7. kevin says:

    Where can I place the lamp? No matter where I try to place it it will show thatvi dont have a lamp and wont let me place it

  8. bryan schulman says:

    I purchased the DLC pack and all i get is a small room. How do i get the two level base?

    • xXjasper175Xx says:

      I want to know this myself – trying to find the answer now

    • xXjasper175Xx says:

      got the answer Bryan – you just have to relocate. It’ll cost cash or victory marks. When you relocate, change it from “Hideout” to “Lair, or Goth I think the options were”

  9. gerald butler says:

    hey do i have to get that dlc in order to a big lair I’m a free playing so I’m looking for the big lair but i can’t find that dlc anywhere is there another way to get a big lair ?

    • Jim Ninja says:

      no fraid not, you can only have a lair with home turf dlc, premium you can buy lair system for around $10 or so (600 MC), that gives u lair and access to Deco and Goth themes. or you can buy membership, and get content that way.

  10. frank says:

    I noticed that they have prices on them. Does it make a difference if its 500 or 1500. Do they all look different in appearance

  11. DarkN1njaGam1ng says:

    anyone know how to start using your lair i got the membership and i go to the marketplace and it says purchased but i do not know how to find or even activate my base also my character is level 10 and I’m on Xbox one

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